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2010 Annual Report - Boys and Girls Club of Boston


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2010 Annual Report - Boys and Girls Club of Boston

  1. 1. turn pageturn page Legacy of Leadership Our 2010 Annual REPORT
  2. 2. is to help young people, especially those who need us most, build strong character and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders. Our Mission…
  3. 3. “If your actions Dear Friends, November 1, 2010 Outstanding leadership has been a hallmark of our organization since its founding in 1893. Dedicated men and women have volunteered their time, shared their expertise, and given generously to ensure that the organization’s mission is preserved, its quality upheld, and its future secured. From our founder Frank Mason, to our current Board Chair Sandy Edgerley, theirs is a legacy of leadership that has inspired tens of thousands of young people to dream more, learn more and do more, helping them reach their potential and become effective citizens. In these pages, we highlight many whose actions inspired others this past year, from volunteers, to committee members, staff, alumni, and Club members. By John Quincy Adams’ definition, no one is more of a leader than Sandy Edgerley, to whom we are deeply indebted for her five highly effective years as Chair of the Board of Directors. Her impact on this organization and on the young people we serve will be felt for generations to come. We are so honored to welcome Jon Davis as our new Board Chair, knowing that he will bring a wide range of talents, a focus on excellence, and a deep compassion for youth to this role. Under Jon’s leadership, we are committed to continuing our efforts to serve more youth in need. Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston is deeply grateful for the commitment, caring and generosity of so many individuals and organizations who invest in our mission. The many accomplishments of this past year and the ambitious goals we have set for the year ahead, owe so much to all of you. Our work would not be possible without your ongoing support. With appreciation, Josh Kraft Nicholas President and CEO Follow me on Twitter @joshkraft The senior professional position at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston was named in 2006 in recognition of Pete and Ginny Nicholas to honor their deep commitment to the organization and to further their dedication to ensuring excellence in organizational leadership. inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. — John Quincy Adams ” boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 1
  4. 4. Dear Friends, This past year, as Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston celebrated 100 years of service to the Roxbury community, we were reminded of our tremendous obligation to sustain the legacy of those who came before. Those whose vision, hard work and financial support created an oasis for young people in neighborhoods across the city all have played a role in building this effective and — for many of the young people it serves — life-saving organization. All year long Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston will celebrate the “Legacy of Leadership” that has changed thousands of lives in our city. As my chairmanship comes to a close, I am deeply honored to be part of this legacy, but fully aware that I owe my success to all of you…to our Board members, donors, program partners, direct service volunteers, the staff and members. And to my friend Jon Davis, who will succeed me as Chair of the Board and bring his keen insight, compassion, drive and business acumen to lead BGCB into the next decade. As I transition to a new role with the organization, I remain deeply committed to our shared cause. When the need is so great and there are so many opportunities to give back, it’s especially gratifying to be involved with an organization like Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, whose mission is essential and whose work is strategic, cost-effective and results-driven. Being able to make a difference in the lives of so many deserving children and teens is the greatest reward, but I have had (and will continue to have) the added joy of working with all of you in our shared hope that one day all of Boston’s young people can live without fear and clearly see the path towards becoming effective citizens and leaders. With deep appreciation, Sandra M. Edgerley Chair of the Board of Directors 2005-2010 Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s has changed thousands of young lives in our city. Legacy of Leadership “ ” Our Impact* 14,000 youth served. 67%of members come to the Club at least twice a week, with nearly 50% coming four or more times. 23%come from homes where English is not the main spoken language. 49%have a reported family income under $27,000. 76%feel that gang activities are somewhat or very serious or dangerous in their neighborhood. 61% have witnessed a physical fight, and 13.4% have witnessed an attack with a weapon. 92%say they expect to graduate from high school. 57%of Boys & Girls Club alumni say that participating in a Club “saved my life.” *Member response to BGCB’s 2010 survey, which was completed by more than 27% of members. page 2 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  5. 5. “Athletics is a great tool to help develop character and self-confidence in our members by providing leadership opportunities and leveraging teamwork to accomplish a common goal. At the Club, we teach young people how to be leaders on and off the court.” — Carl Thompson Blue Hill Club Athletic Director and Wellness Coordinator boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 3
  6. 6. [The recent violence] is a real tragedy and brings home in spades the reality of the vulnerabilities that these kids face, and the fragility of the system which lies just below the surface of things in many of these inner city communities and which most people can not see or know. In so many ways, it is a reminder of the daily sense of urgency all of us must feel at ensuring the continuing availability and strengthening of club resources and capabilities. Thank goodness for the clubs and for your and your team’s unswerving leadership and commitment to the kids. — Pete Nicholas, Senior Advisory Board member Unswerving leadership… ” “ Although management and staff leadership has historically been central to BGCB’s enduring impacts, it has been the high caliber of its Board leadership that has made those achievements possible. Sandy Edgerley has epitomized the most effective qualities of board leadership: passion for mission, aptitude for strategy, and compassion for people. Jonathan Davis is a most fitting successor and will continue BGCB’s enviable pattern of electing talented organizational stewards as Chairs of its Board. — Linda Whitlock, Former BGCB Nicholas President and CEO Enduring impacts… ” “ “An undervalued characteristic of good leaders is the use of humor to reduce anxiety and liberate creativity in the leader’s team while retaining focus on the organization’s goals and objectives.” — Fred Church Senior Advisory Board member Chair of the Board of Directors 1984-88 “Kevin Phelan is a leader I look up to. He has been a mentor to me since I was an 18-year-old senior in high school thinking about going to college. Since then I am proud to say I received a degree from Kevin’s alma mater, Providence College. There have been countless phone conversations and trips to his office to discuss anything from which college courses to take to career advice. Kevin has always been there for me, and someone I truly aspire to be like as I start my own career.“ — Eamon Miller South Boston Club Alumni Council member Kevin Phelan served as Chair of the Board of Directors from 1988-92, and is currently a member of the Senior Advisory Board. “Leadership is all about RESPECT. To become a true leader, you must first show respect for those whom you wish to lead, ascribing dignity to each individual such that his or her talents are felt to be recognized and appreciated. Once this is achieved, you will achieve the respect from those you seek to lead, and you are on your way to being a true leader.” — John U. Harris Jr., Senior Advisory Board member, Chair of the Board of Directors 1972-76 page 4 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  7. 7. of members say that the Club has helped them get along with people who are different than them. “The Club has taught me to be friendly to others, no matter what.” –– Adriauna Blue Hill Club, age 7 84% of members said the Club has helped them do better in school. “Being a leader has helped me do better in school because it gives me the courage and ability to pull through daily difficulties.” –– Richard Charlestown Club, age 14 87% Board Leadership Since 1893 Sandra M. Edgerley 2005-2010 Jeffrey F. Jones 2002-2005 Myra H. Kraft 1995-2002 Russell L. Epker 1992-1995 Kevin C. Phelan 1988-1992 Frederic C. Church Jr. 1984-1988 Robert B. Cleary Sr. 1980-1984 Joseph E. Lovejoy 1976-1980 John U. Harris Jr. 1972-1976 Richard Harte Jr. 1968-1972 Paul F. Hellmuth 1963-1968 GeraldW. Blakeley Jr. 1959-1963 ForresterA. Clark 1955-1959 Frederic C. Church Sr. 1935-1955 Nathaniel F.Ayer 1932-1935 George B. Baker 1915-1932 James H.Whitman 1903-1915 Anthony S. Morse 1901-1903 George B. Neal 1900-1901 Linus E. Pearson 1899-1900 Frank S. Mason 1893-1899 boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 5
  8. 8. of teen members participate in volunteer work or community service. “Participating in community service makes me feel proud for helping others and makes us leaders because we set an example for others.” –– Luz-Margarita Jordan Club, age 11 60% of members feel that Club staff care about them. “Brandon, the Teen Outreach Director, is a leader at the Club. He always offers advice and help whenever you need it.” –– Givaughn Blue Hill Club, age 17 97% of members always feel safe at the Club, as compared with 46% in their neighborhood. “Being a leader keeps you safe because you don’t do bad things and you stay positive.” –– Osvarhele Charlestown Club, age 14 76% page 6 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  9. 9. Celebrating Milestones… I’ve seen despair in young people’s lives, and know that things can be different if someone shows them how to lead instead of follow. That’s why it is critical that we — as an organization and a society — continue to help develop the next generation of leaders. Caring parents and other positive adult role models can help young people build confidence and exercise their leadership abilities. Boys & Girls Clubs have been and will continue to be one of the keys to this success. — Murray Bass, Yawkey Club of Roxbury, Technology Director/Program Team Leader Creating Leaders… ” “ “Leaders see when something needs to be done and rise to the occasion; the Boys & Girls Club instilled this skill in me. I give back to BGCB by being a Friends Council member and serving on the South Boston Club Alumni Council. I donate my time and money because this cause changed my life, and put me on a path to being a lifelong leader.“ — Katie Grassa, South Boston Club Alumna, teacher, and Harvard University graduate student “Leadership has been a prevalent theme throughout my 20-year relationship with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston: As a young member many years ago, a Program Director in South Boston, to my current role at the Jordan Club. Today, I am lucky to see those same lessons of hard work, appreciation and empathy being passed down to members.” — Lisa Gillis, South Boston Club alumna, Associate Director of Community Development at the Jordan Club in Chelsea For 100 years, the Yawkey Club of Roxbury, originally known as the Roxbury Boys’ Club, has served as a beacon of hope in the Roxbury community. Since 1910, thousands of youth have grown into responsible citizens and leaders thanks to the Club’s unique, fun and effective programming. In fall 2009, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston opened its 10th Club – its first in a public housing development. The Franklin Hill Club at the Franklin Hill Housing Development is an example of the cost-effective Shared-Space Club model that is key to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s strategic vision to serve more youth. The Club serves 60 youth ages 6-12 with year-round programming. boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 7
