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SSB Annual Report

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SSB Annual Report 2011

  1. 1. We prepare students for success back home and abroadAnnual Report 2011-2012
  2. 2. Scandinavian School of Brussels provides a dynamic Nordic educationwith a European profile in a safe, supportive learning environment whereevery student applies the creative and critical skills needed to become a responsible and environmentally aware citizen.
  3. 3. BOARD OF DIRECTORSDuring School Year 2011-2012Full members:Janecke Aarnæs (N) ChairmanAnders Lauren (F)Mikael Schmidt (S)Jette Nielsen (D)Vidar Legreid (N)Anne-li Wiklund (S) Representing Swedish school authoritiesMikael Sjöholm (S) Representing the staffAnette Juul-Pedersen (N) Representing Parents´ AssociationDeputy members:Jørgen Moland (N) Janecke Aarnæs, ChairmanEwa Nordström (S)Adjunct members: “Our vision is to prepare students for success back home and abroad. We are therefore proud of the*Kristy Lundström Head of School high academic results obtained by our students and*Bengt-Åke Edwardson Responsible Finance we will continue to ensure that they perform well.”The board of directors has had 8 meetings during the school year 2011-2012.*According to bylaws ”the right to be present and to speak” Content Page 4 Head of School’s report Page 5 Preschool and Extended Care Page 6 Compulsory, class 1-7 Page 7 Compulsory, class 8-10 Page 8 Upper Secondary, Gym I-III and IB - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Page 9 Academic Results Page 10 Student Care and Staff Competence Development Page 11 Beyond Academics Page 12 Facilities and Finance Page 13 Quality Assessment Page 14 Parents´ Association and other partners SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 3
  4. 4. Report from The Head of School Kristy Lundström Email: Tel: +32 2 357 06 70 Dear SSB Community, The 2011-2012 academic year has been filled with many exciting developments. Our school has implemented an ambitious evaluation system – for students, staff, and the school’s overall quality assurance. The school grounds have been improved with a new nature trail perfect for enjoying our wonderful school environment. We have developed true partnerships with schools in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and the Congo. Our students have studied and visited Belgian and European landmarks such as Versailles, Breendonk, European Commission, and more. Our staffhas learnt about successful integration of technology in learning. All of these activities and more have contributed to a richereducational experience for all students at SSB.This year has also been marked by multiple inspections from external partners. An ongoing Swedish inspection, a Norwegianinspection, a 5-year self-evaluation survey with IB, and our annual Belgian audit have lifted our school to an aware organiza-tion focused on performance, results, critical analysis, and development. Students, staff, parents, and the School Board haveworked together to provide all of our visitors with a true picture of our organization. Happily, I can report that all of the feedbackwe have received so far is very positive.I would like to thank our staff, board members, Parents Association, students and parents for your time and multiple efforts thisyear. Our community is strong.Together, we ensure that everyone learns every day.Celebrating important achievements from our Strategic PlanIn 2010, the Board approved the strategic plan for 2010 – 2013. This plan is based on annual feedback surveys, academicresults, and national expectations. As we finish year 2, here are a few highlights:ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY• Implementation of Schoolsoft on all levels • SSB teachers equipped with laptop• Revised budget procedures • Professional Development - Effective Integration• Annual reporting calendar for national requirements of Technology• Developed Period Planning • Trained Tech Team of teachers to coach peers• Revised Learning Cycle • Development of multimedia uses • Implementation of Period IV ICT Project for every studentSTAFF DEVELOPMENT MARKETING• Developed SAP (Staff Appreciation Program)• Implemented new Learning Cycle for staff • Launch of new website• Professional Development - New Swedish Curriculum • Development of social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter,• 2 out of 3 steps in the implementation of new Salary YouTube, and blogs Scale • Direct marketing to Finnish companies and families • Direct marketing in Swedish & Norwegian UpperGREEN SCHOOL Secondary schools • Host annual events: Danish Christmas market,• Acceptance in certification process for GREEN SCHOOL Norwegian National Day, Valborg recognition • Welcome Nordic Ambassadors from Denmark, Finland,• Green team established Norway and Sweden to SSB• New on-campus running track • Multiple articles published in local and Nordic media SAFETY & SECURITY • Establishment of strategy focused on safety and security for all students, parents, and staff at SBB, to be implemented August 20124 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  5. 