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M-Dot Sites: Not as Sucky as you Think


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Presented in September 2014 as part of the "What Do You Know Sydney - The Smackdown Edition" event. IMPORTANT CONTEXT: each speaker was assigned a specific topic to debate. In my case, I was asked to defend "m-dot" (mobile specific) sites against responsive design. I do not necessarily agree with all of the points in this talk. (But I totally won anyway.)

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M-Dot Sites: Not as Sucky as you Think

  1. 1. M-DOT SITES not as sucky as you think
  2. 2. #FML
  3. 3. Why M-dot sites are better: • Better performance on crappy phones with crappy Internet connections (ie all of them) • Custom mobile content leads to better SEO • Custom mobile interface makes it easy for users to actually do stuff • Simple mobile site is way, way easier to build
  4. 4. Performance Matters • Data Plans • Bandwidth • Latency • CPU & RAM RWD = OVERKILL! SLOWER PAGES = LESS MONEY
  5. 5. Page load time +100ms = 1% drop in revenue Page load time 6s → 1.2s = +12% revenue & 25% PVs Page load time -2.2s = +15.4% conversions
  6. 6. “Users don’t! give a shit! if your site is responsive” - Brad Frost
  7. 7. Content and SEO • Content should be short and to the point - CLICKBAIT • Images should be cropped and zoomed • SEO tailored for mobile audience with particular goals • Put alternative and canonical references in meta tags or XML sitemaps
  8. 8. User Experience • Highlight functionality users actually want • Make it work really nicely with touch screens: big targets, icons rather than text • Use mobile-specific HTML5 form elements • Support older phones if you can: 38.5% of the world has a smartphone, which means 61.5% don’t
  9. 9. Complexity • More powerful mobile devices don’t mean you should reproduce the desktop site • RWD = trying to support an infinite number of viewing experiences without necessarily optimising for any particular one RWD = one size fits all! M-dot = WAY SIMPLER
  10. 10. M-dot sites rule. Sharkie drools. Kris Howard @web_goddess I work at Mi9. Ask me about jobs.