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Happy new year


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Happy new year

  1. 1. *Christina Kosuk 6B
  2. 2. English New Year 2012starts with homedecorating. In addition tothe trees dressed in theroom must be present sprigof mistletoe. They are hungnear the ceiling throughoutthe room. By tradition, thecouple, which has appearedon the eve of the New 2012under the mistletoe branch,must kiss
  3. 3. *British homes to New Years tableserves turkey with chestnuts androasted potatoes with sauce, andbraised Brussels sprouts with meatpies, followed by pudding, sweets andfruits.
  4. 4. The whole New Years Eve streetvendors sell toys, whistles,tweeters, masks, balloons. InEngland, originated the customof exchanging New Yearsgreeting cards
  5. 5. In England, the arrival of NewYear heralds the bell. True, hebegins to call a little beforemidnight and makes this"whisper" - a blanket, hewrapped up, prevent him fromdemonstrating the power. Butexactly at twelve bells ofundress, and they start loudlysinging hymns the New Year. Atthe moment the lovers, not togive up next year, must kissunder the mistletoe branch,which is considered a magicaltree.
  6. 6. *Before going to bed the childrenput on the table a plate for thegifts they bring Santa Claus andput the hay in his shoes - a treatfor burro.
  7. 7. *Happy NewYear!