5. Current number of students: 44 The Deputy Head of Preschool Country # of students Danish 7 Pirjo Kortelainen Finnish 4 Email: Norwegian 14 Tel: +32 2 352 64 28 Swedish 19 “At Preschool, we focus on every student’s mother tongue language development”.Mother tongue and Mathematics Extended Day CareAt Preschool, we focus on every student’s mother tongue About a fourth of the children at Preschool and some childrenlanguage development. We offer both language and commu- from Compulsory classes 1-2 attend extended day care. Thenication activities that strengthen the students’ skills. extended school day is from 08.00 to 17.00 in the Preschool facilities. We offer supervision and learning activities beforeWe have also focused on everyday mathematics. How we and after the normal school day. This is an important servicecount everything around us, how we order, how we group for SSB families where both parents are items, how we estimate, and more. Active learning withlaboratory exercises inside and outside make Math real atPreschool.Nordic ProfileAt other times in our schedule, we focus on our Nordic profile.We combine all nationalities in music, sports, and outdoorlearning. We celebrate all of our major events as one bigNordic family. This year, we have celebrated the followingthemes: Nissedag, Lucia, Fastelavn, Finnish National Day,Pre-Olympics, just to name a few.Study TripsFarm visits and other visits outside school open up the worldand give our students experiences beyond the classroom. Thechildren play an active part in planning their own activities aswell as in the evaluation/reflection at the end of each period oflearning.Play inside and outside have a big role in developing fantasy,communication and social skills. (mini) Wednesday Workshop Preschool also offers Wednesday Workshop in French. This is an extra-curricular activity with 19 children participating. The focus is to develop the students’ vocabulary by using fairytales as a theme. The children listen to stories and then they work with drama, art, and ICT to develop their own learning. “92% of Preschool parents agree they have good contact with their child´s teacher.” - Preschool Parent Survey, 2012 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 5
  6. 6. Current number of students: 119 The Deputy Head ofCountry # of students CompulsoryDanish 15Finnish 10 Class 1-7Norwegian 34Swedish 60 Eva Haaland Email: Tel: +32 2 352 64 24The Learning Cycle and the Period PlansThe introduction of Period Planning has highlighted an impor-tant focus on assessment this school year. Last year’s intro-duction of the Learning Cycle created a base for this year’s Nordic and Multicultural exchangesPeriod Planning. We’ve successfully merged the two into acomplete documentation cycle. The school year begins with Nordic Christmas traditions are nothing without the Lucia.students and teachers discussing and documenting expecta- Faithful to tradition it was celebrated with a Christmas concerttions, continues through implementation of overall goals into where students from 4-7 were performing together with thethe everyday learning, continuous measurement and dialogue school’s choir. Students in 1-3 have also worked with sharingabout student progress between school, parent, and student, Nordic traditions in their exchange with the Japanese Schooland ending with students passing final exams and being given of Brussels. All students participated in the ECOLOCOStheir summative assessments at the end of each school year. project with Belgian students from HUB. Learning about Nordic traditions, Belgian traditions from our host country,More Study Trips and cooperating with other international groups in Belgium enriches the learning in Compulsory at SSB.An increase in study trips this year created a great wayto move learning activities outside the classrooms for our younger learners! Trips toThe War Museum, Musée de la bandesdessinée, Folon (art), Ramioul (prehistory) Would you recommend SSB to a friend?are just a few of the examples of real andrelevant learning at Compulsory. I feel confident with my teacher !"