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Welcome to the Knitternet


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A talk I gave at various Knitters Guild NSW meetings in 2009-2010 giving a basic overview of knitting related websites and social networks. Aimed at beginner users with little online experience.

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Welcome to the Knitternet

  1. 1. Blogs, podcasts, Ravelry, and more! Welcome to the Knitternet Knitters Guild NSW - Inner City Group
  2. 2. How this presentation will work: Leaflets are available with all the links, hints, tips, etc. Information will also be emailed to the group and posted on our website. Please leave laptops aside for now; we’ll talk first and then play!
  3. 3. Topics for today: Introduction - my history with the “knitternet” Definitions - what do all these weird words mean? Examples of useful sites on the “knitternet” Search tips - how to find what you’re looking for Security - staying safe when buying online Ravelry - a guided tour
  4. 4. My Knitternet History Working in IT and blogging for 10 years Moved to Australia in 2001 Learned to knit in 2002 Discovered crafting messageboards and went to my first SnB
  5. 5. Worked at Tapestry Craft for 3 years Involved in blogging, social networking, Ravelry, Twitter...
  6. 6. Some examples... “web-log” - articles, links, and essays in chronological order So what’s a blog, anyway?
  7. 7. Yarn Harlot
  8. 8. The Panopticon
  9. 9. Wendy Knits
  10. 10. There are loads of knitting podcasts... a radio show you download and listen to on your computer or mp3 player Then... what’s a podcast?
  11. 11. Requires a feed reader... a way for blogs and podcasts to notify you when there’s something new available RSS - "really simple syndication"
  12. 12. Google Reader
  13. 13. Think FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn... a community website that allows users to create and identify, define relationships, and collaborate Social Networking Site
  14. 14. Ravelry
  15. 15. Lots of knitters are tweeting... a cross between a mini-blog and a chatroom; like people watching at a party! Lastly... “Twitter”?
  16. 16. Twitter
  17. 17. What are some useful knitting websites?
  18. 18. Retailers Everything from big corporations to small LYSes to independent spinners/dyers If you want it, you can probably find it. Be careful with the exchange rate!
  19. 19. Patterns Free patterns are everywhere if you look! More and more online knitting magazines.
  20. 20. Technical Resources Look up tutorials and videos for new techniques Get tips and tricks delivered to your inbox Translate new pattern symbols and acronyms
  21. 21. Search Tips How to find what you’re looking for...
  22. 22. Use meaningful keywords that you think might appear on the page Add a location or limit it to a country if necessary Use “double-quotes” to highlight an exact phrase Use a minus sign -before any words you want to leave out. Use OR for words that are optional. Remember - computers aren't as smart as people!
  23. 23. Security Staying safe when buying online...
  24. 24. If it’s a shop... do they have contact details listed? If it’s a person... do they have good feedback? What are the policies for shipping and returns? SSL - “Secure Sockets Layer” Look for https and a padlock on your browser Be wary of computers you don’t own or trust Remember to log out! Use credit card instead of debit if you can Sign up for a generic email address
  25. 25. Where to start? It can be overwhelming when you first get in. Ravelry - A Guided Tour
  26. 26. Set up a account It’s free. This is where you’ll store all your photos.
  27. 27. Set up your Ravelry profile Upload an avatar. Tell everyone who you are!
  28. 28. Now what?
  29. 29. Start filling your notebook...
  30. 30. ...and list all the details. Add photos. Record needles and yarn used. Note errors and modifications.
  31. 31. Look up a pattern... Double-check the requirements. Maybe even download the pattern!
  32. 32. ...then see finished versions. Compare yarns and modifications.
  33. 33. Add to your queue. Bookmark patterns you’d like to knit later.
  34. 34. Research yarns. Check meterage and gauge, review colours, find suitable patterns, see where to buy.
  35. 35. Set up a friends list. Befriend anyone you like!
  36. 36. Leave comments on their finished projects. See what your friends are knitting and queueing.
  37. 37. Keep track of the books you own. Add to your virtual library.
  38. 38. You can even flag items for sale or trade. Upload your stash.
  39. 39. There’s a group for EVERYTHING. Join a group (or several)...
  40. 40. Swaps, events, rants, chats, everything. ...and wade into the forums.
  41. 41. Perfect for small businesses. Advertising
  42. 42. That’s pretty much all of it! Any Questions? Then let’s have a play! Special thanks to group members who sent feedback, tips, and favourite sites.