Why backups
aren’t used
Research into use of backups and their reliability was conducted
amongst 600 IT professionals who ...
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Can you trust your backups infographic


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Do you have a data backup strategy in place? Have you ever tested it? Find out if and how people are backing up from a recent Kroll Ontrack survey.

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Can you trust your backups infographic

  1. 1. Why backups aren’t used Research into use of backups and their reliability was conducted amongst 600 IT professionals who had recently experienced significant data loss. While conducting backups is essential to protecting your critical data, so is regular testing and maintenance of those backups. Backups are not fool proof, so including provision for data recovery in your disaster recovery planning is also important. In the event of a data loss, a trusted data recovery provider can provide free advice to help identify options for getting the data back. For the significant proportion of companies with no systematic backup protocols, this advice can help prevent mistakes that can result in permanently irrecoverable data. Where the respondents are Backup in place when data loss ocurred Personal Data Loss Business Data Loss Source: Kroll Ontrack survey of 600 IT professionals worldwide in March 2013. Through its Ontrack Data Recovery software and services, Kroll Ontrack is the most trusted provider of data recovery software and services worldwide. For more information, call or visit us online. (800) 347 6105 www.krollontrack.com 1/3 2/3 55% backup wasn’t current or didn’t operate correctly. NO YES Time to research and administer a backup solution Expense of a backup solution My data is safe without a backup solution Other 26% 3% 16% 53% EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE 15% CLOUD CLOUD 7% USB FLASH MEMORYDRIVE USB FLASH MEDIA DRIVE 10% OTHER OTHER Data loss experienced Platform used to back up data Likelihood to use a backup solution after a data loss Extremely likely Not at all likely 13% 61% Somewhat likely 26% Asia PacificEuropeNorth America 15% TAPE TAPE Backup platform likely to be used 347 90163 It's not enough to do a backup of your data. Regular testing and maintenance is required to ensure backups are reliable. After a data loss, preference for usage of cloud as a backup solution nearly doubled, while tape usage flat lined. 45%increase in people who will now use a backup Before data recovery After data recovery 59% Canyou trust yourbackups ? 60% 40% 28% 7% 6% 0%