  10. 10. Engaging the Corporate Community Forty Boston business executives comprise Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), which meets twice each year to discuss trends in corporate philanthropy and issues important to the city’s growth, including the critical role that investment in youth has in building a diverse workforce for the future. The CLC was initiated in the fall of 2008 and today operates under the Direction of Nicholas President and CEO Josh Kraft and co-chairs Robert Gallery, Massachusetts President of Bank of America, and John Fish, President and CEO of Suffolk Construction Company and its Red & Blue Foundation. Under the guidance of the CLC, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston launched a formal corporate partnership program in 2009. These custom-designed relationships seek to align the business and human resources goals of Boston’s business community with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s focus on fulfilling its mission. 2010 Corporate Partners Premier Partner: Lead Partners: Bain Capital Children’s Charity Limited Berkshire Partners Citizens Bank Foundation Fidelity Investments Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Sovereign Bank Staples Foundation for Learning Co-Chairs Jonathan G. Davis The Davis Companies Robert Gallery Bank ofAmerica Council Members WilliamAchtmeyer The Parthenon Group Jeff Bloomberg Gordon Brothers Group, LLC Joseph Campanelli Flagstar Bank Jim Canfield McCall &Almy, Inc. Richard Caturano Caturano and Company Sandra M. Edgerley Chair of the Board of Directors Karen M. Firestone AureusAsset Management LLC John F. Fish Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. Carol Fulp John Hancock Financial Services Vicary M. Graham BNY Mellon Larry Greenberg Greenberg-Summit Partners Sean M. Healey Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. Kip Hollister Hollister RonaldA. Homer Access Capital Strategies Corp. Bruce Jacobs Westfield Capital Management, LP David E. Johnson Bain & Company David Kaplan Shepard Kaplan LLC MichaelA. Krupka Bain Capital Partners, LLC Marc Margulies Margulies PerruzziArchitects Thomas J. May NSTAR David Mussafer Advent International Corporation Thomas Niedermeyer Liberty SquareAsset Management Rodger Nordblom Nordblom Management Company Peter Palandjian Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. Saul Pannell Wellington Management Company Randy Peeler Berkshire Partners LLC Kevin C. Phelan Colliers, Meredith & Grew, Inc. Richard P. Quinlan, Esq. Liberty Mutual Group Robert L. Reynolds Putnam Investments GeorgeA. Russell State Street Corporation Ron Sargent Staples Robert Smyth Formerly of Citizens Bank Kim Steimle Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. Donald J. Steiner Webster Capital HerbWagner The Baupost Group MarcA.White JP Morgan Private Bank StephenWoods Citizens Bank is key to sustaining Boston’s vibrant and diverse business community. Investment in youth Save the Date Annual Dinner | February 2, 2011 2009 – 2010 Corporate Leadership Council page 8 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  11. 11. Community Partnerships Throughout our history, BGCB has leveraged the expertise and resources of other organizations to broaden our reach and deepen our impact. Our reputation for exceptional program delivery has, in turn, made us a sought- after partner for organizations seeking to provide beneficial programs or services to children and teens. BGCB’s partnerships play a vital role in serving members, in leveraging resources for maximum impact, and in helping us develop effective citizens and leaders among the youth whom we serve. A List Education Access AccesSportAmerica Action for Boston Community Development America SCORES American Swimming CoachesAssociation Associated Grant Makers Best Buy BigApple Circus Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay Big SisterAssociation BOSTnet BostonAfter School & Beyond Boston Bridges, Inc. Boston Bruins Boston Cares Boston Center forYouth & Families (BCYF) Boston Children’s Museum Boston College Football The Boston Foundation Boston Harbor Cruises Boston Minuteman Council Boston Nature Center Boston Parks and Recreation Boston Police Department Boston Public Schools Boston Red Sox Foundation Boston Sports Fans ChoiceAwards Boston University BostonYouth Fund BostonYouth Sports Network Building Impact CharlestownAgainst Drugs (CHAD) Charlestown Public Library Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition CharlestownWorkingTheater CharlestownYoga Chelsea Community Schools Chelsea Neighborhood Developers Children’sAdvocacy Center of Suffolk County Children’s Hospital Boston Children’s Museum Children’sTrust Fund City of Boston CityYear Clarence R. Edwards Middle School The COCA COLA Company Community Boating Converse Courageous Sailing Center Curry College DavisVision DELTAS Department of Conservation and Recreation Discovering Justice DOVA Eastward Ho Country Club EDC Emerson College FamilyVan Fit Girls The Food Project The Forsyth Institute Gaining Ground Generations Incorporated Girls Scouts ofAmerica GLASS GOALS The Greater Boston Food Bank H&R Block Harmonix Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Harvard Stages Highland Street Foundation Hudson Entertainment Institute for Health and Recovery Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Intercultural Center for Research in Education (INCRE) Junior League of Boston Kids Can Cook Kool Smiles Learning for Life Literary Lights Livable Streets Longy School of Music Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Massachusetts General Hospital Mass Mentoring Partnership Mass Promise Fellowship Mattahunt Community Center Metro Lacrosse Microsoft Corporation MIT-Department of Play MIT Media Lab MIT/ NASA MLK Summer Scholars / John Hancock Morris K. Udall Foundation Museum of FineArts, Boston Museum of Science National Parks Foundation New EnglandAquarium New England Patriots Northeastern University Old SturbridgeVillage Operation Hope Outdoor Exploration Parks in Focus Partners forYouth with Disabilities Paulist Center & Chapel Phillips Brooks House Pine Manor College Planned Parenthood Posse Foundation Power Source Project Joy Read Boston Red Cross Rodman Ride for Kids Samaritans Save the Harbor, Save the Bay School of the Museum of FineArts SCI Social Capital Inc. Science Club for Girls Self Defense Simmons College Smile Initiative SouthAfrica Partners Speakers for HOPE Stand Strong StrongWomen, Strong Girls Success for Kids Swab a Cheek, Save a Life TD Garden ‘The Sports Museum’ Tenacity Time to Invent TrackAhead Trustees of the Reservations Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy UnitedWay of Massachusetts Bay & MerrimackValley University of Massachusetts Boston Urban Ecology Urban Improv USA Swimming USS Constitution Museum WGBH You CAN Do the Rubik’s Cube! Youth Opportunities Unlimited boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 9
  12. 12. Friends Council 2009-2010 Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Friends Council provides professional and social networking opportunities while connecting young professionals who share a desire to help urban youth. The Friends Council represents the next generation of BGCB leadership and many members are continuing their family’s legacy of supporting BGCB. Founding Co-Chairs Peter Creighton Bill Moran Rebekah Splaine AshleyWisneski Founding Leadership Committee Matt Chardavoyne Michael DiMella Kristin Ede Mark Epker Bill Fink Callie Gaherty John andAlison Glover Christine Healey Brian Kelly Lauren Phelan Lipscomb Erin McEvoy Joe McKeever Dan Ronan Fedor Smith Meredith Stoddard Stephanie Sweeney YvonneTang AlexWayman Members TamizAhmed TommyAmes + SeanArmstrong Vicki Bendetson Paul andAshley Bernon + Penny Billington Patrick Brennan John and Emily Brown + Scott Cadieux John and Elizabeth Carroll + Kristin Chapman + Nagib Charles Terry and Kristin Connell + Amanda Del Balso Jared Dolan + Beth Edwards + Erin Epker + Ann-Marie Filles Ed Fish Marissa Forman Jim Freeman + Kara Gillette + Beverly Gottlieb Katie Grassa + Kaitlyn Greeley Leah Green + Jennifer Gulino Trevor Harlow Matt and Sheila Hiatt + Sarah Higgins + Sara Holcomb Keon Holmes Bruce andAshley Jacobs + Darcy Jameson Yvette Kamerling Jason Korb Tad Lawton Jamey Lipscomb + Joanna Litsas Kate Lubin and Glen Sutton + Jesse MacDonald + Mary Marshall + Catherine McCool Louis and Kristine McDavid Erin McMahon Matt Meyersohn + Nichole Mikshenas + Maggie Moran + Kate Moran Dorothea Nelson Julia Owens + Alexandra Paparsenos Jarrod Pelletier + Maura Pritchard Anne Ristau + Jennifer and James Rosenberg + Ned Salter + Kelly Scanlon + Molly McAuliffe Smith + Justene Spaulding + AngeloThalassinos + ScottTravers IanWatson + Tom and SarahWeigel + JillWeiner andAndrew Levine + BradWilliams Fiamma Zamori and DavidAmoyal + Founding Corporate Sponsors Bank ofAmerica Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts + Indicates founding members page 10 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  13. 13. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! Endowment And Capital Gifts BGCB’s endowment funds provide a permanent source of revenue to ensure future programs. Capital support provides the funding necessary to renovate and improve Club facilities. We are grateful to the following donors who provided payments to endowed and capital funds from July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. Gifts to funds in prior years can be found in Annual Reports published on our web site, under About Us. Unrestricted Endowment Fund Bill andAnn Bain Brad andTerrie Bloom Jeffrey and Suzanne Bloomberg Ms. Jane Brock-Wilson Gary and Patricia Darman Jonathan and Margot Davis Karen and David Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Gabrieli Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Lubin JudithA. Malone and StephenW. Kidder Tristin and Martin Mannion Jim and Kim Pallotta Ms. BernadetteT. Rehnert Paul and Lisa Rooney Helen Chin Schlichte Robert Small Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Steiner Lisa and Gregg Stone Stephen G.Woodsum andAnne R. Lovett / Lovett-Woodsum Foundation Club Endowment Funds Blue Hill Club Lifeguard Training Program Fund Created in 2008 by Lisa andTom Knott, this fund provides support for the Blue Hill Club’s new LifeguardTraining Program. Lifeguard certification develops leadership and athletic skills in teens, while also providing a valuable opportunity for employment. Participants in this program are accomplished swimmers who learn CPR, first aid, and rescue techniques. Lisa andTom Knott Endowment (Unrestricted) Erin and Mark Epker Facilities Renovation Grousbeck Family Foundation Ms. BernadetteT. Rehnert Charlestown Club Endowment (Unrestricted) Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital Jordan Club Endowment (Unrestricted) Mr. John K. Nicholas and Ms.Virginia F. Shannon Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital Facilities Renovation Bank ofAmerica Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bloomberg Klarman Family Foundation,The South Boston Club Endowment (Unrestricted) Paul and Lisa Rooney Privacy Policy: Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston does not share its donor list, including email addresses, with other organizations or individuals, with the exception of annual report listings by giving category. However, we respectfully acknowledge the wishes of some donors to be listed anonymously. We welcome unrestricted gifts, but also respect the wishes of some donors to restrict gifts to support specific program areas, Clubs orYouthConnect. Bold denotes membership in BGCB’s Keystone Society, which recognizes five years of consecutive giving. * denotes that the donor is deceased This list includes all gifts and pledges of $500 or more made during our 2010 fiscal year (July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010), and special gifts of any amount made in memory of or in honor of an individual.We have taken great care to ensure the accuracy of this report, and offer our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions. Please contact Christina Mott at 617-994-4711 to make us aware of any changes. boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 11
  14. 14. Yawkey Club of Roxbury Sandy and Paul Edgerley Fund for Athletics Created in 2004 as one element of Sandy and Paul Edgerley’s generous gift to BGCB’s Comprehensive Campaign, the Fund for Athletics at theYawkey Club supports the EdgerleyAthletic Director, theAthletic Assistant, and program activities.TheAthletic Program develops strong interpersonal skills and constructive use of leisure time. Facilities Renovation Yawkey Foundation Teen Programs Anonymous Special Endowment Funds Brian J. Knez Education Fund This fund was established in 2008 through the generosity of the Knez Family to honor Brian and his commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Brian has served on BGCB’s Board of Directors since 1991 and has been instrumental in shaping the vision of the organization through his active volunteer participation.This fund provides BGCB’s members with financial assistance for higher education in areas that scholarships typically don’t cover, e.g., application fees, standardized test fees, registration fees, transportation costs and textbooks. Brian J. Knez / Knez Family Charitable Foundation Debra Smith Knez Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Richard and Susan Smith John,Amy, Jennifer, James and Elizabeth Berylson Robert and Dana Smith Debra Smith Knez Myra and Robert Kraft Giving Back Scholarship Fund Established with an initial gift in 2003 by their four sons to honor Myra and Robert Kraft on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary, the Kraft Giving Back Scholarship recognizes Club members who give of their time and talents to the community and instills in young people an understanding of the importance of community service for generations to come. Joseph E. Lovejoy Teen Leadership Fund Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston lost a dear friend when Joe Lovejoy passed away in early 2006 after a long illness.The teen leadership fund, created during 2007 with seed money from Joe’s planned gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and gifts fromThe Ensign-Bickford Foundation, underwrites activities that provide unique leadership opportunities and recognize the accomplishments of our teens.We will never forget Joe or his legacy of leadership, vitality and integrity. Joe served on the Board of Directors from 1969 to 1989, serving as Board Chair from 1976 to 1980, and remained engaged in recent years as a member of the SeniorAdvisory Board. Ensign-Bickford Foundation, Inc.,The Mrs. Joan D. Lovejoy Nordblom College Club Fund This fund was established by Rodger and Dawn Nordblom in 2005 as part of their generous commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Comprehensive Campaign.The Nordblom College Clubs encourage Club members to apply to college and help to make their aspirations a reality. Club staff members organize trips to visit college campuses, help Club members prepare for entrance exams, and guide members through the complex process of completing admission and financial aid applications. Scott Farrar Memorial Fund Established in memory of Scott Farrar, the Farrar Fund supports summer camperships, enabling deserving Club members to discover new interests, develop new skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime through Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s summer camp experience. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hosmer Ms. Doris E. Olson Mr. and Mrs.Andrew M. Schneller Thomas A. Pappas Chef’s Clubs Fund One of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s earliest restricted endowment funds, this fund was established with a gift from theThomasA. Pappas Charitable Foundation more than 30 years ago.TheThomasA. Pappas Chef’s Clubs provide opportunities for Club members to learn essential skills such as how to plan, prepare, and serve a healthy, well-balanced meal, as well as to experience the satisfaction of enjoying that meal with peers, family and community members. Whitlock Fund for Inspirational Leadership and Excellence Created in 2008 to honor LindaWhitlock’s 10 years of service as BGCB’s chief executive, this fund ensures the continuity of the initiative and innovation championed by Linda during her tenure.The purposes of the fund are broadly defined so that the innovation that marked her leadership will continue.The fund will primarily support three initiatives: an annual program team innovation award, the President’s Innovation Fund, and staff professional development opportunities. Anonymous (2) Joel and Randi Cutler Paul and Sandy Edgerley John and Cyndy Fish Grousbeck Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs.Weston Howland III Dave and Suzi Johnson Jeffrey F. and Susan C. Jones Brian J. Knez / Knez Family Charitable Foundation Debra Smith Knez Lisa andTom Knott MichaelA. Krupka andAnne C. Kubik Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Leland Kristin and John Macomber Fariborz Maseeh /The Massiah Foundation Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr. Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Richard and Susan Smith John,Amy, Jennifer, James and Elizabeth Berylson Robert and Dana Smith Debra Smith Knez Robert and Dana Smith / Robert & Dana Smith Charitable Foundation Suffolk Construction’s Red & Blue Foundation page 12 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  15. 15. Sara J.Andrews Jeffrey and Suzanne Bloomberg Mrs. Lynne Brickley and Mr. Richard L. Brickley Sr.* Denise and George Burgess JohnW. Calkins Howard and Sue Carver Mr. Frederic C. Church Jr. Mr. Casimir de Rham Jr. Estate of CharlesT. Hurley* Estate of Elizabeth H. Kersanskas* Estate of Robert Saltonstall* Mr. and Mrs. John U. Harris Jr. Chip and Donna Hazard Mr. and Mrs.Weston Howland III Andy and Sara Hunter ElizabethA. and John F. Hurley James H. Lane* RevocableTrust Tom and Barbara Leggat Mr. Joseph E. Lovejoy* Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Martin Jr. Mary G. Robinson* 1968Trust Rodger and Dawn Nordblom Helen Chin Schlichte Thomas G. Stemberg Mr. and Mrs.William O.Taylor GinnyWise and KevinWilkins PLANNED GIVING Frederic C. Church Sr. Society Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston created the Frederic C. Church Sr. Society to honor the memory of an outstanding leader (“Mr. Boys Club”), long-time Board Chair (1935-1955), and active BGCB volunteer for nearly 55 years. Members of this Society share Mr. Church’s commitment to sustaining BGCB for generations to come by designating BGCB in their will or estate plans. CURRENT USE Organizations The following donors provided essential current use operating support for FY2010 (July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010).This list includes all gifts and pledges of $500 or more. Gifts of any amount made “in memory of” are listed separately. Gifts from $100-$499 are listed on our web site, President’s Circle $100,000 or more $500,000+ United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley $250,000 - $499,999 Boys & Girls Clubs of America City of Boston Commonwealth of Massachusetts U.S. Department of Justice Programs $100,000 - $249,999 Anonymous Bank of America Boston Police Department Charles Hayden Foundation,The Edwin S.Webster Foundation,The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security – Commonwealth of MA Goldman Sachs Gives Highland Street Foundation,The Liberty Mutual Foundation Lovett-Woodsum Foundation Morgan Stanley New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Richard and Susan Smith John,Amy, Jennifer, James and Elizabeth Berylson Robert and Dana Smith Debra Smith Knez State Street Foundation, Inc. Suffolk Construction’s Red & Blue Foundation Vinik Family Foundation Russell L. Epker Society $25,000-$99,999 $50,000 - $99,999 Bain Capital Children’s Charity Limited BostonGives, Inc. Bronner Charitable Foundation City of Chelsea Grousbeck Family Foundation Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Jane’sTrust Lynch Foundation,The Massachusetts Port Authority Mabel Louise Riley Foundation State Street Corporation Trinity Franklin Hill PhaseTwo LP Yawkey Foundation boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 13
  16. 16. $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Abrams Capital Baupost Group Boston Foundation,The Citizens Bank Foundation City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development Eastern Salt Company, Inc. Fidelity Investments Fish Family Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Klarman Family Foundation,The Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. Ludcke Foundation,The Mayor’s Office of Jobs and Community Services Museum of Science / Intel Corporation Music &Youth Initiative National Recreation Foundation, Inc. Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation,The Putnam Investments Red Sox Foundation Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation Robert & Dana Smith Charitable Foundation Sovereign Bank StreetSafe Boston /A Boston Foundation Initiative viaThe Black MinisterialAlliance of Greater Boston 1893 Society $5,000-$24,999 $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Abbey Group Adage Capital Management AGM Summer Fund Bernie and Phyl’s Furniture Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts BNY Mellon Boston After School & Beyond Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation CHT Foundation Covidien Credit Suisse First Boston ElizabethTaylor Fessenden Foundation Fessenden Lower School,The Global Partners L.C. HaroldWhitworth Pierce CharitableTrust,The Henry and Joan Wheeler 1996 Charitable Lead Trust High Meadows General Gift Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation John Fowler Charitable Foundation John Hancock Financial John Moriarty &Associates, Inc. John W. Henry Family Foundation, Inc.,The Kayem Foods, Inc. Krupp Family Foundation,The Microsoft Neiman Marcus Newman’s Own Foundation, Inc. NorthernTrust Company,The NSTAR Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital Procter & Gamble Company,The / Gillette Rowland Foundation, Inc. Saquish Foundation Staples, Inc. Symetra Financial Teammates for Kids Foundation,The TD Charitable Foundation UGL Unicco Webster Bank Westfield Capital Management, LP WHDH-TV Wilderness Point Foundation William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft CharitableTrust $5,000 - $9,999 Anchor Capital Advisors LLC Barclays Capital Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation Boston Educational Development Foundation, Inc.,The Boston University Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Cartier, Inc. Children’s Hospital Boston Christian Dior, Inc. Clough Capital Partners, LP Colliers Meredith & Grew Colony Realty Partners, LLC Cushman & Wakefield Danversbank Delaware North Companies – Boston / TD Banknorth Garden Deloitte Distrigas of Massachusetts Eaton Vance Management EBS Insurance Brokers, Inc. Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP Ellin Smalley Fund at The Boston Foundation EMC Corporation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ernst & Young LLP Flagship Foundation Good Men Foundation,The Google, Inc. Gordon Brothers Group, LLC Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. HP Hood LLC Hunt Fund for Children,The Instinet Group Liberty SquareAsset Management LPL Financial MA Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc. McCall & Almy, Inc. MillerTabak & Co. NAI Hunneman Commercial NationalVision, Inc. page 14 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  17. 17. Paul Barry Family Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP SchochetAssociates Susquehanna International Group Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Mentor Society $1,000-$4,999 $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Adelaide B. Howland Trust, Bank of America,Trustee Agnes M. LindsayTrust Architectural Team, Inc. AureusAsset Management LLC Boston R.O.C.K.S!!!, Summer Grants, Boston Centers forYouth & Families Cambridge Trust Company CB Richard Ellis – New England Charitybuzz Citibank Cinnabelle & Benjamin Esterman Foundation Combined Federal Campaign (ABCD) Flatley Foundation Francis Harvey & Sons, Inc. Fuller Foundation, Inc. Intel Foundation Iron Workers District Council of N.E. Jack Forté Foundation, Inc. James SmithTrust KBK Sports Lafarge NorthAmerica Construction Materials Lebovitz Family CharitableTrust Mary A. Crabtree Fund Meridian Charitable Foundation, Inc. MTWashington Charitable Foundation, Inc. National Park Foundation NEEPL, LLC New BalanceAthletic Shoe, Inc. Roy A. Hunt Foundation Suffolk University Tropical Foods International Veteran’s Express Walmart WPO Cincinnati Your Move Games $1,000 - $2,499 A.A. MacPherson, Co., Inc. Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. AdelardA. &Valeda Lea Roy Foundation AISNE Albert E. PillsburyTrust Arthur J. Hurley Company, Inc. Babson College BGI Boston Global Investors Blum Family Foundation Boston Business Journal Boston Freight Terminals Boston Police Athletic League, Inc. Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Boston Properties Boston Teachers Union Brookline Bank Cambridge Racquetball Club, Inc. Canton Corporation Carbone Sheet Metal Corp. Casey & Hayes, Inc. Charles H. Pearson Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A.,Trustee Charles M. Cox Trust Charlesgate Realty Group, LLC CharlestownWine Club Chelsea-Provident Co-operative Bank Chelsea RevereWinthrop Elder Services Cooperative Bank,The Combined Properties, Inc. – John Pereira Committee to Elect Bill Linehan Daniel Family Charitable Foundation Darling Family 1982 Charitable Annuity Lead Trust Dennis K. Burke, Inc. – Ed Burke Eagle Air Freight, Inc. Economic Development & Industrial Corporation of Boston Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Boston, Inc. Epstein PorterTrust Exelon Power FirstGiving, Inc. Friends of Children’sTrust Fund George E. BarnardTrust G.M. Ridge Corporation Greater Boston Bankers Association Guthrie Family Foundation,The Howland Family Foundation,The HUB International New England IBM InterPark JB Sash & Door Co., Inc. JCALPRO JM Realty Management, Inc. J.P. Plunkett, Realty Karas & Karas Glass Co., Inc. Kelly RealtyTrust Kettle Cuisine, Inc. Kirshon Paint andWindowTreatments Kowloon Restaurant Leers,WeinzapfelAssociates Ligris andAssociates Marmon Utility LLC Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Maverick Capital Foundation MCR Technologies Metro Energy MorganStanley SmithBarney, Inc. Morrissey Sweeney LLC National Development National Football League New England Carpenters Labor Management Program Old Colony Donuts, Inc. d/b/a Dunkin’ Donuts Paul RevereTransportation PharmaPros Roberts Foundation Roger and Myrna Landay Charitable Foundation Saks FifthAvenue Sanders Fund, Inc. SentryAuto Group Shawmut Design and Construction Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC Stride Rite Corporation Taniguchi Deane Family Foundation Thomson Reuters Three-C Electrical Company, Inc. Trigen-Boston Energy Corporation University of Massachusetts Boston WarrenTavern YusenAssociates, Inc. boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 15