#$ %&$Comenius I have learned to plan and take responsibility for my schoolworkIn the final year of our Comenius project 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%with Berlaymont and schools in Finlandand Denmark, we have had many exciting Student Survey, 2012exchanges and projects. Teachers and students in cl. 6/7;both sports teachers and class 6/7 has been visiting Finland.We’ve also welcomed visitors from Denmark and participatedin online projects with our partner schools.“We offer a dynamic curriculum - fantasticlearning environment – modern technologytools with effective teachers, inside and outsideof school and through study trips.”6 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  7. 7. Current number of students: 39 The Deputy Head of Country # of students Compulsory Danish 1 Class 8-10 Finnish 4 Norwegian 7 Mats Borgmästars Swedish 27 Email: Tel: +32 2 352 64 49 “Teachers and students alike have worked hard to make this year one to remember. There have been many challenges, both academic and extracurricular, and I am proud to say that we have pulled together and succeeded in our efforts.”21st Century Learning Social environment and personalized goalsWith greater student influence comes also greater We have conscientiously worked on creating a harmoniousresponsibility. I have seen many memorable exchanges learning environment where everyone is given the opportu-between students and teachers. Discussing anything from nity to achieve their own personalized goals. Respect andconjugations to best classrooms methods, practices the over- responsibility are keywords in this process. Every day I amall vision of the school. Students have continued to provide impressed to see the openness and helpfulness among ourteachers with valuable feedback on the challenges of being students and in the wider school community. This welcominga 21st century learner. This has inspired teachers to come attitude shows a deep understanding of the value of wordsup with alternative learning methods bringing in more social such as empathy and international understanding. It is clearmedia and digital learning. our students are great ambassadors in spreading the mes- sage. This friendly atmosphere makes Lower Secondary aStudents have been engaged in assessing themselves and great place to learn and SSB a fantastic community to be parteach other’s movements in sports, recorded readings of of.anthologies in mother tongue, blogs and even 3D modeling.Student CouncilI am inspired to see our studentsembrace the opportunity to actively change The students take part in setting the goals for their school worktheir own learning environment and a bigthank you goes out to the Student Councilfor their active role as initiators especially Students and parents are aware of the school’s connection with classroom routines, )*+# ,-#sports tournaments and not least thestudent ball! The school has clear rules for school work and behaviour. Safety and security is evident in the school. !"# $!"# %!"# &!"# !"# (!!"# Student Survey, 2012 “With us, you can reach your highest potential - individual attention for every learner from every teacher allows our students to reach higher goals.” SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 7
  8. 8. Current number of students: 97 # of students The Deputy Head of Country # of students 15 10 2 Upper Secondary Danish Finnish 3412 Norwegian 1626 Gym I-Gym III Swedish 57 Christina Newport Email: Tel: + 32 2 357 06 81 “At Upper Secondary, we broke the 100 student mark at the start of the autumn term. The mix between guest students and day students is around fifty-fifty. This makes for a good environment for the students and is good for greater stability in student numbers at SSB.” New Swedish Curriculum Student influence We have started implementing the new Swedish curriculum for Our period planning has also given a clearer structure to the the gym 1 students. We have been preparing for the imple- way students have influence over their own learning. This mentation since the autumn of 2010 and our teachers are year’s student survey shows that the changes have given ready to take on the changes in both the school law and the results and the students feel that they have a real opportunity curriculum. By introducing the period planning, we have been to influence their learning, not only during the planning phase, able to make the goals and the new grading criteria more vis- but also throughout the school year. ible to the students. The Period Planning also applies to the students not affected by the curriculum changes. We also see student satisfaction when it comes to how well the teacher follows up each student in their learning process. The school has good routines and procedures for following up the student’s learning results. “- The teachers at SSB follow up each student´s learning every lesson and they know if we Students work actively and together and take responsibility for their own work. )*+# are managing every step...” ,-# Norwegian Gym II studentThere is a high quality dialogue between teachers and students. The school environment is good !"