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Here is a copy of my slideshow from Illinois Reading Council

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Irc 2012 posted copy

  1. 1. #IRClll iPads #IRC2012Changing the Way Young LearnersRead,View and Access Information Kristin Ziemke Fastabend
  2. 2. Burley School Chicago Public School PK-8 550 students 45% low income2010: 32 iPad 1’s shared between 1251st and 2nd grade students2011: 1-to-1 in 1st & 5th with iPad 2, sharedcarts for 2nd, 3rd & 4th
  3. 3. Gradual Release of Responsibility
  4. 4. WhiteboardTrack new learning, ask questions and share reactions View and read to learn and wonder
  5. 5. Podcasting Create an image file where kids can personalizethe images they want to think and wonder about. Wonder about new info
  6. 6. Google DocsTo enhance and extend learning
  7. 7. Survey data is compiled by the Google form. Students can view the thinking of their peers. Survey results are graphedintroducing a new math concept
  8. 8. Google DocsAs interactive homework
  9. 9. Google Spreadsheet Students engage in aback channel discussion during a read aloud of Bones.
  10. 10. Blogging•Social interaction•Post a discussionquestion•Back channeldiscussion•Leave tracks ofthinking•Strategy reflection•Use other blogs asmentor texts
  11. 11. Minilesson review/instructional video Post to classroom website or upload to iPad
  12. 12. Pages Students studied 5 images and chose one to write about. Students emailed their assessments.By Ella! When the chief died they put him in the totem. Even if he died, the chief I used these watched over them. assessments to identify growth and development and areas that needed re-teaching.
  13. 13. iPads and Reading Fluency Students who read fluently are better readers, have higher comprehension, possess positive attitudes toward readingand are more likely to read for enjoyment. (NAEP, 1993) Recorder HD
  14. 14. Students read & record selections from their poetry binderBlue FiRe
  15. 15. Reflection videos• Tool for understanding and assessing thinking• Extends time with students• Provides information for future instruction
  16. 16. A child’s reflection on reading and writing
  17. 17. Inquiry CirclesiMovie Taking the learning public with kid produced movies Digital artifacts make the learning stick!
  18. 18. Student app reviews
  19. 19. Student Tess Bold--bold words stick outpublished iBooks To cach your otenchin. Bold words catch your attention! Brain box An excerpt from a class book on nonfiction features ! ! 1
  20. 20. Student produced book trailers
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Kristin Ziemke Fastabend Twitter: @1stgradethinks