Cutting for jewelry


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Cutting for jewelry

  1. 1. Designing forWater jet and Laser cuttingSheet material
  2. 2. • A water jet cutter, also known as a waterjet, is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials (such as granite) using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The process is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but greatly accelerated and concentrated. It is often used during fabrication or manufacture of parts for machinery and other devices.
  3. 3. • Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, but is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut. The material then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas,leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.
  4. 4. • video.ogg
  5. 5. Hard materialsWorking with silhouettes
  6. 6. Materials that work well for water jet cutting are: Metals Wood Acrylic In general, materials that don’t mind getting wet and aren’t going tocollapse under the pressure of the jet.
  7. 7. Laser cutting is a good choice for Thin wood Fabric Leather Acrylic Rubber Paper Some metal projects
  8. 8. Working with soft materials Rubber
  9. 9. tithikutchamuch - paper
  10. 10. amyklainer - felt
  11. 11. wood
  12. 12. leather
  13. 13. stereo.type jewelry project
  14. 14. arthur hash
  15. 15. Using flat material to create three dimensional pieces
  16. 16. Kyoko Hashimoto
  17. 17. You can do it this way…
  18. 18. How’s that going to work for me?