# $!"# %!"# &!"# !"# (!!"# Student Survey, 2012 The IB coordinator The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Marianne Hafvenström Email: Tel: +32 2 352 65 12 In line with our mission and aim to prepare students for success back home and abroad, we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. This programme is recognized as being academically challenging and prepares the students in the best possible way for university studies. The Diplomas awarded at SSB are bilingual as the Mother tongue studied (one of the Nordic languages) is different from the language of instruction (English). Our results consistently exceed the World Average; especially within foreign languages our students achieve excellent results. Average SSB English (2009 – 2011) 6,3 / 7, World Average = 5,6 Average SSB French (2009 – 2011) 5,4 / 7, World Average = 4,9 8 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  9. 9. Excellent Academic Results “We offer a multilingual environment - English & French, Nordic languages.” 2011-2009 2008 - 2006DELF Diplôme détudes en langue françaiseFrench A2 100% passed 100% passed *B2 exam qualifies studentsproficiency B1 94% passed 100% passed for further studies atexams B2* 100% passed 100% passed a French speaking universityInternational Baccalaureate % passed diploma 100% 97% minimum passing score = 24 average score 33 32,7 maximum score = 45Norwegianclass 5 2011-2009, school average 2008-2007, national average Reading 2,3 2,5 National Exams Mathematics 2,3 2,2 minimum score = 1 English 2,6 2,8 maximum score = 3 *SEN students scores are omittedclass 8 Reading 3,9 3,4 National Exams Mathematics 3,7 3,7 minimum score = 1 English 4,2 3,6 maximum score = 5 *SEN students scores are omittedclass 10 2011-2009 2008-2006 Norwegian 4,2 N/A National Exams Mathematics 4,3 3,9 minimum score = 1 English 5,2 5,3 maximum score = 6 Natural Science 4,8 5Norwegian Upper Secondary Norwegian 3,9 N/A National Exams Mathematics 2,8 N/A minimum score = 1 English 4 N/A maximum score = 6 Foreign Language 4,6 N/A Social Science 4,5 N/A Natural Science 3,2 N/ASwedish 2011-2009 2008-2006class 4, åk 3 Swedish 100% reached course goals* N/A Mathematics 98% reached course goals* N/A * exam was first given in 2010class 6, åk 5 Swedish 99% reached course goals 97% reached course goals Mathematics 98% reached course goals 96% reached course goals English 100% reached course goals 97% reached course goalsclass 10, åk 9 Swedish 15,9 16,4 G = 10 points Mathematics 15,5 15,2 VG = 15 points English 18,2 17,8 MVG = 20 points Natural Science 15,1* *exam was first given in 2010 final grade average 275 265 maximum score = 320Swedish Upper Secondary Swedish 15,4 N/A G = 10 points Mathematics 13,9 N/A VG = 15 points English 18 N/A MVG = 20 points French 15,8 N/A final grade average 17,1* N/A *2011 average SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 9
  10. 10. Student Care Thirty students at SSB have received extra support in their learning this year. Each of these students has an individual plan of special measures. This plan focuses on the goals in the curricula, student progress is evaluated and the plan for further support is updated regularly. Some students have a student assistant to support them in their learning. This year, we have begun a co-operation with a Swedish speaking speech therapist. She works at SSB with indi- vidual consultations and support/further education for parents and staff. The student care team meets weekly and is responsible for the overall student care at school. The team has the competences to do learning screenings and WISC tests. The Student Care Team also supervises the Friendship Supporters. This student group helps in the preventative work with our Zero-plan. At SSB, alot is done to counteract and prevent bullying. )*+# ,-# Is there a positive spirit and good atmosphere at school? Have you received the support and help you needed from your teachers?Staff Development !"# $!"# %!"# &!"# !"# (!!"