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  • Pixar

    1. 1. Kristie Cheng
    2. 2. History• Pixar animation studios is an American film studio in Emeryville, California. Pixar earned in total 26 Academy Awards, 7 Golden Globes and 3 Grammy Awards. In 1979 it started as the Graphics Group then in 1986 it was acquired by Apple Computer co- founder Steve Jobs.• The Walt Disney Company then bought Pixar animation studios in 2006 at $7.4 billion this then became the largest shareholder in Disney.• Pixar animation has produced 12 future film which started with Toy Story, Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3. • Pixar’s objective is to create memorable characters and heartwarming stories that will be for a audience of all ages. • The most high grossing Pixar animation film made is Toy Story 3 which made $896.2 million.
    3. 3. Key Film/Creations Up (2009) Directors : Pete Docter and Bob Peterson Up is about a 78 year old man called Carl who was wife died and they both wanted to go on an adventure to South America. Carl wants to fulfil his dream and decides to add thousands of balloons to his home because all his memories with his wife are there. He then meets a wilderness explorer called Russell and they become friends and explore together. For the animation Docter got inspiration from an artist called Al Hirschfeld who’s work had the “ability to distill a caricature down to just a very few number of lines, yet there is so much more there. Not only in terms of light and shadow, but detail and personality. You see these drawings that are dripping with rich character.” The character designs all have an explanation why they are created in this way, forexample Carl’s face is in a square shape this is to symbloise him being stagnated andstuck, most of his facial expressions are moody and still this shows the audience what time of man he is. For Russell his facial shape is drawn as a circle this is to sumbolises always moving and optimistic. Throughout the film it most of Russell’s facial expressions are always smiling this shows the audience that he is a happy person.
    4. 4. Key Film/Creations Ratatouille (2007) Directors : Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava Ratatouille is about a rat that lives in a French countryside and he arrives to Paris and finds out that hiscooking idol has died. He then see’s a ghostly figure of his cooking idol and he explains that he must cook sohe arrives at restaurant and has a looking around to then see he gets caught by the new garbage boy but then they start to have a bond together as the garbage boy wants to cook and Remy the rat teaches him. The production designer Harley Jessup and the Pixar crew had used Paris as inspiration to fully show thebeauty of the city. When they went to Paris they noticed that there was all stone architecture and that even if there was a woman in a red coat it becomes beautiful against a muted grey background of the buildings. When they created the characters they looked at rats from a different perspective analysing there talents and qualities to how they react to the world. They looked at all the different size rats and wanted that to work with personalities of the characters for example Emile was a fat rat andthrough out the film it shows that he likes to eat and that he eats anything but Remy is different as he is carful with what he eats and they have to come from certain places.
    5. 5. Key Film/Creations Finding Nemo (2003) Directors : Andrew Stanton and Lee UnkrichFinding Nemo is about a clown fish who is very protective over his son Nemo. Nemo then gets caught and his father Marlin tries to find his abducted son along the way he meets a regal tang called Dory who helps him. Nemo thenmeets the “Tank Gang” where he has been caught and put at the dentists fish tank. Marlin and Dory then find a pairof swimming goggles that has been left behind and Dory can read and it had the address of the dentist on it so they try to find Nemo and save him.In the animation process the animators found it difficult to show the aquatic life in the film. They focused more in the expression of the face and the fin to show clearly what the characters were like. They looking closely at how the ocean looked from how the particles moved to the reflection of these where like in the water. Finding Nemo made $867,893,978 worldwide.
    6. 6. Key Film/Creations Monsters Inc. (2001) Directors : Pete Docter, David SilvermanMonsters Inc. is about a world where monsters lived in the city. There is a company where all the moster’s worked and there job is known as the “scarers” they have to go through the doors of children’s wardrobe to scare then and there screams are collected as a energy source. There is a competition to see whether who is the top scarer. One day when Sulley was doing his job he meets a girl called Boo and he bonded with her, he broke the rule of scaring the child and leaving but instead he didn’t want to scare the child and the child got into the mosters world. Sulley tries to hide thisfrom everyone but he then gets found out but they can’t find her correct room. In the end they found out that the door was destroyed and Mike fixes the door and Sulley has to take Boo back into her bedroom.The cast of Monsters Inc is all very imaginative and unique. One of the main characters Mike has one eye and he falls in love with the receptionist who also only has one eye. Eachcharacters is different to portray there personalities by showing clearly the facial expressionsthey have and there body language. For example Randell Boggs eyes are always together this makes him look mysterious and sneaky.
    7. 7. Key Characters Woody has been the main character in every toy story film. Woody is a traditional toy who has a pull-string voice box and who is dressed like a cowboy. Its owner is a six year old boy called Andy and Woody is his favourite toy until Buzz Lightyear comes and then Andy likes both toys equal. Toy story is the highest grossing animated film and it made over $192 million in the box office. Woody is a very popular character and everyone knows who and what he looks like. Toy story is a popular children’s film and Woody is the key character.Woody was made to be a friendly and a likeable character which fits in well when Andy was his best friend and the soundtrack “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” fitted in well.
    8. 8. Key TechnologyAll Pixar film have been computer animated features, except Wall-E which is partly animated which features a small live action element. Pixar is popular for there CGI animation thisallows the animated images have a sense of quality, richness and vibrancy to it this is unique to the industry and it allows the director to change and control the end results of the animation which will work well with the story.In 2002, the Producers Guild of America honored Pixar with the Guilds inauguralVanguard Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in new media and technology.