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How to Use Social Media to Navigate the Startup Scene and Land a Lob


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How to navigate the start up scene and land a job using social media

Published in: Business, Technology, Career
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How to Use Social Media to Navigate the Startup Scene and Land a Lob

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Navigate the Boston Startup Scene & Land a Job Kristin Dziadul
  2. 2. • Social media gives you a new way to network • Enables your online personal brand • No longer need to push out your resume, bring people into your online brand
  3. 3. Kristin Dziadul: Before • WNEC December 2009 • Marketing Communications/Advertising • VP of Marketing Association • Co-President of Management Association • 2 Marketing Internships
  4. 4. How I Found My Current Job
  5. 5. How to Get Started
  6. 6. If they are on social media.. Then YOU should be!
  7. 7. Create a Home Base
  8. 8. Network, Network, Network! (Did I mention network?)
  9. 9. RESOURCES:
  10. 10. Clean up your Facebook! Don’t let this be you!
  11. 11. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera, it takes time but is fun, is easily searchable online and shows you are not afraid to take on different online content creation activities. Many professionals today won’t even get in front of the camera so if you can, it gives you an edge over more experienced people!
  12. 12. Use a professional picture and description Have at least one recommendation
  13. 13. Video Resume
  14. 14. Don’t Forget these!
  15. 15. Kristin Dziadul: Now • Inbound Marketing Analyst, Backupify • Dean Whitney Interactive freelancer • Convertiv social media and marketing freelance • B2 Direct Marketing SEO • Boston eNewsletter copywriter
  16. 16. Online Branding Results
  17. 17. Remember... • Keep your online brand at the top of mind awareness! • Make your brand memorable • Keep it consistent • Always create new content to push out your brand
  18. 18. Lets Connect!