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Sense/Net ECM Product Presentation


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Sense/Net ECM is the industry’s first open source Microsoft SharePoint alternative for the .Net platform. Sense/Net ECM is dual licensed, with a free Community edition, and a fully supported Enterprise edition. It is sold via solution partners who design and build collaborative intranets, extranets, and public sites for their clients.

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Sense/Net ECM Product Presentation

  1. 1. Sense/Net ECM Open Source ECMS for the .NET platform
  3. 3. ValueProposition Company Overview Sense/Net6.0is an open-sourceEnterpriseContent ManagementSystem to access,manageand control all existingor newlyproduced content. With an underlying .NET-based,enterprise-classcontent repository, this platform can be the backbone of the organization for all content management,visual integration, collaboration, enterpriseworkflowor document managementdevelopmenttasks.It is an affordable alternativeto proprietaryECMSsoftwarewithout any compromiseon the enterprisefeatures. Benefits: • Increase customization budget with lower licensing TCO • Significantly reduce development costs • Leverage open source advantages and reduce project risk • Leverage existing technology investments and.NET knowledge • Significantly shorten ECMStime tomarket • Utilizethe same tool for all content management scenarios
  4. 4. Competitive Positioning Market Positioning • Sense/Netis .NET,open-sourceandECMS(only suchproduct) • It is dual-licensed(CommunityandEnterpriseEditionwith annualsubscriptionlicense) • Sense/Netis anopen-sourcealternativetoSharePointbutit is still onthe .NETplatformwith upto 90%lower licensing andhardwareTCO,andless project risk • DirectcompetitortoSharePoint,Oracle,IBM, Alfresco,etc. – Unique, highly productive CMS approach with supporting SmartApplication Model technology – List-based Collaboration functionality via Workspaces – Enterprise Workflow based on WF4 – Document Management via Document Library Lists
  5. 5. Points of Differentiations Market Positioning • .NET,Open-sourceand ECMS(with Web CMS, Collaboration, Document Management,Workflow and Search)– uniquecombination • Robust, enterprise-scale, .NET-based open source Content Repository • Technological distinctiveness via Smart Application Model • Extreme WYSIWYG– everythingis content inthe system so everythingcan beedited visually, wherever it is displayed • Low license TCO
  6. 6. KEYFEATURES • Workspaces-based collaboration • Document management • Office integration for easy collaboration • Document preview • Web content management • Workflows and business processes • Enterprise2.0/ Social business • Robust, open source content repository • Content queries • WYSIWYGand visual design • Drag and drop editing • „More with less” approach to functionality, extensive Odata RESTAPI for developers • Performance &Scalability • WebDAV • Exchangeintegration
  7. 7. ENHANCEDUSER EXPERIENCE • Build on well-known paradigms • Webpages • Portlets • Files & Folders • Properties &Fields • Open & Save • Copy& Move • Search • Office • Extreme WYSIWYG
  8. 8. COLLABORATION Users can create workspaces inthe system to enable document-centriccollaboration for sharing and supporting teams. By default, this includes calendars, tasks, memos and document management features to maximizeindividual and group productivity.
  9. 9. DOCUMENTMANAGEMENT With the DocumentLibraryusers can • Createand upload files • Add and removefields • Create custom views (with filtering) • RSS and email notification • Version control and audit trail • Check-in/ check-out • Usethe DMSfeatures directly from Office • Preview documentsin the browser
  10. 10. OFFICE INTEGRATION With Sense/Net ECM users can • Createand upload files directly from Office applications • Open Sense/Net Workspaces from Office • Check-in/ check-outand modify documents • Modify permissions and assign tasks • Checkversion historyand status
  11. 11. DOCUMENTPREVIEW With Sense/Net ECM users can • Preview documents straight from the browser • Add annotations to your documents • Redact sensitive information • Highlight what is important • Add watermarks and prevent copying • Regulate all of these with separate permission settings
  12. 12. WORKFLOW Sense/Net workflow main features: • Easy workflow setup with visual tools • Workflow for anyobject orcontent • Branchingand filtering • Custom actions • Integration of 3rd party tools (eg. CRM, ERP) • Workflows are stored in Sense/NetContent Repository and behavelikeanycontent
  13. 13. ENTEPRISE 2.0 / SOCIAL BUSINESS With Sense/Net ECM users can: • Createad-hoc workgroups to solve agile problems via E2.0 Workspaces • Usewikis, blogs and forums to exchangeideas and share information quicklyand effortlessly • Tag,rate and commentanycontent to give instant feedback • Usethe activity wall to checkout what happened lately on the workspace • Createnetworks of people based on mutualinterests, organization, skills or projects
