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KDMedia Startup Marketing Consultants: Who We Are and How We Work


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Want to know how Boston's startup marketing firm, KDMedia, works? Check out our process and beliefs deck to see if this marketing consulting firm is right for you!

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KDMedia Startup Marketing Consultants: Who We Are and How We Work

  1. 1. Who We Are // How We Work
  2. 2. KDMedia is the team that kickstarts and scales your startup’s content marketing program.
  3. 3. KRISTIN DZIADUL Who We Are MEG SCARBOROUGH Meg Scarborough is a Partner and Digital Content Strategist at KDMedia. She is a communications professional specializing in B2B and B2C content marketing, social media strategy and branding, with a focus on startups in the technology space. Kristin Dziadul is the Founder of KDMedia. A content marketing expert for B2B technology companies, she’s a startup marketer who formally begin and led the marketing teams at Crashlytics (acquired: Twitter) and Backupify (acquired: Datto).
  4. 4. It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.
  5. 5. What We Do // Services // ● Marketing Strategy ● Content Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Email Marketing ● Lead Generation ● Marketing Training
  6. 6. Who We Work With A Sample of Clients Past & Present
  7. 7. Like any good relationship, it all starts with trust. Without trust, we simply can’t do great work together. At KDMedia, we build trust with our clients through: ● A thorough discovery process uncovering your company’s unique strengths, challenges and goals. ● Collaboration and insightful discussions—not just assignments and deliverables. (Don’t worry—we do those, too.) ● Honest feedback. If we think you’re barking up the wrong tree, we’ll tell you. ● Testing and analysis, to find out what’s working for your company. There’s no such thing as one- size-fits-all marketing. Ready for the Trust Fall?
  8. 8. How We Work Our process is not for everyone. Great content marketing requires a long-term commitment and we ask our clients to be on board with that. We believe in a partnership and in becoming a true extension of your team. This delivers the best chance of success for both sides. We accomplish this through: ● Transparent Pricing: We use project-based pricing, usually with a monthly retainer. (We don’t do hourly pricing) ● Long-term Partnerships: We prefer to work with startups over many months, if not years. Many of our best clients have been with us since the day we opened our doors. We value the trust and collaboration of long partnerships. ● Flexible Workflow: As startup marketers, we know priorities change, timelines shift and ad-hoc projects come up, so we’ re your right-hand team to help you get whatever needs to get done done—fast. ● Direct Communication: We strive to say what we mean, mean what we say and leave the BS out. ● Frequent Communication: We have regular team calls and reports so everyone knows what’s happening. ● Goal-Setting: We define clear goals and objectives up-front that both sides agree on. ● Tailored Strategies: We develop tailored communications plans that speak to your unique situation. ● Technology: We leverage technology to keep our partnership seamless and efficient. ● Scientific Rigor: We love to iterate. Give us a little leeway and we’ll get you a whole lotta results!
  9. 9. Wondering if KDMedia is a good fit for your company? Check out the five principles we live and die by: ● Communicate fearlessly to build trust ● Ship it! (And ship awesome) ● Grow our business in a way that makes us proud ● Let our passion and personality shine through ● Innovate through experimentation Sound good? Keep reading... Our Principles
  10. 10. Communicate Fearlessly To Build Trust At KDMedia we communicate often, proactively and honestly. Our partnerships survive and thrive on effective communication. That’s why we recommend weekly calls and are always available via email, Slack or phone. Depending on the project, we will also send weekly and/or monthly reports and recommendations for how we can continuously improve together.
  11. 11. Ship Awesome At KDMedia we’re passionate about getting our work out the door on time. We’re adamant about timeliness, because we understand that our startup clients have to move fast to stay ahead. We don’t stop there, though. It’s no good to deliver on time if what you’re delivering is less than awesome. That’s why you can expect us to regularly go above and beyond, whether we’re drafting a blog post, sharing best practices or proposing a marketing test. We’re relentless and quality-driven.
  12. 12. Grow Our Business In A Way That Makes Us Proud KDMedia is very selective about whom we work with—contractors and clients alike. Every partnership decision represents the future direction of KDMedia. We strive to ensure that every client relationship, every deliverable and every interaction is memorable, valuable and will ensure growth and success with our clients.
  13. 13. Let Our Passion and Personality Shine Do it with passion or not at all. We’re a team of passionate marketers. We love our jobs. Every KDMedia team member represents the personality of KDMedia. We can’t wait for you to meet everyone!
  14. 14. Innovate Through Experimentation We’re not afraid to propose and test new ideas—whether on our own or for our clients. We’re hungry to learn more every day so we can continue adding value to client projects. What sparks personality into the KDMedia brand is the fact that we’re not afraid to try things—so long as it’s in your best interests.
  15. 15. Next Steps Our intention is that this document sheds some light on our core beliefs and how we build successful relationships with our clients. We want to make sure both parties are comfortable working together and working towards mutual success. What to expect next: ● We will set up a call to discuss your goals ● Together, we will define what is valuable to you in this project ● Aligning with your goals, we will determine the project’s timeframe ● We will review the budget and set expectations to lay the foundation for a great partnership.
  16. 16. Ready to get started? Get in touch by visiting or email us directly at If we’ve already been in touch, simply reach back out when you’re ready to get the conversation started!