  18. 18. $500 - $999 Anonymous Alan & Esther Fleder Foundation AT&T Atlantic Beer Garden Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation Besco Corp.Wholesale B.N.Yanow & Co., Inc. Boston Light Source Boston Park Plaza Hotel &Towers,The Bow StreetAssociates LLC Bromfield Development Brown Rudnick LLP Burns & Levinson LLP Cady Family Foundation Castle IslandAssociation CBI Consulting, Inc. Chelsea Rotary Club Citizens Bank City of Boston Credit Union Columbia Contracting Corp. Commonwealth Cooperative Bank Danversbank Dave Powers Foundation, Inc. Davis Management Company, LLC. DiversifiedAutomotive, Inc. Done Right Building Services, Inc. Dudley Square MerchantsAssociation Eastern Express CarWash Exeter Group, Inc. Fallon Company Forest Hills Electrical Supply, Inc. Global Impact Goodrich ISR Systems H&R Block HitWise J.F. O’Brien & Sons Funeral Home Joseph Botti Co., Inc. JustGive Law Motor Freight, Inc. MacPherson Fund, Inc. Mary G. Robinson 1968Trust Mass Bay Credit Union Maverick Construction Corp. Menino Committee,The MetroWest Electronic Sales, Inc. Michael E. Glynn Memorial Fund MIDIOR Consulting, Inc. Network for Good NeuroRestorative Nodrog Sales, Inc. Nosmada Pawsitive Dog, Inc.,The Playwright Priority Parking, Inc. R.B.J. Donut Co., Inc. Referee’s Crease, LLC. Rooney Real Estate, Inc. Star of Bethlehem Lodge A.F. & A.M. Sterling Resources, Ltd. TelephoneWorkers Credit Union Tri-State Signal, Inc. Tyco Electronics/Raychem United Way of New York City Verizon Foundation Widow’s Son Lodge No. 28 F&AM Windham Country Club $100 - $499 Anonymous Adler, Cohen, Harvey,Wakeman & Guekguezian Allan’s FormalWear, Inc. Amber Property Management, L.L.C. America OneTechnologies, Inc. American Express Employee Giving Campaign Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program Amrheins Charities, Inc. Anderson & McQuaid Co., Inc. Andrew Square CivicAssociation Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. Anthony Memorial Funeral Home Appraisers Collaborative, Inc.,The ArborAssociates, Inc. Assabet Mack Service B & B Oil Co., Inc. Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited,The Bas Solutions, Inc. Bicknell & Smith, LLP Black Rose, Inc. Blue Marble Chocolate Cafe Boldfacers, LLC Boloco Boris Pest Control, Inc. Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Boston Police Department –Area B2 Boston Police Patrolmen’sAssociation, Inc. Boston Police Superior Officers Federation Boston Public Health Commission Boyle, Morrissey & Campo, P.C. Brookfield Properties Corporation Bunker Hill Barber Shop C.C. Pierce Co., Inc. California Community Foundation Capuano for Congress Committee Century 21 Elite Realty Charlestown Chiropractic CharlestownYoga Chelsea Chamber of Commerce Chelsea Kiwanis Club ChippewaAthletic Club Chisholm InsuranceAgency, Inc. Cleary Insurance Clery’s Restaurant Cohasset Mortgage Company, Inc. Committee to ElectAnthony Galluccio,The Committee to Elect Jack Hart Committee to Elect Kevin G. Honan Committee to Elect Martin J.Walsh Committee to Elect Rob Consalvo Committee to ElectTherese Murray Conley Committee,The Constitution Seafoods, Inc. Conventures, Inc. – Ms. Dusty S. Rhodes CopelandToyota Drew Company,The E.F. Murphy &Associates, Inc. Fairmount Hill NeighborhoodAssociation Falmouth in the Fall Road RaceAwards Committee Falmouth Stamp & Coin Flaherty, Inc. FPCD RE Group LLC Fraternal Order of Eagles FRE Northeast GalanteArchitecture Studio, Inc.,The Gaudette InsuranceAgency Georges Company Inc.,The Goulston & Storrs PC Greater Horizons Grimes Oil Co., Inc. Handlin, Garrahan, Zachos andAssociates Hess Corporation Hyde Park Main Streets Interactive Blue J. Brown Design page 16 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  19. 19. Jenny’s Pizza Jobob Inc. d/b/a QuencherTavern,The John C. & KatherineA. Pappas Family Charitable Foundation John H. Sawyer Funeral Home, Inc. John M. Corcoran and Company, LLC Julie’s Family Learning Program Karol Group,The KPMG LLP Laredo & Smith, LLP LeasingAssociates, Inc. Linden Store Inc.,The MacCormack Plumbing, Inc. Major League Lacrosse LLC Mamma Maria Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology MasterCard Matching Gift Program McCarthy Brothers Liquors McDermott, Quilty & Miller LLP Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation MENTOR Network,The Metis PsychologicalAssociates LLC Metropolitan Credit Union Michael & Grubert, P.C. MS FamilyTrust Mul’s Pub, Inc. Natixis Global Asset Management Nauset Strategies, Inc. Networked Events LLC New England Millwork, Inc. NewTechnologies &Associates, Inc. NewYork CommunityTrust North East New EnglandArea Program Council Number Productions, Inc. O’Dwyer Builders O’Flaherty for Representative Committee OneCause OneUnited Bank Partners forYouth with Disabilities, Inc. Patrick F. Gavin Middle School Perius Incorporated Pfizer UnitedWay Campaign Phoenix Foods, Inc. Pipe Fitters Local 537 Plumbers Union Local 12 Power Sales Group, Inc. Prime Electric, Inc. R.C. Stamm & Company Risk Strategies Company Roxbury Electric Cable & Conduit Co., Inc. Savin HillYacht Club Second StreetAssociates, LLC Sir Speedy Printing – Chelsea Smith + St. John Soapy C. Enterprises LLC Sojo Somerset County UnitedWay South Boston Collaborative Center South Boston Neighborhood House, Inc. South BostonYouth Soccer League State Street Matching Gift Program Stephen M. Murphy InsuranceAgency, Inc. Sunday Night Bingo Tierney Realty Group,The Tobin Committee,The Townsend and Supper Club Truist UnitedWay of Southeastern Pennsylvania United Ways of New England UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Campaign Unum – Matching Gift Program W. H. Hughes Inc. West InsuranceAgency Worcester County Deputy Sheriff Association, Inc. CURRENT USE Individuals In 2004, Boys & Girls Clubs ofAmerica createdThe Jeremiah Milbank Society to inspire and recognize higher level unrestricted giving from individuals to local Clubs.The Society honors those who have invested at least $10,000 annually.The following donors provided essential current use operating support in FY2010 through outright gifts, pledge payments, or event support.This list includes all gifts and pledges of $500 or more. Gifts of any amount made “in memory of” are listed separately. President’s Circle $100,000 or more $500,000+ Paul and Sandy Edgerley $100,000 - $499,999 Anonymous Edmund N.Ansin – Ansin Foundation Ronald M.Ansin – Ronald M.Ansin Foundation Bill and Ann Bain Josh and Anita Bekenstein Mr. and Mrs. John P. Connaughton Jonathan and Margot Davis John and Cyndy Fish Phillip and Elizabeth Gross Darlene and Jerry Jordan Robert and Myra Kraft Mr. Michael A. Krupka and Dr.Anne C. Kubik Ms. Holly McGrath and Mr. David Bruce Sean and Lisa McGrath Chris McKown and Abby Johnson Jim and Kim Pallotta Laura and Bob Reynolds Michael and Kristen Swenson Jeff and Penny Vinik Stephen G.Woodsum and Anne R. Lovett Russell L. Epker Society $25,000-$99,999 $50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Mr. James Bevilacqua and Ms. Connie Bacon Ms. Fotene J. Demoulas and Mr.Tom Coté Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Greenberg Marilyn and John Keane Joshua and Carolyn Kraft Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Lyons Tom and Elena Matlack Mr. Saul J. Pannell and Ms. Sally W. Currier boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 17
  20. 20. Daniel E. Rothenberg Brian and Stephanie Spector Charlotte and Herbert S.Wagner III Mrs. JoanT.Wheeler* $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Brad andTerrie Bloom Ms. Jane Brock-Wilson Emily and John Brown Mr. Nicholas F. Burgin David and Victoria Croll Gary and Patricia Darman Dom and Molly Ferrante Chip and Donna Hazard Ross and Emily Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Lubin Shelagh Mahoney and Joseph McNamee Ms. LaurenA. Mogensen Ms. RuthAnn Moorman and Mr. Sheldon Simon Mr. Brian T. Moynihan and Ms. Susan E. Berry Mr. and Mrs. David Mussafer Rodger and Dawn Nordblom Stephen and Judy Pagliuca Michael and Elizabeth Perik Ms. Shari E. Redstone Ms. Bernadette T. Rehnert Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Robinson Mary Etta Schneider and John Beardsley Robert and Dana Smith John and Susan Spooner Mr. MattVerrochi Mr. H. MarkWhite and Mrs. Elizabeth R. McCarthyWhite Frank Wisneski 1893 Society $5,000-$24,999 $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Amy and DavidAbrams Ms. NancyW.Adams Mr. Dimitrios E. Balodimas Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barefoot Steve and Deborah Barnes George and Mimi Bennett Peter and Kay Bernon Mr. Robert Boucai Mr. and Mrs.William Burgess Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Campanelli Mr. Marc Casper and Mrs. Denise Jefferson Casper Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Caturano Drs. Deborah and Larry Chud Mr. and Mrs. Gary Eichhorn Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Carl and Judy Ferenbach Nina and David Fialkow Karen and David Firestone John and Mary Fowler Jonathan Goodman and Elizabeth Silverman Mr. and Mrs. John U. Harris Jr. Julie and Bayard Henry Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Hitch Allison Horne and Peter Riehl Mr. and Mrs.Weston Howland III Andy and Sara Hunter Bruce and Ashley Jacobs Dave and Suzi Johnson Jeffrey F. and Susan C. Jones Jerry and Suzie Kahn Michele and Howard Kessler Lisa andTom Knott Sherry and Alan Leventhal Mr. and Mrs. Ian K. Loring Tristin and Martin Mannion Mr.Will McDonough Mr. and Mrs. P.Andrews McLane Mr. and Mrs. Ray Monkiewicz Jim and Lisa Mooney Mr. and Mrs.WilliamA. Muggia Mr. John Murphy Pete and Ginny Nicholas and Family Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr. Ted and Erica Pappendick Kevin and Anne Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roop Mr. and Mrs. James Rosenberg Lauren and DeebA. Salem Ms. Heather L. Schirmer and Mr.ThomasW. Mahoney Helen Chin Schlichte Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Sclar Robert Small Thomas G. Stemberg and Katherine Chapman Lisa and Gregg Stone $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous (3) Kenneth and SusanAbrams GideonArgov andAlexandra Fuchs Mike and KateAscione Ms. Colleen Bain Mr. and Mrs.Andrew B. Balson Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Balter Karl Bandtel Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Beaulieu Kevin and Julie Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. John W. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. James A. Canfield Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Casady Mr. Herbert Chambers Dr. Lawrence H. and Roberta Cohn Mr. and Mrs.WilliamT. Connolly Michael F. and Marian M. Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Davies Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd Mr.WilliamA. Earon Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Elterich Erin and Mark Epker Mr. and Mrs.Tim C. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Fischman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Flaherty Mr. Peter G. Flaherty and Ms. Jennifer E. Mugar-Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Fotouhi Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Gabrieli Mr. and Mrs. RussellA. Gaudreau Jr. Dr. Ronald P. and Lena G. Goldberg Patty and J. Brad Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harte Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Henken Peter and Tammy Hermann Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hooley page 18 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  21. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Ogden M. Hunnewell Jane and Fred Jamieson Jay and Janice Jester Holly and Bruce Johnstone Andrea and Stephen Kaneb Mr. John W. Keith and Ms. Shelley I. Hoon Mr. John C. Keogh Mr. Josh A. Klevens and Ms.Anna D. Sinaiko Gord andTania Kluzak Karen and Steven Krichmar Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lassen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Lebovitz Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Leland Deborah Lewis and Robert Grinberg Mrs. Joan D. Lovejoy Dr. Gary Loveman and Ms. Kathleen P.Welsh Anne and Marc Margulies Mr. and Mrs. Deforest E. Martin III Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mattoon Michele May and DavidWalt Mr. and Mrs.William L. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McPherron Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mead Jr. Mr. and Mrs. MichaelA. Miles Jr. Anne T. Moran Joe and Kathy O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palandjian Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Peacher Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Purcell – Boston Herald Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Remis Patricia and Charles Ribakoff Clare and Jerry Richer Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Roiter Paul and Lisa Rooney Meredith and Christopher Shachoy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shaughnessy Sr. Mr. and Mrs.AlfredA. Slifka Peter and Maria Smail Ginny and Steven Spiegel Michael and Jill Stansky Mr. Russell J. Stein and Ms. Sandra Sloane Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Steiner Mr. and Mrs. DavidT.Thibodeau Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Trussell Karen L.Tucker and Jerome L.Avorn Richard A.Voke Mentor Society $1,000-$4,999 $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Mark Arlauskas Mr. EuzAzevedo Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Baker Jr. Mr. Robert R. Beck Mr. and Mrs. MarkA. Brostowski Michele Courton Brown and Philip E. Brown Susan Okie Bush Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Carrabes Robert and Anne Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Coleman Mr. Peter H. Creighton Mr. and Mrs.Todd Dagres Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. DeSimone Ms. Beth D. Dickerson and Mr. David V. Drubner Deanna and Tony DiNovi Ms. Nancy Edgerley Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Ellis Mr. Frederick E. Fairfield Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Frieze Joe and Ruthanne Fuller Mr. Bruce C. Gaffney Mr. Dennis Goldstein and Mrs. Beth Kressley Goldstein Mr. Brendan Greally Mr. Josh Greenhill Art and Liz Greenwood Harry and Gale Guild Ms. Debbie Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ix Mr. and Mrs. David C. Kaplan Ms. Kathleen Katterhagen and Mr. Neil Smith Mr. and Mrs. BrianT. Keane Mr. Ryan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. DennisW. Kohli Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Kraft Jenna and Kevin Leary Ms.Andrea P. Leers Tom and Barbara Leggat Mr. and Mrs. NormanA. Levenson Andrew Ley and Carol Searle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LoRusso Mr. Mike Lyons Kristin and John Macomber Mr.Andrew McKee Mr. Jack O’Callahan Stephen and Jeryl Oristaglio Mr. Samuel Plimpton and Ms.Wendy Shattuck Mr. Peter Rezos Dr. and Mrs. James Ross Pat and Paul Rudovsky Jay and Marilyn Sarles Mr. Nicholas J. Seminara Medha Sinha and Bart Epker Mr. and Mrs.Arnold L. Slavet Douglas R. Smith-Petersen and Susan G.White Mr. and Mrs.Troy L. Stanfield Mr. Brian M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. HenriA.Termeer Mr. and Mrs. NickThakore Dr. and Mrs.Thomas S.Thornhill Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P.Vitale Mr. and Mrs. Brian J.Walsh John P. and Elisabeth S.Weitzel Michael and Jane Wolchonok $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Richard and NicholeAldrich Mr.AlexAnmahian and Ms. Elizabeth Zachos Mr. and Mrs.AndrewAstley Mr. and Mrs. NealeAttenborough Mr. and Mrs. JamesAtwood Mr. and Mrs.William J.Averill Mr. and Mrs. John Axten Mr. Steven Bagley Ms. Sandra Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Baker Jr. Ms. BridgetA. Basilico Mr. and Mrs. David Baumgartner boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 19
