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Creating Teaching Videos in the Studio


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Eager to create some short mini lectures for your course? These slides are from a workshop that we offered on creating short teaching videos in the studio. We provided a studio tour, tips, demonstration, and discussion of considerations for teaching & learning.

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Creating Teaching Videos in the Studio

  1. 1. CREATING TEACHING VIDEOS The Education Group @ W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab New York University Stern School of Business
  2. 2. iLabEd The Education Group @ The W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab partners with the Stern faculty and academic groups in the exploration of new models of teaching and learning.
  3. 3. How do we make a Teaching Video instead of a Talking At Video?
  4. 4. z The Play’s the Thing
  5. 5. How will we do it? • Pique the audience’s interest. • Use images or graphics instead of only text. • Use voice audio to complement, add, or counter what appears on a slide. • Show rather than tell.
  6. 6. z Tell Show Try
  7. 7. What’s in a teaching video? • Domain knowledge: Facts, procedures, and ideas needed to solve problems. • Heuristic strategies: Tricks of the trade. Concepts to help solve problems. • Student Action: The student tries problem solving. Assignment.
  8. 8. Three Acts Introduction AssignmentDemonstration
  9. 9. z Video Flavor?
  10. 10. Direct to Camera • When you want to have something that’s engaging. • When you want to replace class time. • When you want to incorporate graphics.
  11. 11. Video Examples • Talking head, animations, and slides (OPS) • Screen desktop screen recording, with narration (IS) • Screen recording of tablet, with narration (Stat) • Video recording of talking head, with some slides (Finance)
  12. 12. Pitfalls • Creating a video lecture that is the length of a class session. • Talking at the students. • Showing a video of your talking head without additional illustrations. • Reading off the slides.
  13. 13. z How are you going to make it?
  14. 14. Questions: • What worked in recording introductions? • What could be improved? • What elements would you like to incorporate?
  15. 15. Plan Effective Teaching Videos – Writing the Script • Facts • Demonstration • Student activities
  16. 16. Storyboarding
  17. 17. Resources • Innovation Lab • Sourced teaching media • Original teaching media • Studio
  18. 18. Hosting Platforms • YouTube – • Vimeo – • NYU Stream –
  19. 19. Publishing on NYU Classes • Lessons • Embed video
  20. 20. Next Steps… • Schedule a follow-up appointment with the Education Group @ the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab. • Plan a Tell, Show Try video – Write your script. • Storyboard your video. • Record a draft video. • Schedule a session at the Studio@Stern.
  21. 21. Phone: (212) 998-0070 Email: Website: