Tweet Life of a CRE Broker


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How commercial real estate brokers get started on Twitter – understanding why, wording posts, deciphering lingo and building the right followers, using actual tweets by Regency Centers' dealmakers. Presented with Emily Ford at International Council of Shopping Centers RECon in May 2013.

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Tweet Life of a CRE Broker

  1. 1. Tweet Life of a Leasing Agent@EmllyFord and @KristenKMoore, @RegencyCenters
  2. 2. Our tweet credTwitter strategy and training for 17 leasing agents fornational real estate developer Regency CentersKristen MooreSenior Manager, Marketing FordSenior Marketing
  3. 3. Set Your goals
  4. 4. Why are you on Twitter? Business or fun?Who are you trying to reach?• Retail brokers• Landlord brokers• Retailer real estate reps• Entrepreneurs• Chef/Owners• Current tenants
  5. 5. Top uses for brokers• Build your business knowledge• Demonstrate your expertise• Lease space• Promote clients• Build rapport with clientele• Share personality
  6. 6. Demonstrate your expertiseExamples
  7. 7. Lease spaceExamples
  8. 8. Promote clientsExamples
  9. 9. BUILD RAPPORT/Share personalityExamples
  10. 10. Follow theleaders
  11. 11. Follow those who provide relevant info for you.• Brokers• Retailers• Developers• Publications – industry, lifestyle, regional business journals• Reporters – real estate, business• Trending sites like @Eater or @Thrillist• Associations• Area Shopping Centers
  12. 12. See who your peers are following.See who is following your peers.Un-follow those that do not add value to your day.
  13. 13. Earn a following
  14. 14. You don’t choose your followers, they choose you.Be useful. Post what is helpful to your target reader,not you.Include @theirname when you cut/paste someone’spost for retweet (RT) or modified tweet (MT).
  15. 15. Post a thank you (TY) for new followers, retweet orfavorites.Include your @name on business card, emailsignature, LinkedIn profile and marketing materials.
  16. 16. Tweet like aBoss
  17. 17. W/ 140 charctrs, abbrevs r accptble.Use to shorten URLs for news articles, websitesor brochures.Use # before keywords to be found by topic, like#CRE, #forlease, #retail, #restaurant, etc.
  18. 18. Make up your own hashtags. #coolideaEnsure users see your message by including@theirname in your post.
  19. 19. Share morethan sell
  20. 20. News articles of interestAdd question, opinion or pull out key fact.
  21. 21. Tweet good news
  22. 22. Recognize others
  23. 23. Remainengaged
  24. 24. Tweet frequently.• >3 times per week = 1 hourCan tweet from smartphone, desktop, LinkedIn orshare buttons on other sites.
  25. 25. Posts reflect your personality.• Tone, wording, photos and content shared.• Conversational instead of stiff, corporate speak.• Share opinions, ask questions.
  26. 26. Fitting it all inFor a fun view of how #CRE brokers can usesocial media to meet their goalsWatch a “A Day in the Life”on Regency Centers’ YouTube channel