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  1. 1. .This contents page is for a fashionmagazine called Q. It is a fashionmagazine and as such the womanpictured is a model.The main picture shows a women lyingon her back with her legs up in the air.This is quite a suggestive pose because itattracts the males attention. Her legsalso look something like the ‘V’ placed inthe background. This is just another wayof promoting the magazine, Vanity fair.Her facial expression is itself quiteseductive, and by making eye contactwith the reader it almost appears thatthe model is inviting the reader to joinher.
  2. 2. This contents page is The font colour is red andfor ‘Kerrang’ black, these two coloursmagazine. This compliment each otherparticular contents and as well as this, theypage was from a king are highly visible againstsized issue that the pages plain whitecontained more background.bands than usual.The first thing thatbecomes apparent isthat all pictures ofthe different bandsare running theemotional spectrumfrom happy, to sad toworried to angry thisis done to highlightthe different styles ineach bands music.
  3. 3. This contents page is for thepolitical science magazine ‘TheObserver’. It’s layout is very simplesimply two toned colours.The left side of the page is blackwith large white numbersrepresenting page numbers. Theright side of the page is white withLarge black font. This makes itseem very ‘black and white’, whichmay be the magazines intent sinceit is a political science magazinetrying to highlight and show truthin it’s simplest form. But, thecolour coding could also be justconvenience, since white and blackstand out clearly against eachother.