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March 2012 Newsletter


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March 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. B AY I S L E N E W S L E T T E RMARCH 2012M i s s i o n S tat e m e n t:To p r o v i d e i n f o t o o u rcommunity and topromote old fashionedn e i g h b o r ly s u p p o r ta n d f r i e n d s h i p.W W W. B AY I S L E WG .C O M
  2. 2. M e s sag e f r o m yo u r n e w b oa r d : R a c h e l C o o l e y, P r e s i d e n t K r i s t i Ti lt o n , Vi c e P r e s i d e n t G r e g g M c G o w a n , Tr e a s u r e r J e s s i c a M c C l e a r y, S e c r e ta r y Horace Sewsankar, Director Events Around Town for M O N E Y S AV I N G S : March 2012: GATES ON-GOING ISSUES: In an effort to save community money Several years ago the community UCF Book Festival weve recently gained control of our realized we have some issues with Description: The Third Annual gates. We are now able to our Storm Water Drains. The City ofUCF Book Festival will be held re-program the gates from a personal- Winter Garden came out in early 2011 March 31, 2012 at the UCF ized standpoint such as owner and ran cameras into the drains to Arena, showcasing renowned name(s) and the phone number to see where and determine what issues authors; free book appraisals; which the gate calls for entry. We are exist. There have been steps taken to exhibitors; student, family, also able to control when the gates understand the situation but to date children’s & teen’s activities, are open/closed. Instead of having to nothing has been done to rectify thebook signings and more. Admis- pay the gate company $25 every time issues. It is the boards primary goalsion and parking are free; 9 a.m. school is out to modify the program- at this point to get resolution. We –For more information, please ming we can make those changes for have been told there is possibly a 10 visit free. This could potentially save yr statute of limitations which would hundreds of dollars per year to the likely put our deadline this year! If we community and will get rid of have any engineers in the community individual charges to those needing who would be interested in lending to make changes to their personal their expertise please e-mail the information that is stored within board via thecall box. The gate company forgot to make the modification to close the gates over Thanksgiving break and were unable to fulfill the Christmas break request because the phone line had accidentally been cut by the landscapers. The phone line is now fixed at the landscapers expense. In December, we closed a storage unit the community paid $45 per month for to store Christmas decora- tions. Rachel Cooley has graciously offered to store the decorations in her attic. This will save the commu- nity over $500 per year. W W W. B AY I S L E WG .C O M
  3. 3. Alerts OrlandoFestCommittees OrlandoFest at UniversalThere is always a need for committee members. If you are interested in servingBay Isle in any capacity please let us know. Weve considered a Neighborhood and most exciting music festivalWelcome Committee who would greet new homeowners as they move into our in Central Florida. Designed forneighborhood. We want the neighbors to feel welcome! middle school, junior high and high school performanceHome Owner Dues ensembles, Orlando Fest is aSevern Trent recently changed their ACH process for making payments of positive and educationallydues. We have included instructions on the website for meaningful music festival experi-those of you who would like to sign up. The payment is processed through ence that is open to concertMutual of Omaha bank and allows you to set up and control your payments. bands, parade bands, vocal and instrumental jazz ensembles,Your New Board orchestras (both full and stringWhile serving in a homeowner association capacity is new for many of the only), concert choirs, chamberboard members we want to let the community know we are educating and specialty choirs, showourselves as quick as possible. Orange County offers classes for association choirs, percussion ensemblesmembers and we will be participating in those as well as some other schooling and auxiliary units.that has become available. Our individual world experience coupled withdiverse career backgrounds will guide us from a business standpoint and thespecific process of associations will come through these education courses.We appreciate your support and are doing our best to serve!ON-GOING EVENTSFridays on the PlazaCheck out the website calendar for band listings.Centennial Gazebo, West Plant StreetFarmer’s MarketCity Pavilion, Tremaine StreetCruz-N-Car ShowsWest Plant Street W W W. B AY I S L E WG .C O M
  4. 4. SECURITY As most Bay Isle Home Owners are aware, we have had a number of burglaries in the community. Fortunately the Winter Garden Police Department has diligently remedied the situation. However we have listed a number of security tips below that should be taken into consideration in all your homes for the safety of our families and friends. Top Home Security Tips Securing your WiFi Doors & Locks & Windows: The front or back door is the most common point(Prevent Drifters in Bay Isle): of entry. Make sure you have strong doors and door frames, and use a deadbolt to back up the primary lock. Sliding glass doors are a favorite target for lifting out – and your alarm system’s glassbreak sensor is a good backup if someone breaksSecure your wireless router through the glass – which they do. The door from the garage into the house also or access point deserves a deadbolt. Your window locks may not be strong enough, so upgrade administration interface them – and use them! Unlocked windows are a frequent point of entry. And remember, one glassbreak sensor can cover many windows in an area. Almost all routers and access points have an administrator Keys and keychains: Chances are your hidden key is not so hard to find. The password thats needed to log first place a burglar looks is under your doormat, pots, rocks, exterior outlets, or into the device and modify any mailbox. Leave it with a trusted neighbor or friend. configuration settings. Most devices use a weak default Light it up: The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen. Exterior lights (especiallypassword like "password" or the the ones that are activated by motion) are a great deterrent to intruders, whomanufacturers name, and some focus on the rear and sides of your home.dont have a default password atall. As soon as you set up a new Get a dog: Dogs are great deterrents to intrusion. Most make noise, which WLAN router or access point, burglars hate, and some are even scary (even if not so to you!). Just like your your first step should be to alarm system’s siren, noise is good. It’s not hard to design an alarm system aroundchange the default password to your pets – and make sure to add fire monitoring, for their protection. Some something else. You may not people even post a “Beware of Dog” sign – and there’s no Rex to be found.use this password very often, so be sure to write it down in a Think like a burglar: This means looking objectively at your home and trying tosafe place so you can refer to it find a way in. Ladder left outside? Put it away. Shrubs to hide behind, or trees to if needed. Without it, the only climb giving access to upstairs? Vents? Dog doors? Get creative – and sneaky! way to access the router or And remember: burglars do cut phone lines, which is why cellular monitoring access point may be to reset it models are so much factory default settings whichwill wipe away any configuration Alarm company signs: Here are a couple of scary stats: (1) the FBI reports thatchanges youve made. For more there is a burglary in the US every 15 seconds, and (2) without a monitored alarm information, please visit systems you are three times more likely to experience a break-in as your neigh- bor with a system – and that deterrence starts with yard or fence signage and window decals. Make it clear you’re protected, and reduce the risk by encourag- ing the perp to find another target W W W. B AY I S L E H OA .C O M