  22. 22. Robert L. Beal Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Bechek Mr. and Mrs. George Bell Meg andTomas Bergstrand Jeffrey and Suzanne Bloomberg Ms. Jennifer C. Borden and Mr.William Babine Mr. and Mrs. Dean Brown Ms. Jennifer K. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Burkus Mitchell and Samantha Burman Mr. MichaelW. Canady Richard W. and Carol J. Canady Peggy and John Carberry Mr. James Case Ms. Laurie Cassels Frank and Kelly Cassidy Carolyn McCane Chin and David Chin Mr. Frederic C. Church Jr. Meredith and Eugene Clapp Ms. Rena Clark Mr. Robert B. Cleary Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Coffey Mitchell and Leslie Cohen Mr.Terence A. Connell Mr. and Mrs.Timothy J. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Corcoran James and Kerrie Coughlin Mr. Bruce Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Nelson J. Darling Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dattilo Bruce C. and Lynn B. Dayton Mr. Casimir de Rham Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Deane Donna M. DePrisco Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dillon Mr. and Mrs. James S. DiStasio Mr. and Mrs. John M. Duff Mr. Peter G. Dulac Harry Duvall Donald J. and Sheila S. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Mario Fabiano III Mr. MarkA. Fanelli Mr. Joseph Feloney Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Fey Mrs. Katherine Field Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Fish Mr. Gill Fishman Mr. Neil Fitzpatrick Ms. Melanie M. Foley Keith Fox andAmy Murphy Patricia J. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gardner Mr. David J. Geller Mr. and Mrs. John Glover Dr. John Duncan Glover Ms. Evelyn Goldfine Ms.Vicary M. Graham Mr. Bryan Grimm Ms. Mary K. Guy Mr. and Mrs. James E. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Hassey Mr. and Mrs. JerryA. Hausman Mike and Sue Hazard Mr. James M. Higgins Ms. Lisa M. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. RogerW. Hobby Gail and Matthew Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Homer Mr. and Mrs. Jay Howland Mr. Jonathan Ignacio Mr. Sven Ingard Elizabeth L. Johnson Mr. Robert Jordan and Mrs. Melinda Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Kaplan Ryan Kelly Mr. Patrick Keneally John F. Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry Mr. Cameron Kirby Debra Smith Knez Mr. and Mrs. KennethW. Lang Mr.William D. Laurie Jr. Mr. and Mrs.William Ledingham Mr. Stephen R. Lewinstein Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lewis Mr. Kosta Ligris Alyson and Jeffrey Lindsey Ms. Lauren Phelan Lipscomb and Mr. James E. Lipscomb Ms. Kate Lubin and Mr. Glen Sutton Mr. and Mrs.West Ludwig Congressman and Mrs. Stephen F. Lynch Mr. and Mrs.William F. Lynch John and Susan Magruder Carolyn and Joe Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Shigeki Makino Mr.Timothy N. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Martin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Milo Matejic Mr. Bruce McConnell Rosemary and Richard J. McCready Mr. and Mrs. Brendan P. McDonough Mr. and Mrs.Arthur McGinnes Mr. Joseph P. McKeever Frank and Lisa McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. McNary Dr. and Mrs. Louis Meeks Mr. JeffreyA. Miron Mr. Matt Mitchell Jean and Charles Mixer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Monkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery Bill and Maggie Moran Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Murphy III Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy Mr. Braden Neff Mr. and Mrs. Casey Nelson Mr. MarkA. Neuberger Sarah and Jeff Newton Mr. John K. Nicholas and Ms.Virginia F. Shannon Mr. John Nickodemus Ms. Susan O’Donnell Ms. Kim J. Ogden and Mr. Francis S. Huntowski page 20 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  23. 23. Thomas and Nancy O’Neill Mr. Stephen K. Orr Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owens Mr. and Mrs.Anastasios Parafestas J. Garrett Parker Jr. and Helen F. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Laird P. Pendleton Mr. Jonathan Penn Mr. John Pepper John andWendy Pereira Mr. and Mrs. Lovett C. Peters Ms. Juliette Galicia Pico Mr. Joseph Plunkett III Dr. and Mrs. J.William Poduska Sr. Dr. Michael E. Porter Mr. Brian Powers Mr. Eric S. Price Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Raymond Mr. PaulA. Rodliff Mr. Jason L. Roelke Jan and Joe Roller Mr. Michael Salem Mr. and Mrs.Angelo J. Santinelli Mr. Norman D. Satanoski Ms. Jean M. Scarrow Mr. Karl J. Schulze Mr. and Mrs. DavidW. Scudder Steven and Ellen Segal Rick and Gitte Shea Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Shockman Mr. Edward Smallwood Fedor and Molly Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Smith Mr. and Mrs.Wayne E. Smith Mr. Kurt F. Somerville Mr. Nicholas Souffrant Jr. Mr. George Speropolous Ms. Sharon A. Stehman Ms. Kimberly Steimle Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stephenson Donald and Erica Stern Ms. Meredith Stoddard Mr. Brian Stys Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sweeney, Esq. Mr. DavidVan NessTaylor and Ms. Susie Sargent Mr. and Mrs. DavidThomas Mr. and Mrs.W. Nicholas Thorndike Mr. Jonathan M. Uhrig John and Joan Walsh Dr. Christoph H.Westphal Mr. and Mrs.Thomas H. P.Whitney Jr. Christopher and Julie Wilbur Mr. and Mrs. BasilWilliams Mr. CurtisWilling Ms.AshleyWisneski Katie and MarshallWolf Mr. JohnYannone Mr.WilliamYee Ms. Nicole Zatlyn and Mr. JasonWeiner $500 - $999 Anonymous (7) Mr. NormanAppel Jay and SusanAsh Mr. JohnAuerbach Ms. SuzanaAzevedo Mr. Kevin X. Barbary Ms. Camie Barrow Mr. Mark P. Bergin Paul andAshley Bernon Mr. and Mrs. Brian Black Micheal Blakely Ms. Susan Bonanno Mr. James Borger Mr. Robert Bourque Mr. Barry M. Bronstein Mr. Daniel J. Burns Mr. and Mrs.William J. Burrow Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Buuck Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Campbell Mr.Thomas J. Campbell Mr. Lawrence Carlson Mr. and Mrs. John J. Carras Mrs. JamesA. Carroll Jr. Ms. SarahA. Carter Mr. Matthew Chardavoyne Mr. Richard S. Chute Kelli Clifford Mr. Robert Collier Jr. Mr. Paul M. Connolly Mr. James R. Connors Mr. Matthew Crouteau Ms. LynnA. Dale Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Del Col Mr. and Mrs. John J. Devlin Paul DiMaggio Mr. Michael DiMella Mr. Edward L. Donahue Ms. MarthaA. Donovan Mr. Steve Edgerley Mr. Frederick E. Ehrsam Jr. Ms. Natalia Escallon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Evans Mr. Dietrich Falkenthal Ms.Arlene Fallon Mr. Karl J. Feitelberg Ms.Ann-Marie Filles Mr. and Mrs. StephenA. Fine Mr.William C. Fink Mr. Stephen Flaherty Shani S. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. MichaelA. Forrester Mr. Richard Frank Mr. Joseph Frechette Ms. MaryAnn Freeman Mr.Thomas J. Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Geysen Jr. Mr. and Mrs.Allan S. Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Glynn Ms. Maureen Goggin Jan E. Goldstein and Garrett T.Van Siclen Jr. Jill B. Goldweitz Cara Gould Ms. Katie Grassa Ms. Candace Griffin Mr.William Grimm and Ms. Deborah Shadd Mr. Leo J. Gulinello Jr. Ms. Lisa J. Guscott Mr. Bernie Haffey boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 21
  24. 24. Mr. Raja S. Harb Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Hiatt Mr.Terrence M. Hillery Mr. Michael F. Hines Rev. John F. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. JohnW. Humphrey Ms. Pamela S. Hurley Ms. Melonie Jones Mr. Rohan Kapoor and Ms. Erin Geraghty Ms. Kristin Keating Mr. BrianV. Kelley Brendan Kelly Mr. Brian J. Kelly Mr.William Killoran Mr. Frank Knippenberg Mr. and Mrs.William P. Leahy Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Leggat Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Levenson Danny and Kathy Lynch Mr.Anthony Maroon Mr. Everett McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. McDavid III Ms. Erin McEvoy Mr. Steven McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs.William P. McLaughlin Mr. Kevin B. McLellan Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. McTigue Ms. Mary Jo Meisner The Honorable and Mrs.Thomas M. Menino Mr. Jeff Miller Mike Mogan Mr. P.W. Molloy Mr. Mark P. Morgan Mr. Russell Nagle * Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nee Mr. Christopher Neff Shelly and Ofer Nemirovsky Dr. Carl Newman Mr. Robert Nicholson Mr. Joe Novelli Mr. James O’Donoghue Mr.Thomas O’Hara Mr.Timothy O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. John Pagliuca Carol Sawyer Parks Anne L. Peretz Mr. Nicholas Phillips Mr. Edward Powell Mr. and Mrs.Aldo Prario Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Pyne Mrs. Renee Rapaporte Leah J. Reich Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Reynolds Kay and Peter Ridgard Mr. and Mrs. Chris andAnne Ristau Mr. Brian Roberts Fran and Hugh Rogovin Jamie and Lelia Rome Ms. Roberta L. Rubin and Mr. Donald Abrams Mr. and Mrs. David Schiller Ms. Sarah Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Scipione Mr.William Sempolinski Mr. and Mrs.Andrew J. Shilling Mr. David J. Sloane Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans Mr. Joseph G. Steffa Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Steward Jr. Ms. Nancy Sullivan Ms. Stephanie Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. KevinV. Symmons Susan and ParvizTayebati Ben and Kate Taylor Mr. and Mrs. DavidTobias Mr. and Mrs.Wat H.Tyler Anne H. and Raimund G.Vanderweil Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Monte J.Wallace Mr. and Mrs. NeilW.Wallace Mr. MichaelWalsh Mr. and Ms. EdwardWasniewski Mr. Stephen J.White Mr. OtisWiggins Dyann and PeterWirth Mr. ChristopherWoods Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D.Young Fiamma Zamori Mr. and Mrs. Marc Zukowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zulon $100 - $499 Anonymous (8) Mr. Jonathan C.Abbott and Ms. Shari E. Malyn Ms. Sonia S.Abrams Mr.TomAdams Mr. and Mrs. JohnAgri Mrs. CynthiaAhearn Ms. MarshaAhearn Mr.TamizAhmed Mr. BrianAlbert Lee and Nile Albright Mr. JoeAleardi Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L.Alitz Mrs. LoriAmarone Mr.ThomasAmes Ms. LindaAnastos BetsyAnderson Kathy Andrea Mr. and Mrs. Paul L.Antico page 22 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  25. 25. Mr. John S.Arlauskas Mr. Sean H.Armstrong Ms.WandaAtkins Ms. Cheryl M.Aucoin-Norton Mr. MarkA.Audi Jr. Mr. SteveAustenfeld Mrs.Ann Bachar Ms. Syreeta N. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. George B. Balaconis Ms. Kathy Banalewicz Mr. John Barnard Ms. Kerstin Barr Mr. JarrettT. Barrios Ms. Katie Barrow Mr. Jonathan Barry Ms. Katie Barry Ms. Rena Bartos Mr. Christopher Beane Ms. Kate Beauparlant Ms. Lianne Beauregard Mr.Andrew Bechtel James C. and Susan S. Beck Mr. Richard G. Becker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bell Ms.AimeeW. Bellows Ms.Victoria Bendetson Dr. Mark andTerry Berenson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bergman Ms. Berthlyn M. Bernier, LCSW Ms. Gloria Bernier Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Bernstein Ms. Melissa Bevelaqua Mr. Peter Biggs Penny Billington Mr. John Binda Mr. Chet Birger Ms. Jody Blakeway Ms. Cheryl Bliss Ms. Peggy S. Blitz Ms. Grace E. Bloodwell Mr. Maximillian Bodoin Mr. Bruce C. Bolling Mr. James F. Borden Mr. and Mrs. Lester Borden Mr. and Mrs. Leo C. Boucher Jr. Lincoln and Edith Boyden Mr. and Mrs. John Boyle Mr. Nicholas Boynton Mr. Daniel J. Brachman Mr. and Ms. Edward Bradley III Mr. David Brady Ms. LaurenA. Brady Ms. MicheleA. Brady Mr. Everett Bramhall Mr. Ricardo Brasil Mr. and Mrs. David J. Braunegg Ms. Margaret L. Breeden Ms. KathleenA. Brennan Ms. Kathleen Brennan Mr. Patrick Brennan Ruth and Francis Brennan Mr.Thomas J. Brien Mr.Walter L. Brine Ms.Tracey Britton Mrs. Jan Lee Brookes Ms.Ashleigh Brown Mr. Nicholas Brown Robert and Barbara Brown Ms. Sabra Brown Mr. James E. Bruce Jack and Vernita Bryant Ms. Saadia Bryant Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bryson Mr. MarcA. Buan Mr.Timothy Buckley Major GeneralAnthony Buonassisi Mr.Timothy Burke Mr. Jonathan Butcher Mr. GerardA. Butler Jr. Jeff Butts Mr. Ralph Buultjens Mr. Joseph Byrne Mr. Rudolph J. Cabral Mr. Scott Cadieux Mr. and Mrs. John D. Caldwell Jr. John W. Calkins Mr. Martin Callaghan Mr. Martin Cannata Mr. and Mrs. PhilipA. Cantillon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Carney Mr.Tyler Carr Mrs. Elizabeth Carroll and Mr. JohnA. Carroll III Mr. John H. Carroll Mr. MichaelA. Carvalho Mr. and Mrs.Anthony G. Caserta Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Castro Ms. Dianne Cavaleri Mr. JohnA. Celata and Candace Rogers Ms. Maureen Celata Ms. Gina R. Centrella Ms. Nadia Chamblin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Champagne Mr. Dean H. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charbonnier Mr. Nagib Charles Ms.Annamarie Chery Ms. Linda M. Chin Mr. James L. Chipokas Mr. and Mrs. John J. Chisholm Mr. JohnA. Christian II Mr. Daniel Christoffel Meiling Chu Mr. Richard L. Church Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ciongoli Mr. Richard J. Civitarese Mr. BruceW. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Steve Clayman Ms.Virginia R. Clement Ms. Ellen S. Cloud Mr. Jack E. Cloud Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cobb Mr. Steve M. Cohen and Mr. Bruce H.Withey Ms. Sarah Coletti Mr. Francis P. Collins Mr. Gerard Collins Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Collins Mr. Richard Comeau Mr. and Mrs. James P. Concannon Mr. MichaelW. Conley Ms.Ann Connolly Councilor John R. Connolly Ms. Sally Connolly Mr. Michael F. Conroy Mrs. Judith H. Cook Mr. Christopher J. Cooney Mr. and Mrs.William Cooney John andVinnie Copeland Ms. Lucy Costigliola Ms. CarolV. Coté Ms. Lee L. Coté Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Coughlin Mr. Steve Courtiss Mr. David Cox Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coyne Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Coyne Mary A. Crall Mr. Patrick J. Crann Mrs. Eileen D. Craven Ms. Joan Craven Mr.Walter I. Craven Mr.Walter I. Craven Jr. William H. and Harley G. Creelman Mr. Bernie Croteau boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 23
  26. 26. Mr. Kenneth Crowley Mr. Mark Crowley Ms. Marla Leslie Cumming Ms. Kathy Curran Ms. Meghan Curran Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Curtis Mr. MichaelA. Curtis Ms. Rebecca Curzon Ms. Michelle D’Albero Ms. Deanne D’Agostino Ms. Maureen D’Angelo
Sandra and Anthony DaDalt Mr. Richard Dagen Mr. Benedict Dagostino Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Daigle Jr. Ms. Beatrice Daly Mrs. Joan Daly Mr. Nick Danella Mr. and Mrs.Alvin E. Davis Barry and Barbara Davis Mr. Scott Davis Mr. Robert Dawe Attorney JohnT. Dawley Mr. Richard J. Deagazio Mr.Thomas E. Decker Jr. Mr.William Deering Mr. Edward Deibert Ms.Amanda Del Balso Ms. Mary Delviscio Mr. Eric Denny Mr. and Mrs. Baily Dent Mr. Robert L. Depauw Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeRosa Mr. and Mrs. James J. Devaney Ms. Dana Devereux Ms.Audrea M. Devlin Ms. Nicole Devlin Dr. Susan DeVogel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. DeYoung Ms. Lauren DiMella Mr. and Mrs.William Dobbyn Mr. Kevin Doherty Mr. Stephen Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue Ms. Meghan Donegan Mr. John Donlan Mr. Mark Donovan Mr. Joseph G. Doody Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dougherty Ms. Denise Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Doyle Mr. Kevin L. Drew Mr. and Mrs. John P. Driscoll Ms. Stacey Drubner Ms. Martha Dudley Mr. Francis Duffy Mr. John R. Duffy Annmarie Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. James Dunlap Ms. Elizabeth A. Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dwyer Kristin D. Ede Mrs. Joan Edenbach Ms. Beth Edwards Dr.Tera Eerkes Mr.Alfred Elk Ms. Daria D. Emma Mr. John C. Englander Mr. Mark Eno Ms.Angela Crawford Ervin Mr. Fernando Escano Mrs. Doris M. Evers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Evers Mr. and Mrs. LeonardT. Evers Mrs. Negin Ewald Mr. and Ms. JohnW. Ezekiel Jr. Tanya Ezekiel Ms. LeslieA. Fallon Mr. Scott Farmelant Mr. James Faulkner Ms. Jennie Federico Ms. Betsy M. Ferguson Mr.Tom Fernandes Mr. Peter Ferrelli Mr. Shayne Ferrier Ms. Stephanie Fidel and Mr. Mark S. Huberman Mr.Wendell Fidler Mr. Roberto O. Figuereo Mr. Matt Filosa Mr. and Mrs. DavidA. Fine Ms. Kathy Finklestein Mr. RobertA. First Ms. Kathryn M. Firth Mr. Ed Fish Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fittz Mr. Bernard L. Fitzgerald Ms. Joan Fitzgerald Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald Ms.Amy Fitzgibbons Janet and Jim Fitzgibbons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. James G. Flaherty Ms. Catherine Flanagan Mr. Kurt D. Flory Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Floyd Attorney Eugene P. Flynn Mr.William J. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Foley Ms. JenniferA. Fond Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ford Mr. Shawn P. Ford Ms. Marissa Forman Mr.Adam Fornash Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fortier Ms. Joanne Fortunato Mr. Derek L. Fowler Ms. DeborahA. Frank Ms. Sheara Fredman Mr. Jon Freehling Mrs.AllisonT. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Frisoli Mr. and Ms.Arthur G. Fritch Jr. Mr. Michael P. Gaffey Mr. and Mrs.Terrence B. Gagne Derek Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gallagher Mr. Michael Gallagher Ms. Stacey Gallagher Ms. Dawn Gard Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Gardella Mr. Scott B. Garfield Mr. Mark Garpey Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Garr Mr. and Mrs. Dale N. Garth Ms. Penny Garver Mr. Richard S. Gatti Jr. Christine and Paul Geishecker Mr. Paul Gelep Ms. Karen Gentis Ms. Dana Gerson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gett Ms. MariaA. Giampaolo Ms. Lucy Gibbon Mr. Patrick Gibbons Mr. Carla Gigon Mr. Michael Gill Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gill Ms. Kara Gillette Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Gittens Mr. Michael Godding Ms.Allison G. Godfrey Ms. Judith Breen Gold Mr. and Mrs. Don Goldberg page 24 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  27. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldberg Ms. Rachel Goldfarb Ms.Ann Marie Gomes Mr. Brendt C. Gonsalves Ms. Diana Gonzalez Ms. Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good Mr.Willie J. Gooding Ms. Diane R. Gordon Mr. Paul Gordon Ms. Kara Gordy Ms. Beverly Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gould Mr. Eric Grant Mr. Joseph Graul Sister Mary Lou Graziano SND Ms. Kaitlyn Greeley Mr. and Mrs.Arthur L. Green Ms. SallyT. Green Mr. and Mrs. James H. Greene Ms. Marie Greig Mr.Thomas Greytak Ms. Michelle Griffen Ms.Tina Griffin Mr. Jonathan Griswold Mr.Andrew Groh Ms. Cheryl A. Gross and Mr. Eugene G. Mally Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Grossman Ms. Patricia Gruits Ms. Denise S. Guarino Ms. Eileen Guerin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Guerriero Ms. Jennifer Gulino Mrs.Anna J. Guy Mr. Richard G. Hajjar Mr. Brian Haklisch Ms. Christina Hale Mr. DwayneA. Hall Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Haney Mrs. Gloria Haramis Ms. PatriciaA. Harding Mr.Trevor Harlow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Harney Mr. and Mrs. Rick Harrington Ms. Stephanie L. Harvey Mr. Kenneth G. Hausman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hayes Ms.Virginia Hayes Ms. Dana Haynes Christine Healey Mr. Brendan Healy Mr. Patrick Healy Mr. Stephen Healy Ms. Doreen Heath Mr.Winston E. Henderson Ms. PatriciaA. Herbai Ms. Sarah Herchel Ms. Marguerite Hernandez Mr. Roody Herold Ms. Marcie Hershman and Ms. Rebecca Blunk Mr. Joseph E. Higgins Jr. Mr. Michael G. Hinchey Ms.Adriane Hinman Mr. Edmund E. Hoell and Ms. Carole Center Mr. Michael Hofmeister Ms. Sara Holcomb Ms. Sandra L. Holland Ms. Edith Holleman Mr. Robert S. Hollis Mr. KeonT. Holmes Ms. ElizabethAlcorn Holt Ms. Constance C. Hood Ms. MaryA. Hoyle Ms. Catherine Hoyt Mr. Enoch Huang Mr. Donald R. Hubbard Mr. Robert Hughes Maureen and Michael Humin Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Hunnewell Ms. Raquel Hunter Mr. Daniel Hurley Mr. Nicholas S. Hurley Hue Boi Huynh and Duboi Luu Mr. David Hyman John M. Iacoi and Family Ms. Marianna Iacoi Ms. Ellen Power Ineson Mr. Joshua Ingalls Mr. David M. Jackson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jackson Ms. Lynn Jacobs and Mr. Stanley M.Adler Mr. David R. Jacoby and Ms. Carolyn Jordan Ms. Darcy Jameson Ms. Nina P. Janopaul Mr. and Mrs.Andrew S. Janower Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Jick Mr. and Mrs.Anthony S. Johnson Mr. Bruce C. Johnson Mr. David E. Johnson Mr. Christopher J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones Ms. Linda Jones Ms. Joanne Kacvinsky Ms. Ursula B. Kaiser and Mr. MarkA. Goldberg Ms.Yvette Kamerling Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kane Mr. and Mrs.Albert J. Kaneb Mr. Harley Kaplan Sinesia and Bill Karol Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kaslauskas Mr. and Mrs. Neil Keane Mr. Bernard Kebadjian Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Kebadjian Ms. Gillian E. Kelley and Mr. Steve Pechinsky Mr.William E. Kelley John and Corinne Kelliher Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kelly Mr. Brian J. Kelly Mr. David L. Kelly Mr. John Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kelly Jr. Mr. Kevin S. Kelly Ryan Kelly Mrs. Susan E. Kelly Ms. Diane Kenneally Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kennedy Mr. Ned Kennedy Mr.William F. Kennedy Ms. Kathryn Kenney Mrs. Lisa R. Kerrigan Mr. Robert B. Kerrigan Mr.Timothy Kerrigan Ms. Stephanie Kilbride Mr. Brendan Killeen Mr. Benjamin Kinney Mr. Michael Kirk Ms. Maridee Kirwin Mr. Lawrence E. Klaff Mr. GlennW. Klopfer Mr. Goetz H. Klopfer Ulrich G. Klopfer Ms. Purnima Kochikar Nina M. Kondo Mr. and Mrs. Shigeo Kondo Mr. David Kopans Mr. Jason B. Korb Mr. and Mrs. MichaelA. Kumin Mr.Andrew Kung Ms.Alexa Kuzmich Ms. Kathy Kuzmich Mr. Joseph Lacey Ms.Ann LaCourt boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 25
  28. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Lacy Ms.Yolaine Laguerre Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lakus Mr. Stephen I. Lampron Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lamson Mrs.Angela Lanoue Mr. Gregory Lavallee Mr.Tad Lawton Mr. Marshall B. Lazaro Ms. Susan Lazzo Mr. Paul C. Leach Mr. and Mrs. David H. Leahy Jr. Ms. Christy Lefebure Ms.Tegan Leonard Mr. Peter Leone Mr. Daniel Leung Mr.Adam Levy Mr. and Mrs. George D. Levy Ms.Virginia M. Lewis Ms. Bridget Libby Mrs. Patricia Liberti Ms. Peggy Linehan Mr. Stuart S. Lipton Mr. Harmon M. Lisnow Ms. Joanna Litsas Ms. BarbaraWall Lobosco Mr. and Mrs.Anthony K. Loconte Mr. Michael E. Lombard Mr. DavidV. Lombardi Mrs. Michelle Longsworth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lougee Ms. Elizabeth Love Mr. EricA. Lowrey Mr. RalphW. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowry Mr. Josh Lustgarten Ms. Mai Luu Mr. Benjamin Lynch Ms. Molly Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. MacAllister Mr. Brian J. Macdonald Mr. Jesse MacDonald Mrs. Deborah L. Maclean Mr. Colin MacLeod Mr. Matt Macleod Ms. Stacy Madison Mr. and Mrs. Philip Maguire Mr. Brian Mahoney Mrs. Cecilia Mahoney Mr. Michael Mainvielle Mr. Lee B. Malecki Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Malecki Ms. Kathryn Malpocher Mr. Juan P. Mandelbaum Ms. Barbara A. Manzolillo Ms. Rachel Marino Ms. Patricia Marone Ms.Alexandra Marshall and Mr. James Carroll Ms. Deirdre Martin Mr. Craig Maser Jim Massman and Diane O’Donnell Mr. Douglas B. Mauch Dr. Kenneth H. Mayer Mr. Mark McAuliffe Ms. Jennifer L. McCabe Mr. Jonah McCall Mr. Daniel McCarthy Ms. Barbara B. McCauley Mr. Michael J. McClung Ms. Catherine McCool Pattie McCormick Mr. Patrick McCoy Ms. Marlena McCreary Mrs. Kristine McDavid Mr. and Mrs.William S. McDermott Mr. John F. McDevitt Mrs. Emily McDonagh Mrs. Jane McDonagh Mr. John F. McDonagh Ms. Pauline McDonagh Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McDonagh Mr. JohnA. McDonnell Mr. Kevin P. McDonough Ms. Kerry McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Michael McElroy Mr. Mark McEwen Mr. and Mrs.Andrew J. McFetridge John D. McGee Mr. Michael McGee Ms. Christine McGeough Mr. Charles F. McGonagle Mr. Mark McGonagle Mr. and Mrs. Edmond McGrath Mr. Edmond McGrath Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGrath Mr. John L. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McGuire Mr. Lincoln R. McKie Jr. Mr.Andrew McKinley Mr. James McLaughlin and Ms.Toni McLaughlin Ms. Jean M. McLaughlin Scott H. McLellan Mr. and Mrs. Jim McLoughney Ms. Erin McMahon Mr. Michael D. McNally Mr. Daniel McNamara Ms. Margaret M. McNeill Mr. and Mrs. Denis M. McNulty Mr. Kevin McQuaid Mr. Patrick Meagher Ms. CaroleA. Meers Mr. Peter G. Melanson Ms. Jean M. Melendy Ms. Susan Mellen and Mr. Richard G. Higgins Mr. Kenneth M. Mellett Ms. Donna Meredith Mr. and Mrs.William J. Meyer Mr. Matt Meyersohn Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Michalowski Mrs. Kara Mielcarz Ms. Nichole Mikshenas Betsy and John Millard Ms. Lisa Miller and Ms. Julie Smith Mr. Reginald C. Miller Mr. and Mrs.William J. Miller III Mr. Michael F. Mimno Mr. Serjeo Minassian Mr. Rick Minot and Mr. Ron Medina Dr. Dorian Mintzer, Ph.D. Ms. Celina E. Miranda and Mr. Kevan Barton Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Moehring Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Moehring Rich and Helene Monaghan Mr. Robert D. Monahan John Montes Mr. Micah Moody Ms. Kate Moran Ms. Kim Moreira-Bartlett Ms. Dianne Moreira-Vargas Ms. Joan Morgan Mr. JohnA. Morrisey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison Mr. and Mrs. DennisW. Morson Mr. John C. Moseley Ms. Mary Moskofides Ms. Maggie Moss-Tucker and Mr. Paul H.Tucker Mr. DonaldW. Moulden Mr.Tristan Mouligne Mr. Jonathan Moy Mr. Mujihad E. Muhammad Ms. Marilyn M. Mullane Mr. Joseph E. Mullaney Mr.Thomas Mulvoy page 26 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  29. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Murphy Mr. DanielT. Murphy Ms. Lauren Murphy Ms. Maura Murphy Mr. and Ms. Stuart Murphy Ms.Theresa L. Murphy Mr.William Murphy Donald Murray Mr. Robert Murray Ms.Tara Murray Ms. Holly E. Myers Mr. Robert J. Myers Ms. Janet Nagorski Mr. Mark Nanigian Mr. Peter Nash Ms. JenniferA. Nassour and Mr. Charles J. Brucato III Mr. Bartlett C. Naylor Ms. MarianV. Neil Ms. Dorothea Nelson Mr. Robert Nephew Ms. Bonna Newman Ms. Kimberly Newman Max L. Nibert Ms. Elizabeth M. Nichols and Mr. GeorgeA. Lee Ms. Joan Nichols Mr. Kevin M. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Paul Noonan Mr. John Norton Mr. Peter Norton and Ms. Joanne Hale Ms. JewellA. Norville Ms. Bridget M. O’Brien Marianna M. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. O’Brien Ms.Tara O’Brien Mr. and Mrs.Thomas O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. John O’Leary Ms. Patricia O’Loughlin Mr. Gerald O’Neill III Mr. Joseph O’Neill Ms. Kathleen O’Sullivan Mr. George O’Toole Chris and Nancy Oddleifson Ms. Margaret R. Oidtmann Mr. Ebi Okara and Ms. BarbaraA. Dortch-Okara Ms.Amy Olson Ms. Doris E. Olson Ms. Kristi Omeara Ms. LouiseA. Osborn Mr. Philip F. Otto Mr. Ravi Pahuja Ms. Kelly Panayotou Mr. Mark G. Pano Ms. Marie Paolini Ms.Alexandra Paparsenos Mr. and Mrs.Walter Papasodoro Mr. R. Gregory Parker Mr. Michael Pascal Mrs. Remi Pascal Mr.Theodore Pascalides Ms. Deborah Pasculano Ms. LoriAnn F. Pathak Mr. Elliott Paturzo Ms. Susan Pelham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pell Mr. Jarrod Pelletier Mr. Charles Peloquin Michelle Perez Mr. Robert Perle Mr. Phil Perry Mr. Eric Perschke Mrs.Alyssa C. Pesce Mr.Andrew Petitti Jr. Ms. Catherine Petty Mr. Frank Phillip Mr. John Phillips Mr. and Mrs.Thomas L. Phillips Mr. Javier Pico Mr. Daniel Pierce Mr. John R. Pierog Dr. Richard C. Pillard Ms. Mariana B. Pinner Ms. Rebecca Platt Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pleuler Mr. Scott Ployer Mr. and Mrs.William A. Podgorski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Price Ms. Maura Pritchard Mrs. Maria Proni Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pruyne Mr. Edmund J. Puleo Ms. Maura Pulgini Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quigg Mr. and Mrs. David J. Quinlan Mr. Lawrence B. Rabkin Mr. and Mrs. George Rabstejnek Mr. Peter Radowick Mr. James Raleigh Ms. Katherine Ramsey Ms. Robin Ray Mr. Mark Reading
Ms. Staci Reardon Mr.Tim Redmond Mr. Joseph R. Regan Ms.Abigail Reynolds Mr. GeorgeA. Rhone Mr. and Mrs.William P. Rice Ms. Mary M. Ridings Mr. Frederick Riley Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Riley Dr. Jerome Ritz Mr. Lloyd M. Rives Mr. Christopher J. Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Robbins Ms. Colleen Roberson Mr. John L. Roberts – DCMA,Tewksbury Mr. James P. Robertson Jr. Ms. Piedad Robertson Mr. Charlie J. Robinson Ms.Tinea N. Rochelle Mr.Thomas Rodgers Mr. Daniel E. Ronan Mr. Daniel B. Roseman, DMD Peter Rosemond Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rosenstein Ms. Christine Rosher Mr. and Mrs. Casey Ross Mr. and Mrs. Judah J. Rubin Ms. Paula Rush Ms. Janet L. Russell Mr. Daniel Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan Mr. Stuart Saffer Mr. Paul Saia Jr. Mr. Erik J. Saitta Mr. Nathaniel Salter Ms. Kristen Santos Mr. Madhu Satyanarayana Ms. Geralyn Saunders Mr.Tedd Saunders Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sawyer Ms. Kristen Scanlon Ms. Kathleen Scannell Ms. Jamie L. Scarborough and Mr. Daniel C. Green Ms. Ester Schiano Mr. and Mrs.Adam M. Schoen Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Schwandt Jr. Mr. Josh Schwimmer boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 27
  30. 30. Mr. DarrellA. Seeley Mr. and Mrs.Tobias Seggerman Dr. and Mrs. John Sexton Mr. Richard Shepard and Ms. Carolyn Horwitz Mr.William R. Sheridan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shonkoff Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shuman Ms. Paula J. Silverman Mr. Stanley H. Simon Mr. Stephen Sisak Ms. Kimberly Sizer Mr. Christopher F. Small Ms. Dorothy Small Mr. Joseph N. Small Jr. Ms.Amanda Smalley Mr. Gregor Smith Mr. Jeffrey J. Smith Ms. JoeAnn Smith Mr. NicholasW. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith Jr. Lucian Snow and ElizabethWilcox Mr.Alan Sokolow Dr. and Mrs. Karl Sorger Ms. Justene Spaulding Mr. George L. Spillane Ms. Rebekah Splaine Ms.Takara Stanley Mr. and Mrs.Timothy E. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Stappen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Steele Jerry Steimel Dr. Julia Steinberger Mr. Peter Stenhouse Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Stephens Mr. Edward Sternick and Ms.Andrea Quigley Mr. and Mrs.William D. Stewart Ms.Alice Stone and Mr. Gary Stoloff Mr. Robert L. Stone Dr. James Strain Mr. Richard E. Stram Mr. Stelio Suarez Ms. Evelyn Subramaniani Ms. Gail Sullivan Mr. James M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan Mr. Sean Sullivan Mr. J. Edward Surette III Ms. Donna Susi Mr. and Mrs.Alexander B. Swartwood Mr. Matthew Swartz Dick and Peg Syron Mrs. DemetraTaleghani Mr.AlexTanguay Mr. and Mrs. DavidTayabji Mr. and Mrs. Sean M.Teague Mr. and Mrs. Philip G.Tedeschi Mrs. RuthTehan Ms. JoTemple Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Teplitz Ms. HeatherTerrell
 Mr.AngeloThalassinos Mr. and Mrs. RogerThibodeau Mr. and Mrs. EdwardA.Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M.Thomas Mr. PaulThompson Mr. and Mrs.WilliamA.Thompson Mr. LiamTimoney Mr. PaulTodesca Mr.ThomasTorosian Mr. StevenTorres Mr. Matthew C.Torrey Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.Towle Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stokley P.Towles Mr. Scott B.Travers Mr. Patrick M.Travis Ms. Mary Lee Trettenero Ms. MarthaA.Tripp Mr. L. J.Trojan Mr. JosephTrolla Dr. and Mrs. Leo J.Troy Jr. Mr. Daniel C.Tucker Mr. and Mrs.Allan H.Tufankjian Mr. Christopher M.Tuite Mr. Harry Uhlman Mr. and Mrs. MurphyVandervelde Ms.AmyVarrell Rosamond B.Vaule Mr. and Mrs. Gerard V.Vierbickas Mr. and Mrs. JeromeVigil Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.Vinard Ms. BrendaVoight Mr. and Mrs. PeterVolpe Mr. SigmundVon Hunnius Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.Wadsworth Mr. ZacharyA.Waldstein Mr. and Mrs. RobWalkingshaw Mr. and Mrs. JohnWall Ms. KarenWalsh Mr. and Mrs. LeonardWalsh Jr. Mr. Richard E.Ward Mr. and Mrs. MatthewWarren Mr.TimothyWarren Mr. IanWatson Mr.AlexanderWayman Mr. MichaelWeaver Mr. and Mrs.AlexanderWebb III DrewWeber Ms. KerriWeingard Ms.AlysonWeis Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M.Weiss Ms.Amanda J.Welch Mr. Kenneth R.Weller Andrea and DavidWeltman Mr. and Mrs. JohnWest Molly M.Wheeler Mr.Thomas J.White Mr. BradfordWilliams Mr. MalikWilliams Mr. Robert C.Williams Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald K.Wilson Mrs. Ruth B.Wilson Mr. DouglasWinthrop Ms.AlisonWintman Ms. MaryT.Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. MattWitkos Mr. StephenW.Wolfe Mr. Mark Wolff Ms. Sara L.Wragge Ms. JoyAnn F.Yarde WilliamYetz Mr. DanielYoung Ms. Donna M.Young Ms. DeniseYoung-Howard Mr.Al Zarthar Ms. Katherine Zola Mr. Michele Zuccala page 28 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  31. 31. Mr. KedarAbhyankar Mr. JakeArmstrong Mr. Dimitrios E. Balodimas Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Balter Mr. Scott Barringer Mr. Jonathan Barry Mr. Jarrett Bennett Mr. Michael Berens Ms. Nansie Bernard Mr. Jeff Binder Mr. James Borger Mr. Robert Boucai Mr. Josh Bresler Mr. and Mrs. Jason Brown Mr. MarcA. Buan Mr. Nicholas F. Burgin Mr. Edwin Chin Mr. Bobby Clark Mr. Jim Coady Mr.Alex Colmer Mr. Christopher J. Cooney Mr. Robert Counihan Mr. Chris Creed Mr.Andrew Curtis Mr. Nick Danella Donald R. Mullen Family Foundation, Inc.,The Mr. Brad Dunn Mr. Fernando Escano Mr. Erik Fagan Mr. Peter Fitzpatrick Goldman Sachs Gives Mr. Jeffrey Gottschall Mr. Jeffrey Groeber Mr. Oliver Guiness Mr. Raja S. Harb Mr.William Hench HitWise Mr. RichardT. Hogan Mr. Nicholas S. Hurley Chris Iannuzzi Brendan Kelly Ryan Kelly Mr. Patrick Keneally Mr. Bruce Kim Mr. Sean Kingston Mr. Cameron Kirby Mr. David Kunz Mr. Fletcher Ladd Mr. MichaelW. Leister Mr.Adam Levy Mr. Brandon Logigian Mr. Doug Logigian Mr. Don Lowery Mr. Josh Lustgarten Mr. Colin MacLeod Mr. Matt Macleod Mr. Ferdinand C. Martignetti Mr. Sam Martini Mr.Will McDonough Mr. Kirk Mckeown Mr. Michael McLarney Mr. Daniel McNamara Mr. Jeff Miller Mr. Matt Mitchell Mr. RodmanW. Moorhead IV Mr. Chris Morley Mr. Fritz Muench Mr. John Murphy Mr. Clint Murray Mr. Chris Neamonitis Mr. Braden Neff Mr. Kevin M. Nichols Mr. Stephen K. Orr Jr. Mr. R. Gregory Parker Mr. Jeff Patterson Mr. Michael Penrose Mr. Nicholas Phillips Mr. Gabe Plotkin Mr. Mansorr Razzaq Mr. Peter Rezos Mr. Mark Rooney Mr. Jeff Ryan Lauren and DeebA. Salem Mr. Matthew Salem Mr. Michael Salem Mr. Madhu Satyanarayana Mr. Matthew Schuh Mr. Nicholas J. Seminara Mr. Paul Sheerin Mr. Ben Slate Mr. Edward Smallwood Mr. Joseph G. Steffa Jr. Mr. Stelio Suarez Michael and Kristen Swenson Mr. ZachTarshis Mr. RobTartaglione Mr. LiamTimoney Mr. JonathanTipermas Mr. MattVerrochi Mr. PaulVerrochi Mr. DennisWalsh Mr. MichaelWalsh Mr. GrantWebb Mr. MichaelWeber Mr. KeithWeiner Mr.AndrewWeiss Mr. CurtisWilling The New York Special Situations Group (NYSSG) Formed in 2008 to bring together individuals working in NewYork City with ties to Boston, the group, in its 2nd year, raised more than $225,000 to support Club programs and members.We appreciate the generosity and involvement of the individuals and companies comprising the NYSSG – whether they attended an informational event or participated in the Barrister Cup GolfTournament. boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 29
  32. 32. Gifts-In-Kind Anonymous (2) 75 Chestnut AATransportation Alexandra’s Salon AllThings Media Ambiance Day Spa & Salon AmericanAutoTransporters AmSan Antico Forno Aquitaine French Bistro Aramark Astro Imaging Laser Printer Service and Supplies AVFX, Inc. Babies “R” Us Bain Capital Partners, LLC Bake Me aWish! Mrs. Jennifer Balde Bank of America Beacon HillAthletic Club Mr. Bill Beyer Dana Bisbee BJ’sWholesale Club, Inc. Mr.Tim Blenk Bloomingdale’s, Inc. Blue State Digital BNY Mellon Boston Athletic Club, Inc. Boston BeerWorks Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation,The Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Boston Gliders Boston Harbor Cruises Boston Lyric Opera Boston Park Plaza Hotel andTowers,The Boston Symphony Orchestra Boston University CDIA Ms. Nicole Boucher Brand Networks – JamieTedford Breathe MassageTherapy, Movement andAquatic Bodywork Briar Group,The BriteSmile, Inc. Brockton Rox Ms. Cheri Brown Bunker Hill Community College Bunker Hill Florist Burke Distributing Corporation Business CopyAssociates, Inc. Butcher Shop,The Mr. Guy Canpenter Cape Neddick Country Club Caress Healthy Skin and Hair Caribe Restaurant Cartier, Inc. CateredAffair,The Cathay Pacific Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charbonnier Charles Playhouse Charlestown Lacrosse & Learning Center CharlestownYoga Chelsea Clock Company Ms.Virginia Chiampa ChowThai Cafe Ms.Amy Chuckrow Cirque du Soleil City Express, Inc. CityTable cMarket, Inc. Coca-Cola NorthAmerica Jennifer D. Cogswell Mr. Stuart J. Cohen Cold Stone Creamery Common Ground Cafe Converse Inc. Courageous Sailing Center Mr. Peter H. Creighton Dancing Deer Baking Company Dellaria Salon Fotene Demoulas andTom Coté DePrisco Diamond Jewelers and Company, Inc. Dick Doherty’s Beantown ComedyVault Ms. Beth Dickerson Dick’s Last Resort Mr. Gregory Dignan Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dillon DirectTire &Auto Service Doubletree Guest Suites Paul and Sandy Edgerley Edwards,Angell, Palmer & Dodge, LLP Element Day Spa ElephantWalk,The Elmcrest Country Club Suzanne,Toby, andTownshend Elwin Equinox EZ Disposal Service, Inc. Fajitas & ‘Ritas Felt Club Boston Ferncroft Country Club Flour Bakery + Cafe Furnace Brook Golf Club Gill FishmanAssociates Give by Cell / Mobile Giving Foundation John andAlison Glover Mr. Louis A. Goodman Google, Inc. Mr. Edmund Gorman Ms. Lara Grando Ari Gray –Tom James Company Greater Boston Food Bank,The Greatest Bar Hallway Party Central Hanover Country Club In-Kind We are grateful to the following organizations and individual donors for their generous donation of goods and services in support of our work. page 30 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  33. 