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Tornadoes - Oh My!


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Engage students to be the presenters to explain how tornadoes form, the Enhanced Fujita Scale, and types and shapes of tornadoes.

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Tornadoes - Oh My!

  1. 1. Tornadoes – Oh my! A slidedeck for student engagement Credit: UCAR Digital Image Library
  2. 2. Tornado slidedeck overview: • How tornadoes form • Types of tornadoes • The Enhanced Fujita Scale • Tornado Shapes
  3. 3. Credit: NOAA
  4. 4. Credit: UCAR
  5. 5. Credit: UCAR
  6. 6. Fun Fact: Only about one thunderstorm in a thousand produces tornadoes. Most tornadoes form during rotating supercell thunderstorms that often grow to over 40,000 feet. Credit: UCAR Digital Image Library
  7. 7. Image from VORTEXT2:
  8. 8. Credit: UCAR
  9. 9. How tornadoes form
  10. 10. Can you spot the hook? Credit:NOAA
  11. 11. Types of Tornadoes
  12. 12. How are tornadoes classified? • What are the limitations of using qualitative observations (shape, colors) to classify the strength of a tornado?
  13. 13. Can you think of a way to quantify the strength of tornadoes? How else can tornadoes be quantified?
  14. 14. Enhanced Fujita Scale • The Enhanced Fujita scale assigns a tornado “rating” based on estimated wind speeds and related damage • The National Weather Service is the only federal agency with authority to provide “official” tornado EF Scale ratings
  15. 15. The Enhanced Fujita Scale The EF Rating is on a scale 0 to 5, depending on the 3 second gust (mph) Ranks 1-28 based on damage indicators (DIs) such as building type, structures, and trees.
  16. 16. Note: This only shows the first 10 damage indicators of the Enhanced F Scale
  17. 17. Shapes of tornadoes • Stove-pipe • Dust Column (generally small and weak) • Wedge (Large and fierce) • Rope
  18. 18. Stove-pipe (F0-F3) Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  19. 19. Dust Column Tornado (F0-F1) Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  20. 20. Dust Column Tornado (F0-F1) Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  21. 21. Wedge Tornadoes (F2-F5) Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  22. 22. Wedge Tornadoes (F2-F5) Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  23. 23. Rope Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  24. 24. Rope Credit:UCARDigitalImageLibrary
  25. 25. Credit: UCAR Digital Image Library