# Student Survey, 2012“At SSB, we work under the motto - STAR– Staff Together, All Responsible.” “The student works in a supportive andStaff development is carried out on many different levels to meet the safe learning environment, characterized byneeds of the individuals and the needs of the group as a whole. respect and responsibility.”During this school year, the staff has had six In-Service days, withfocus on:• Technology integration into the learning, 1-to-1, Smartboards, I-pads, online tools• Curriculum work with the new Swedish curriculum• Development of the period planning system• Implementation and further development of our assessment matrices• Special education methodologyThe professional development of staff also includes:• Co-operation with/visits to schools in our home countries and Nordic schools abroad• Study visits to other schools in Belgium• Further education for independent study, 8 teachers have participated in the following subject areas: Norwegian, Mathematics, Special education, Religion, DyslexiaThe Staff Appreciation Group and the Cooperation Group, togetherwith the administration, have further developed the team atmo-sphere at SSB by:• Implementing two out of three steps leading to a new Salary Scale, third and final step - August 2012• Offering monthly social gatherings for informal team-building• Serving staff breakfast once a week• Offering Friday morning gatherings, a weekly opportunity to celebrate birthdays and other important events10 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  11. 11. Beyond AcademicsCulture School83 students participate in our Culture School program.The program offers:• Music Club cl 1-3• Music Club cl 4-7• Individual instruction in piano, guitar, singing, drums, violin, cello, clarinet, recorder• Small group instruction in singing, piano and guitar.In addition to weekly lessons, the Culture School also offersfour Music Cafes each year where our students perform whatthey have learned in front of our school community. We havealso started a SSB music blog where we regularly publishrecordings, including students own compositions. Sports ClubWednesday Workshops 175 SSB students participate in our after school sports program. The program offers class in: • Football • Volleyball53 SSB students participate in our after school academic • Gymnastics • Basketballprogram. This year, the program offered: • Judo • Tennis • Swimming • Dance• Mathematics/Problem Solving • Zumba/Body pump • Handball• French • FloorballIn the past, we have also offered Advanced English andHomework Help. This two hour program offers students a The Sports Club teams also represent SSB in multiple schoolchance to stay after school on Wednesday – eat lunch, play competitions. For the 10th year in a row, SSB has participatedtogether, and then participate in 60 minutes of extra in the Brabant-Wallon School tournaments. Our participa-instruction. tion and success earned the SSB Sports Department a prize of 800€ to invest in new sports equipment. Taught mostly by Belgian instructors, sports in French offer our students an excellent opportunity to practice their French language skills and stay healthy! SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 11
  12. 12. Report from the Financial Manager Facilities and Finance Bengt-Åke Edwardson Email: Tel: + 32 2 357 06 72 ”…the accounting records are maintained in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in Belgium.” The Statutory Auditor PwC Reviseurs d’Entreprises SCCRL 16 May 2012Revenue Buildings and investmentsSSB received a total of income of 6.637.000€ to support Total investments during 2011 amounts to 173.000€our operational and capital expenditure requirements for2011-2012. Eighty-eight percent of SSB’s income was Major investments for 2011-2012 include:derived from school fees and subsidies. • New website and promotional films about the school.The global revenue per student is 21.800€. • Fire curtains on the elevator doors in the castle and ad- ditional fire doorsExpenses • School restaurant has been refurbished • Laptops for every teacherFrom 2010-2011 to 2011-2012, SSB has reducedcosts by 487.000€. Staff expenses represent 64%of the total expenses. For the second year in a row, How the money comes in...pedagogical staff received a 2,5% salary increase in ! Financial revenueaddition to the mandated cost of living index increase. 