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5 tips to Integrate Purpose Into Your Workplace


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Creating a purpose-centered organization leaders to a better company culture with more engaged employees. Learn how to integrate purpose into your workplace with these tips!

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5 tips to Integrate Purpose Into Your Workplace

  1. 1. Ditch the cubicle! 5 tips to help bring purpose into the workplace
  2. 2. According to the 2019 Workforce Purpose Index There is only a 2% chance you will report being fulfilled if you don’t report making an impact at work that matters to you.
  3. 3. Creating a purpose- centered culture begins with hiring purpose-driven individuals. Hire people who align with your company's purpose. So that they can lead by example and uphold a larger sense of purpose within your organization. How do you find purpose driven individuals? Ask questions surrounding their values, and what they are passionate about. It begins with your hiring process...
  4. 4. Longer, more meaningful onboarding processes lead to higher rates of retention and employee satisfaction. During this process, your core values and mission should be introduced from the start. Display how your purpose is lived each day by giving employee examples. Encourage new hires to build relationships with existing employees. Incorporate your purpose into your on-boarding process
  5. 5. Employees need to feel connected to the company's purpose. When leadership invests in every employees training, education, and future with the company, it shows them they do. When employees are given the opportunity to learn and grow within the company, they will be more innovative and prepared to take on challenging tasks. Create opportunities for growth Opportunities = Employee Engagement
  6. 6. Ensure your leadership embodies your purpose Your leadership team should lead by example, ensure they are equipped to integrate your company's purpose into their daily lives. Identify the thought leaders within your company, both inside and outside of your leadership team, to vocalize and display your purpose to the rest of your team.
  7. 7. Collaboration between employees can help solve high-level problems. This collaboration also gives employees the ability to mentor one another, which contributes to a greater sense of purpose. Employee interactions can contribute to creative solutions to high-level company issues. Encourage Collaboration
  8. 8. Purpose drives employee satisfaction and retention Employees are looking for a greater sense of purpose within their organization. When you implement your purpose into every aspect of your organization, you are able to provide the greater sense of satisfaction for your employees. Show your employees how they can integrate their personal and the company's values into their daily lives.
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