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Windows 8 Notifications From Windows Azure


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With Windows 8 coming and Windows Azure being around as a solid cloud platform, there will be many new scenarios possible and big opportunities available to build new types of services and applications. We are facing a huge number of devices possibly upgrading to this new version of Windows and all of them will be connecting to well know services, fetching data and being online all the time. To enable this load, support flexible and scalable applications and to provide users with an amazing user experience, Windows 8 and Windows Azure will probably become best friends.

One of the key features of Windows 8 is the support for notifications, an easy and user friendly way to inform the user about events, available data, updates and much more. For the Windows Phone users this experience will feel familiar, as we are already using it for a while. For Windows 8, the experience will be similar but even more possibilities and scenarios are available.

In this session we will show you what Windows 8 offers to notify the user and what options developers have to implement those. To allow flexibility, scalability and transparency, we will use Windows Azure as a backend and initiator of the notifications to show you the close relationship between the two.

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Windows 8 Notifications From Windows Azure

  1. 1. Square (1x1) Wide (2x1)
  2. 2. demo
  3. 3. demo
  4. 4. 1. Request Channel URI2. Register with your Cloud Service3. Authenticate & Push Notification
  5. 5.
  6. 6. What a service needs to support How do I do that with Windows Azure? Channel URI RequestSecure, web based API for channel URIregistration. Windows Azure ComputeService Register with your CloudPersistent storage of channel URI. Authenticate & Push Notification • Web Role • Full IIS supportStorage for tile and toast images. • WCF REST and ASP.NET MVC Windows Azure Storage • Table Storage • Blob Storage
  7. 7. demo
  8. 8. http://watwindows8.code m/build
  9. 9. mvc4 /visualstudio/11/en-us8/release-preview