2%Staff costs correspond to an average expense of14.000€ per student. Various school products 1% Other revenuesThe global cost per student is 21.800€ 9%The result for the 2011 year shows a loss of 1.000€,compared to a 2010 loss amounting to 182.000€.School fees Subsidies 28% School fees 60%In August 2011, the school fees for the nationalprogrammes were reduced by 5%.State subsidiesThe National Agency of Education in Sweden(Skolverket) withheld 20% of the subsidies fromApril 2011 pending a further plan to decrease the How the money is fees. The amount withheld for 2011 is ap- Depreciation Financial expenses & taxesproximately 200.000€. This money is expected to 7% 3%be repaid in June 2012. Scholarships 2% School foodFacilities 6%The overall cost of maintaining our facilities is Administration and538.000€. A major expenditure this year has been a Technology 5%30% increase in the price of oil compared to 2010. Facilities Staff 8% 64% Classroom materials 5%12 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  13. 13. Inspection - An Ongoing Process of DevelopmentAt SSB, inspection is a process where external agencies exactly. Our multilingual school profile and integration ofcome in and assess the quality of our program. Nordic student groups set us apart from all of the otherSSB is inspected by: schools. At times, this can make interpreting results confus- ing. There is often a lively dialogue to help our visiting inspec-• Swedish national authorities tors truly understand our school.• Norwegian national authorities• Finnish national authorities What does SSB get out of all of these inspections?• International Baccalaureate Organization• Price-Waterhouse Coopers for accounting practices• Mensura for Belgian human resources practices A continued focus on our mission and our objectives. Our staff is challenged to comply with national standards within ourThese inspections require our board, administration, and staff local environment. Our board is challenged with interpretingto conduct a self-study that measures our success against and applying the national expectations within a Belgian legalthe standards set by the different agencies. The results and context. Our students are challenged to critically reflect overanalysis of the results are submitted in written form annually their own learning and how we can better support them.or in accordance with an evaluation cycle. The written reports Thanks to all of the members of the SSB community for theircan be followed up by on-site visits. generous commitment of time and effort during this process.During this year, we have been inspected by the Swedish andNorwegian educational authorities. Both inspections haveprovided us with invaluable feedback as to how we can furtherdevelop our programs. A series of follow-up discussions “At SSB, we believe that all feedback leadsallow us the opportunity to participate in the national education to development. We want our developmentdebates in both home countries. to be governed by active, continual, andBeing a Nordic school abroad where we combine the national systematic assessment. Critical observationeducational program of Finland, Norway, and Sweden with and analysis are key.”the Danish and International Baccalaureate programs meansthat we do not fit into any one national inspection frameworkQuality AssuranceThe Board and staff of SSB have introduced the KFF-KSS Every checklist has a reference to the relevant school law orQuality Assurance program this year. This is a Norwegian guiding document from Norway and Sweden. (Belgium andsystem adapted for SSB to include Finnish, Swedish, and Finland’s law references will be added in year 2) At eachBelgian quality demands as well. monthly board meeting, the results of one module’s check- list are presented showing if the requirement from our homeThe process includes a thorough risk analysis done through a countries is met or not. If not, the school administration pres-360◦ review. The risk analysis highlights areas the administra- ents an action plan to meet the demand.tion and the board need to further study. The first year results showed that our routines are still inIn this system, data defining the quality of program at our development. We need to be more systematic in our routinesschool is collected in two ways: through routine checklists to guarantee quality throughout the entire program. In addi-and through analysis of ad-hoc occurrences. This year has tion, we have to identify the appropriate areas where studentsfocused on developing a system for collecting information from should and can have real influence over their own learning.routine checks. In the second year, we will further develop this tool toA control group made up of staff, students, and parents has include all three Nordic school curricula and school laws, asworked through a series of checklists – measuring and iden- well as the Belgian employee and accounting laws. Oncetifying areas of strengths and areas of needed improvement. fully tailored for our school, this tool will be invaluable for theThe six modules of the program include: administration and the board to measure continued quality at SSB.