  14. 14. WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT WYSIWYGediting and control of site content through the use of specific management tools based on a core repository. It includes content creation functions, such as templating, workflow and changemanagement, and contentdeployment functions that deliver content to Web servers.
  15. 15. WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT PortalRemote Control: a graphical user interface thatfloats on topof pages (viewable with proper permissions), and allows users tomodify pages directly fromtheir web browser. Templates: templates define the layoutof pages, and allowa Web designer toconstruct a moreflexible site, which is easy toupdate, and provideconsistency andcontinuity between pages. Templates can enhance productivity,allowing some members ofthe team to focus on the format ofthe pages, while other members ofthe team create new pages andrevise the content without changing the formatted layout.
  16. 16. ADDITIONALFEATURES Search: users can search all managed content, whether within the internal content repository, orin external content repositories. PhotoGallery: agallery orgalleries can be placed on a site in various forms,andalso allows searching among pictures uploaded intothe gallery. Forum: users can establish an online community with forums, creating an arbitraryhierarchy of topics with the ability to add, delete, moderate, comment, search, receive email notification ofchanges, set permissions, etc. Tagging, rating, commenting: the „usual” Web2 features ofa website forinteractive communication with the targetaudience.
  17. 17. ADDITIONAL FEATURES RSS: content can be transformed intoproper XML that can be used to serve RSSclients. User andSEO FriendlyURLs: URLsof content items and pages themselves can be aliased andoptimized for readability andsearch engine rankings. Content Repository: all company content (including documents, web pages, videos, images, audio records, users, groups, etc.), andweb applications (including existing ones orlegacy webapplications), can be stored, controlled andmanaged in the Sense/Net Content Repository like it were the single-point-of-access tothe backbone ofthe organization.
  18. 18. ADDITIONALFEATURES Taxonomy: create any numberof categories andsub-categoies to apply to content brought into the system. Taxonomiescan be searched and browsed eitherindividually or inaggregate form. Permissions, Security,and Roles: users canonly see what theyhave permission and privilege to see and work with. Thisis controlled by their job level, job description and currentworkassignments. These are managed in the system as roles and access control lists. Arole gives permission to perform a certain task (like publish a new article) and access to a given content piece indicates whetherone can perform a desired activity or not (likepublish today’s article). Provisioning and Delegation: creation and management of user accounts, groups, and permissions can bedelegated to non-technicalusers, removing theover-relianceon IT to perform these functions.
  19. 19. ADDITIONALFEATURES Active Directory: user accounts and groups can bemanaged in Active Directory and synchronizedwith a built-infeature of Sense/Net, allowing for user profils to not have to be maintained in multiple environments. Multi-Site: any numberof sites with anynumber of domain namescan be used in a single Sense/Net installation. Thisis ideal for organizations that work with manyintranet, extranet, and internet sites. Load Balancing: Sense/Net fully supports high-availability solutions such as clustering, failover, and NetworkLoad Balancing. Portlets: thebuilding blocks of pages built with Sense/Net, a portlet is a widget or small application that can be placed on a page to fulfill a specific task. Thesetasks can rangefrom simply displaying content to searching and listing data from different databases.
  20. 20. ADDITIONALFEATURES Skins: a set of files that defines the look and feel of a site can be selected from a list byan end user,rather thanhaving to workdirectly with a style sheet. Mashups: using data feeds, syndicate social media and other content from a variety of sites into a new, single application. OdataREST API: Sense/Net is built on a lightweight RESTarchitecturethat makescreating mashups simple. Thecompletely open Application ProgrammingInterface(API) is a toolkit to makeit easier to develop and extend the out-of-the-boxfunctionality, and is a perfect complement to the open source software. Open Source: enterprise scalability without being bound by a proprietaryand closed system. Built on the .NET platform, and being open source, Sense/Net ECM integrates with all majorhardware and software standards and platforms, which means it is not tied to anyendangered, obsolete, or proprietary technology.
  21. 21. HIGHLEVEL OVERVIEW Enduser Content Editor Content Approver Business Process Participant Collaboration Participant Developer Business Analyst Consultant Administrator Content Repository File System Active Directory Database 3rd Party App/Db Search Engine Internet/Intranet Portal/Website Explore Experience
  22. 22. Sense/Net 7 coming in 2015
  23. 23. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: Sense/Net Inc. Infopark setany 1. H-1117 Budapest, Hungary tel: +36 1 4647070 fax: +36 1 4647080 THANK YOU