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Use cases for Drupal Commerce

  1. Use cases for Drupal Commerce By Kristian Polso (@kristian_polso)
  2. About me Kristian Polso CTO at Vaiste Productions Been working with Drupal since version 5 Earlier PHP background @kristian_polso
  3. About Vaiste Productions Drupal solutions company Based in Turku, Finland Mostly focus on Commerce-based solutions / @vaisteprod
  4. Purpose of this presentation What is Drupal Commerce suitable for? The current status of Drupal Commerce & modules
  5. Briefly about Drupal Commerce Built with framework mindset Sponsored by Commerce Guys
  6. Configuration & Structure General configuration is necessary Products, line items, orders, customer profiles are entities. Order Line Item Product Customer Profile Heavy integration with Rules
  7. General webshops Great platform to build on Lots of ready payment, shipping & other modules Advanced features readily available
  8. Commerce Kickstart
  9. Digital Goods Works with current modules Commerce License & Commerce File Delivery via Email, Amazon S3...
  10. Donations Works with no additional modules Commerce Donate Great fit
  11. Showcases
  12. Subscriptions Used to be underdeveloped for long time Now has Commerce License Not fully automated (with all payment methods)
  13. Asia Literary Review
  14. Marketplaces Multiple merchant environment Not suitable by default Distribution of payment? Shipping? Permissions?
  15. Permissions
  16. Community to the rescue! Commerce Marketplace
  17. Missing something you need? Code it yourself! Documentation at Lots of great modules for reference
  18. Summary Great start for an eCommerce website in Drupal Flexible base suitable for more advanced projects The community is big and easy to get into
  19. Thank you Kristian Polso @kristian_polso