• Working environment for employees• Students’ academic learning environment• School-based assessment• Information practices “At SSB, we also believe in transparency and• Staff Competence development openness. We believe this leads to honest• Students’ psycho-social environment dialogue. When dedicated students, staff,• Follow-up of national assessments: grades and tests and parents engage in how to improve our school program – that is when the best possible results can be reached.” SSB Annual Report 2011/2012 13
  14. 14. Report from the Chairman Parents´Association Anette Juul-Pedersen Website: At SSB, there is a great Politics, The Student Care team at SSB, The Battle at deal of engagement in Waterloo and a meeting for newcomers. the parent community, and some of them are in In 2011-2012 year, we have arranged two movie nights, with the PA. We have also different movies, mainly for the age group 5-12. At the end of established a Parents term ceremony before Christmas, we served “gløgg” and “pep- Pool. Our goal in the PA perkaker”, and at the end of term ceremony before the sum-is to make SSB an even better place for students, staff and mer holiday we also serve a drink and a snack. We have alsoparents. arranged a Garage Sale and, in cooperation with the school, we have taken part in the SSB-Day. Our profits from this dayThe PA was represented at the SSB Open Day in August. will go towards the new running track at SSB.This gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the newfamilies and provide them with our information guide ”In and The PA has a very good cooperation with the school, and wearound Waterloo”. Reaching out to new families is an impor- are happy to help out with different events, like Lucia, concertstant task for the PA. We try to give all new families a host and other activities. We have also signed the European breakfamily, with children about the same age. fast pledge, which supports the “Breakfast is Best” program, helping to support the school in this important work.At our Coffee meetings, 6-8 times a year, we try to create anarena where parents can meet. We have different topics ofdiscussion, and this year we have heard about Belgian “SSB offers a community of support - a safe and supportive network of friends, teachers, and caring adults surround every student.” Sponsors of SSB During 2011-2012 • Brussels School • DAVIDA Clothing • Partners of SSB • Lee Jeans Christine Wegenhoff During 2011-2012 • Eat.Learn.Live Fonds Reine Astrid • EAB Insurances • Scolarest Nordic Churches in Brussels • Medicover • How to Kiss a Frog Clothing Music Chapelle Reine Astrid • Birgitta Asp Svenska Kulturfonden • AB Copie • Waterloo Flor Suomi Koulu – Finnish Home Language School • Gourmet Food & Gifts Icelandic Home Language School • Foodstock • Profile Pilates Nordic Clubs in Brussels • SWEA • JM Construction • IMMO-V • M-JOY Cupcakes • SIMON & FILS • Health City • Scanshop • WDR Insurances • Lancon14 SSB Annual Report 2011/2012
  15. 15. Highlights 2011-2012All Upper Secondary students participated in SSB MUN – Model United Nations. Topics of debate:Migration and Human Trafficking.Mikael Sjöholm, Social Science teacher, named EU School Ambassador.SSB became a Learnit24 school focused on effectively implementing technology in a 1-to-1 learning environment.New environmentally friendly running track on campus.Finnish Home Language School – Suomi Koulu.Icelandic Home Language School.Swedish Home Language School - Kompletterande Svenska.All four Nordic Ambassadors visited SSB this year.SSB offers online video courses in Spanish to students in Petelax, Finland.IB CAS students, Anna Nyberg and Fanny Wingårdh are recognized for their outstanding work with theWorld Food Programme.SSB is selected as a pilot school for the Eat.Learn.Live nutrition programme.Students in Classes 1-3 participate in a cultural exchange between the Japanese School of Brussels and SSB.Students and teachers in Classes 6-7 participate in a two year Comenius project together with students fromBerlaymont, Sejs School in Denmark, and students from Rukka, Finland.SSB is accepted into the Green Schools Certification programme.SSB partners with Kashobwé school in the Congo.
  16. 16. Celebrating 40 years of successin 2013! Square d’Argenteuil 5 1410 Waterloo, Belgium