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Temporary Project Management Assistant


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Temporary Project Management Assistant

  1. 1. Phoenix Community Development & Investment Corporation (PCDIC) Temporary Project Management Assistant Job Duties  Work with Project Manager (PM) in implementing marketing plan and distribution for Community Enhancement Program (CEP) (ability to assist in email distribution, and tracking of contacts)  Work with PM in intake of CEP applications and coordination of CEP community review panel (ability to use email distribution for setting up panel review, and documenting incoming applications)  Track PCDIC marketing, contact, and outreach efforts (prepare a document that allows us to quickly report on our marketing efforts)  Work with PM in keeping compliance up to date including Compliance Certificates, Semiannual certification and exhibits, Semi-Annual Substantially All Accountability Report, and Community Impact Plan (CIP) annual reporting (PM will lead this task, PMA will only need to assist – consists of generating reports)  Work with PM in developing and negotiating Community Impact Plans (ability to email clients and request for their annual updated reporting)  Work with PM in collecting Treasury Reporting information for entry into CIIS before June 30th (ability to email clients and request for their annual updated reporting)  Work with PM in assisting with Board Agendas, scheduling, posting, recording, and writing board minutes (As a record keeper, he/she attends meetings with the PM and pays apt attention throughout to get details of items discussed at the meeting - ability to email, and use Microsoft Word)  Prepare and send out Board packets for board meetings (ability to use Microsoft Word, copy machine to email scanning, printing from Desktop computer)  Assist in coordinating CIP success stories to PCDIC Board of Directors (ability to email and use Microsoft word)  Assist with GEO Code requests of qualified NMTC census tracts (ability to use internet map site, enter an address, and read the screen whether or not it is a qualified address)
  2. 2.  Assist with developing and maintaining brochures, correspondence, website information, marketing documents, and presentations (ability to use PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)  Assist in preparation of Directors & Officers Insurance application for PCDIC Board  Proficient in use of Microsoft Office computer programs and the internet  Assist, cooperate, and collaborate with PCDIC team members as assigned Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  Communicate and present ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing in the English language, with various sized groups, and individuals of differing ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Organizational and time management skills  Prepare clear, concise, complete, and accurate reports written in the English language with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.  Work cooperatively with PCDIC employees, developers, nonprofits, and the public  Excellent skills with Microsoft Word Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.  Communicates well with customers, clients, and the public using a telephone, in a face-to-face, one-to-one setting, and in a group setting  Comprehend and make inferences from written material