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Jst bst [portfolio]


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Jst bst [portfolio]

  1. 1. Jst Bst: Assessment
  2. 2. Contents: -About Jst Bst Slide 3 -The Production process Slide 4 -Business Model Slide 5 -Supply Chain Slide 6-8 -Marketing Slide 9-13
  3. 3. Who We Are: This Unique urban streetwear is highly influenced by the urban environment. Whether it be sports, music, or art in general JuST BeaST Clothing as a brand has something that you are bounded to be interested in as well as collaborate and contribute to unify Northern California's up-in-coming underground/local/ independent music scene and creative community on the grass roots level.
  4. 4. The Production Process:
  5. 5. Business Model
  6. 6. Supply Chain
  7. 7. Supply Chain
  8. 8. Supply Chain
  9. 9. Marketing: Website Development Website: Research, Installation, Creation, Development, and Promotion: Research Market Vaule
  10. 10. Marketing Commercial and Multi-Media Production Animation Promo Video
  11. 11. Marketing: Event Planning
  12. 12. Marketing: Event Planning (Continued)