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Personal Branding for Social Workers and Human Services Professionals


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Workshop presented at the Network for Social Work Management's Emerging Leader Institute in June 2015 which provides a high level overview of the essential components needed to develop your personal brand and how to best promote your expertise and skills This is a simple approach in taking the first steps in thinking about how you want to present yourself to the outside world to meet your career goals.

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Personal Branding for Social Workers and Human Services Professionals

  1. 1. Personal Branding Kristin Battista-Frazee, MSW Yes, I know I need to develop my personal brand, but how?
  2. 2. Hello My Name Is………..
  3. 3. What is Personal Brand? Personal Brand = the tangible and intangible qualities that make you, you. What a person thinks when they hear and see your name. Branding = Act of communicating and sharing those qualities.
  4. 4. Howard Stern Outspoken. Controversial. Shock Jock.
  5. 5. Target Expect More. Pay Less. Cheap Chic. Tar-jea.
  6. 6. Brand Is What Makes You. You. Everyone has a brand, whether you realize it or not. You need to cultivate and shape it.
  7. 7. Getting To Know Yourself
  8. 8.  Strengths and Weaknesses  Your Personality  Passions  Values  Be Yourself!
  9. 9. Strengths- Strong writer, passionate, organized, creative, strategic, capacity for broad vision, flexible, amiable. Weaknesses- Too flexible, can’t say no, impatient, self-doubt creeps in, fear of presenting in public. Values- Balance, Courage, Learning, Resourcefulness, Creativity
  10. 10. Elevator Pitch  Concise and strong delivery  Be aware of your target audience  Prepare in writing and practice saying aloud
  11. 11. I dream about telling my story. Telling Your Story Pros and Cons Incorporate Your Values Communicate Strengths
  12. 12. Tools of Telling  Website  Social Media  Blog  Video  Pictures  Presenting Keep Your Target Audience in Mind
  13. 13. Promote Your Brand  Get Out There! o Engage with like-minded professionals o Seek mentors  Leverage Good Content o Highlight your strengths o Tied to your values
  14. 14. Advice: Just Think Before You Tweet or Post
  15. 15. Advice: Credibility is Everything
  16. 16. Strike a Pose How you look when you enter a room makes a big statement.
  17. 17. Your Tagline (Exercise) Short phrase captures your personality, values and what you will deliver.
  18. 18. My Tagline Creative Marketing and Storytelling to Meet Your Mission.
  19. 19. Closing Thought What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
  20. 20. Whew! Now I know how to develop my personal brand. For questions, contact Kristin or