33. Mr. Christopher C. Harding Harmonix Music Systems Harpoon Brewery Hilton Boston LoganAirport Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hooley HP Hood LLC HUB International New England Il Panino ImprovAsylum Institute of ContemporaryArt Ironside Grill Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse Mr. Jeff Jakonczuk Ms. Darcy Jameson JFK Presidential Museum and Library Jillian’s of Boston John Hancock Financial Jon and Kathy Savitz Foundation,The J.P. Licks John M. Iacoi and Family Mr. Robert Kaba Kayem Foods, Inc. Kirshon Paint andWindowTreatments KitchenViews / National Lumber Company Brian J. Knez Kowloon Restaurant Joshua and Carolyn Kraft Vincent Lassiter Lavinia Borcau Skin Care Salon Legal Sea Foods L.E.K. Consulting Mr.Anthony D. Leonardi Liberty Hotel,The Life is Good Dr. Hema Liyanage Lowell Devils Congressman and Mrs. Stephen F. Lynch Shelagh Mahoney and Joseph McNamee Mamma Maria’s Ms. Danya LaForce Mann Martignetti Companies Max & Dillan’s Mr. James J. McCarthy McKenna’s Cafe Medieval Manor,The Microsoft Mills & Company, Inc. M.J. O’Connor’s Mohegan Sun Mr. and Mrs. Ray Monkiewicz Bill Morgan – Pocketdawg’s Pooltable Service MS&L NationalAmusements, Inc. NavyYard Bistro andWine Bar New England Patriots New England Patriots Charitable Foundation New England Revolution NewportVineyards &Winery North End MuscularTherapy Mr. GeorgeT. Nugent Olivia Browning LLC Ovations Management Solutions Party City Corporation Tim and Maressa Patts Paul RevereTransportation Ms. Kalyana Prattipati Peterson Party Center, Inc. Mr. Rufus Phillips Picco Restaurant Pilgrim Parking, Inc. Plan b, a cut and color boutique Port Lighting Systems Prezza Restaurant Prize4Life, Inc. Purpoodock Club QRST’s & R.A.W. Rafanelli Events Management Mr. Roger Raina and Ms. Marsha Gille Randy H. Goodman Photography Mr. Jason Raposa Red Sox Foundation RedWagon,The Reebok Foundation,The Renaissance BostonWaterfront Hotel Rodman Ride for Kids,The Ms. Michele Rose Saks FifthAvenue Salon 44 Save-A-Lot Shaw’s Supermarket – Morrissey Boulevard Mr. Daniel J. Shea Shear Madness Sheraton HotelAtlantic City Show of the Month Club SkinHealth Centers Staples, Inc. Starbucks State Street Corporation Sterling Golf Management, Inc. Suffolk Downs Sullivan, Rogers and Company, LLC Taj Boston Hotel Tavern in the Square Terramia Ristorante Top of the Hub Restaurant & Skywalk Ms. Mary LeeTrettenero Union Bar & Grille Upper Crust Pizza Veson Nautical Corp VPNE Parking Solutions LLC W.B. Mason Company, Inc. Wachusett Mountain SkiArea WarrenTavern Water Café byWolfgang Puck WatervilleValley Mr. and Mrs. BenWatson StephenWebster TomWerner Westin BostonWaterfront Hotel,The Simone andTedWinston –Winston Flowers Zipcar Boston boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 31
  34. 34. Staff Donors ZaynabAbdel-Ghaffar Rick F.Aggeler HectorAlvarez JoeAmado BetsyAnderson Kathy Andrea Mark Arlauskas Penny Billington Joshua Bonds Jenese N. Brownhill Jeff Butts Nancy Byrne Melisa R. Canuto Randy Carey Gina R. Centrella Kelli Clifford Jean Comeau Sarah Coughlin Mary A. Crall Anthony Dave Josh Davis Ryan M. Davis Dorris E. Dean Paul DiMaggio Harry Duvall Kristin D. Ede Tanya Ezekiel Lauren Farina Marci Ferry Ruby Fevrier Roberto O. Figuereo Shani S. Fletcher Alexandra Fuchs Callie J. Gaherty Derek Gallagher Patricia J. Gannon Lisa Gillis Jan E. Goldstein Jill B. Goldweitz Andre Gomes Anne Gordon Cara Gould Porshia Haygood Ed Hoell Maria Kamberidis Rosemarie Kanaan Rachael Kaplan Ryan Kelly Deborah Knell Nina M. Kondo Josh Kraft Alexa Kuzmich Charlene Luma Rachael Lyon Pattie McCormick Kathleen C. McEvoy MeghanA. McGee Scott H. McLellan Mike Mogan John Montes Peter Nash David O’Brien Margaret R. Oidtmann AdetunjiA. Onamade Michelle Perez Alyssa C. Pesce Leah J. Reich Kay Ridgard Elizabeth Romano Peter Rosemond Jessica K. Rubin Ashley Simpson Jerry Steimel Molly M.Wheeler Christopher Wilbur Donna M.Young Fiamma Zamori Al Zarthar page 32 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  35. 35. In Memory of Joseph F. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bock Mr. and Mrs.Alvin E. Davis Falmouth Stamp & Coin Mr. and Mrs. JohnW. Forrest Ms. Jane M. Forrestall Ms. Katherine L. German Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gould Ms. Sandra L. Holland Maureen and Michael Humin Mr. and Mrs. EricA. Johnson Ms. Evelyn C. Kaupp Ms. Elaine M. Kelley Ms. Gillian E. Kelley and Mr. Steve Pechinsky Mr. Bruce R. Liddell Mrs. Kimberly Martin Ms. Karen McClellan Mr. Kenneth M. Mellett Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Moehring Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Moehring Ms. Mary L. Murray Ms. Katharine L. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pelletier Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pleuler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Renken Mr. Michael S. Ritter Mr. John L. Roberts DCMA,Tewksbury Salon Indigo Ms.Traci Sym Ms.Amanda J.Welch In Memory of Harry McDonaugh Ms. Helen C. Fagan In Memory of George Swenson Ms. Sheara Fredman Goldman, Sachs & Co. In Memory of Thomas Walsh Michael & Grubert, P.C. In Memory of Robert J. Wellspring Ms. KathleenWellspring In Memory of Virginia Wholan Ms. Doris E. Olson In Memory of Denise Wolfson Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rosen Charlestown CluB | Keane Children’s Center / Ansin Youth Center In Memory of Leatrice Armstrong Ms. Sheila Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mainey In Memory of Joseph Blaikie Natasha R. Cooper and Jamie L. Mair Mr. Patrick J. Crann Mr. John P. Dillon DMC Systems Group, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Eatherton Fiduciary Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gallagher Ms. Lucy Gibbon Mr. and Mrs. Sanford C. Gold Ms. Maureen M. Hagerty Ms. Joanne Kacvinsky Mr. Joseph F. Kelly Ms. Sheila McGonagle Ms. Eleanor Murphy Ms. Margaret M. Pieper and Ms. MargaretA. Connolly Ms. Mary M. Ridings Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Sousa Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J. Sweeney Mr. KurtWeidman In Memory of John Healy Brennan Mr. and Mrs.William F.Allen Mr. and Mrs. MarcAttias Ms. Maureen E. Barrett Mr. and Mrs.A. Richard Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Corcoran Ms. HelenA. Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. JospehT. DeFelice Mr. Robert L. Depauw Ms. Flora Digirolamo Mr. and Mrs. John P. Driscoll Mr. Lawrence Fay Mr. and Mrs.Anthony P. Ferolito Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Ms. MariaA. Giampaolo Mr. Patrick Healy Ms. MaryAnn Holcombe Ms. Helen D. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy Mr. Leo Lacascia Attorney Gary J. Marchese Ms. Rachel Marino Mr. Michael J. Mellen Ms. Susan Mellen and Mr. Richard G. Higgins Ms.Ann B. Murphy Mr. John Murphy Mr. and Mrs. David Pomeroy Ms.Ann Resca Ms.Anne Rose Jarrett C. Russo Ms. EvelynA.Tweed Mr. RobertVitale Gifts in Memory… boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 33
  36. 36. In Memory of Neil P. Brennan Jean L. Sampson 2006 FamilyTrust,The In Memory of Walter J. Butler Sr. Golden Girls LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D.Wachter In Memory of Warren F. Butler Mr. GerardA. Butler Jr. In Memory of John F. Celata Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bradley III Ms.Virginia Bradley Caturano and Company Foundation,The Mr. JohnA. Celata and Candace Rogers Ms. Maureen Celata Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Drummey Ms. Suzanne M. Gill-Lynn Mr. Joseph E. Higgins Jr. Ms. Elaine C. Lally MacCormack Plumbing, Inc. Ms. Patricia Marone Ms. Barbara J. Millerick Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Dave Smith Ms. JanetVillemaire Spanknebel Ms. Sara H. Sullivan and Mr. Brian D. Shea In Memory of Jimmy Considine Mr. and Mrs. James King In Memory of Paul Dobie Mr. Robert L. Depauw Ms.Audrea M. Devlin Ms. Susan J. Elouche andAnne Burke Ms. Paula L. Finklestein Ms. Lois R. Hoadley Ms. MaryA. Hoyle Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Moran Ms. Moira F. Sugarman In Memory of Madge Doherty Ms. Marilyn Brassil Ms. Darla J. Clark Mr. and Mrs.William Cooney Gaudette InsuranceAgency Mr. and Mrs. James D. Godding Mrs. Elizabeth Hennessy Hue Boi Huynh and Duboi Luu Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lungo Ms. Linda Lyons Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney Ms. Marilyn M. Mullane Mr. and Mrs.Timothy J. Newton Ms. Jean Marie Poholsky Ms. Janet L. Russell Ms. Bernice D. Seaverns Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Smith Ms. Patricia Strupp In Memory of Mary Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Benham Bowditch & Dewey, LLP Mrs.Anna G. Coviello Ms. Brenda Cummings Mr. Scott Davis Mr. Michael D. Depauw Ms. Rebecca Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Edward Elwell Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Mr. Michael Hofmeister Ms. Eileen M. Kirk MENTOR Network,The Ms. Barbara J. Millerick NeuroRestorative Ms. Robin Ray Ms. Martha G. Redding In Memory of Thomas G. Evers Mr. MerleAdelman Mr. and Mrs.Wesley E.Anderson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh R.Andrews Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited,The Mr. and Mrs. Pat Belcastro Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Catalano Kenneth Crowley Sandra andAnthony DaDalt Michelle D’Albero Ms. Mary C. Decristoforo Mrs.Alice DeMattia Mrs. Doris M. Evers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Evers Mr. and Mrs. LeonardT. Evers Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Floyd Ms. Janet M. Gearty Diana Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs.Arthur L. Green Mr. George E. Green Ms. SallyT. Green Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen Ms.Alice K. Johanson Ms. Mary Ellen Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. King Law Offices ofWendy M. Bittner Susan Lazzo Elizabeth Love Ms.Alexa Majors and Mr. Percy Chan Christine McGeough Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McGuire Mr. Paul Morris Maura Murphy Ms. Bridget Nestor Mr. and Mrs. EdwardW. Norling Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pell Mrs. Fedele C. Perotti Pipe Fitters Local 537 Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #4 OperatingAccount Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Ponte Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeW. Ripley III Ms. Ruth G. Rollins Mr. and Mrs.WalterWise In Memory of Sean Fittz Ms. Jody Blakeway Ms. Maryann Boyle Mr. and Mrs.Anthony G. Caserta Mrs. Diane Curtin-McLaughlin Mr. Robert L. Depauw Mr. and Mrs. John Ezekiel Sr. Christine and Paul Geishecker Mr. John Hopkins and Mr. JeffWestermeyer Mr. David R. Jacoby and Ms. Carolyn Jordan Mr. Joseph F. Kelly Ms. Christina M. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Kilrain Mr. and Ms. JamesW. King Ms. Susan E. Landry page 34 | boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report
  37. 37. Ms. ElisabethA. Logan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. McCarty III Mr. Robert McConaghy Ms. Sheila McGonagle Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Stewart Ms. NanWilkins Ms. MargaretYorganjian In Memory of Grace Fitzgerald Mr. John M. Conley Mr.William Deering Mr. Robert L. Depauw Mr. and Mrs. Louis Deprizio Mr. and Mrs.Vincent R. Dimaggio Mr. Paul Dobie Mr. John R. Duffy Ms. Mary Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gaetani Mr. Michael Gill Ms. Maureen Golden Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kelly Ms. Cathy Surette Ms. CharlotteA.Wisniewski In Memory of George Garceau Mr. and Mrs. JohnAgri Boston EMS ReliefAssociation Mr. and Mrs.Vincent R. Dimaggio Ms. Maureen Golden Mrs. Florence Hanifan Mr. and Mrs.Anthony Labella Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGriff In Memory of Thomas Garceau Mr. and Mrs.Vincent R. Dimaggio Mr. James C. Donahue Ms. Beatrice Esparza Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick Ms. Maureen Golden Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Marchese In Memory of John F. Geagan Mr. Brian F.Ahern Mr.William J. Barrett Bas Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Budreau Ms. Elaine Connolly Mr. and Mrs. DavidV. Dobreski Ms. JulieA. Drake Mr. Francis Duffy Mr. John R. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Fontaine Mr. and Mrs.William P. Geagan Ms. Marion Greenleaf Ms. Ellen Power Ineson Mr. and Mrs.Albert J. Kaneb Ms. Marlena McCreary Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Roderick C. Morrison Old Charlestown SchoolboysAssociation Ms. Brenda Pilz Mr. Dennis P. Power Mr. James O. Power Mr. Maurice E. Power Mr. Michael Power Mr. Charles F. Sawicki and Ms. Elizabeth L. Novillis Ms. LinnT. Spalding Mr. and Mrs. JamesA.Thibeault Mr. and Mrs.Thomas J.Walsh Washington Court CondominiumTrust Westwood Permanent FirefightersAssociation In Memory of Marilyn M. (Peters) Howard-Charbonnier Mrs. Linda M.Abbott Ms. Eleanor P. Babine Mr. and Mrs. Richard Babine Ms. PatriciaA. Benson Ms. Jennifer C. Borden and Mr.William Babine Mr. and Mrs.William P. Burke Sr. Mrs. Sue McKeon Ms. Jean M. Melendy Mr. Michael Murray Mrs. Eleanor Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sawyer Mr.ThomasTobin In Memory of Carl Lyon Mr. and Mrs. EdwardA.Thomas In Memory of Robert Seaton Ms. Leslie Seaton Malis In Memory of Betty Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Evers Mr. Joseph F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sheehan Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club In Memory of Melvin Rabinovitz Ms.AlisonWintman boys & girls clubs of boston | 2010 annual report | page 35