2012 welcome to English 12!


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This is a powerpoint I would like to use at the beginning of the year to introduce the course. I would also use it on Back to School Night

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  • The beauty, glory, and grandeur of senior English…..
  • 2012 welcome to English 12!

    1. 1. Welcome to your best year.The beauty, glory and grandeur of senior English….
    2. 2. Welcome to English 12!With Ms. Long and Ms. Eddy (Your new favorite class and teachers.)
    3. 3. What are we doing this year?• Reading a lot of British and World Lit.• ( poetry, short stories, novels, plays, non-fiction, your selections)• Writing different types of essays.• Research project• Audio/Visual Presentations• Group work• Blogs on Blackboard
    4. 4. Books that will change your life or at least your thinking.
    5. 5. Choose what you read.• Book Project Directions and Rubric• This is an independent book project and you will select one book per quarter that you will read independently outside of class and during class on sustained silent reading days (usually Fridays.) You need to read one biography or autobiography, a non-fiction book, and a fictional book. Your fourth book may be your choice. You will receive extra credit during the fourth quarter for participating in the Hayfield Reading Exchange this year.• All selections must meet the following criteria and must meet with my approval.• Book Meets Requirements: _• at least 250 pages• you did not read it in a previous class• high school level or higher• Project is scholarly and demonstrates that you read the text:• project is typed• looks like the work of a senior and not an 8th grader• sufficient details and adequate analysis• must be the book I approved at the beginning of the quarter•
    6. 6. English 12 Scope and Sequence English 12 Scope and Sequence (2011-2012) Ms .Kristine Long 1st Quarter Sept.6- Nov. 4 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini College Portfolio and Career Center SAT Practice Personal Narrative for college applications Chapters 1-7 vocabularypendent Reading Project 2nd Quarter Nov.5 - Jan. 27 A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitzyn Human Rights Unit Literary Criticism and Analysis Selections from The Holt Reader (English Textbook) Winter Vacation Dec.23-Jan.2 Chapters 8-14 vocabulary Research Project Independent Reading Project/ Writing Spring Vacation April 2-8 3rd Quarter Feb.1- March 30 Macbeth or Othello by William Shakespeare The Victorian Period, Pride and Prejudice (film) Brave New World Expository writing Chapters 15-22 vocabulary Independent Reading Project 4th Quarter Apr.9 – June 14
    7. 7. Your College Portfolio• College Portfolio Requirements• Career Center Visit• Participate in the activities Ms. Rivera has planned for you. If you are absent, you will need to make up the visit and activities after school.• Investigate Scholarship Opportunities Early• Go to these two websites while we are in the career center: www.fastweb.com and www.collegeanswer.com Make sure you print a page from one of these websites to show that you are looking for some money. Everyone could use some free money.• Applications• Submit two applications from colleges to which you intend to apply. The applications do not need to be completed. I just want to see that you have them. If you are applying online, print out part of the application or some kind of valid verification that you are working on this.• Information/Research About Two Colleges• Submit information about the schools. This could be in the form of pamphlets or brochures OR you could simply go online, find out the basics of these schools and print out the information.• TWO Personal Essays• One of these essays will be a general personal essay, suitable for submission to a college or university as part of an application. The other essay may be another general one or it may be a response to a specific prompt as part of an application.• FAFSA.ED.GOV• You and your parents need to read this web page and determine your eligibility. Submit a signed note from your parents stating you have not only visited this site, but you are preparing to fill it out or you have determined that you will not be filling it out.• Resume and Activities Report• Submit a general resume and a copy of your activities report.• Request for a Recommendation Letter• Submit a letter requesting a recommendation for a job, for admission to a college or university, or for a scholarship following specific guidelines.•• Your Ten Year Plan/plan for continuing education and life…yes, you need a PLAN!• What do you think you want to do in life and how are you going to get there??? Explain your career goals and some of your personal goals. Discuss what you need to study and do in order to be competitive in your career. You may need to research this. This assignment should be two pages, double spaced, and TYPED (Font-12pt. Times New Roman).
    8. 8. SAT College Board• Action Plan: High School Seniors• Fall• Pulling Your Applications Together• Narrow your list of colleges to between 5 and 10 and review it with your counselor. Get an application and financial aid info from each. Visit as many as possible.• Make a master calendar and note: – Test dates, fees, and deadlines – College application due dates – Required financial aid applications and their deadlines – Recommendations, transcripts, and other necessary materials – Your high schools deadlines for application requests, such as your transcript• Ask for recommendations. Give each person your resume, a stamped, addressed envelope, and any required forms.• Write application essays and ask teachers, parents, and friends to read first drafts.• Applying Early Action or Early Decision?• November 1: For early admissions, colleges may require test scores and applications in early November. Send your SAT® scores at collegeboard.com.• Ask if your college offers an early estimate of financial aid eligibility• Get Financial Aid Info• Attend financial aid info events in your area.• Talk to your counselor about CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® and learn about it with Completing the PROFILE.• Use Scholarship Search at collegeboard.com, review scholarship books, and ask your counselor about local and state funding sources.• © 2010 The College Board
    9. 9. Take the SAT again and again…• Register• Upcoming Tests• Oct 9 deadline to register is Sep 10• Nov 6 deadline to register is Oct 8• Dec 4 deadline to register is Nov 5• More Test Dates• Test Fees
    10. 10. You are responsible for your success.• Always bring your materials• Journal, pen, highlighter, notebook, current assignments, homework.• Get enough rest the night before.• Eat, hydrate, use the bathroom before you come to class.• Be on time.• Check Blackboard• Maintain a positive attitude and remember your goals.• Stay after school when you need some help.• Bring me a gift 
    11. 11. Using Blackboard is essential to your success. Check it when you absolutely have to be absent.
    12. 12. Graduation is your main goal.
    13. 13. Yes, WE CAN!
    14. 14. Graduates from last year…
    15. 15. English 12 Rocks!I know we’re going to have a great year together.