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Notia presentation 10a

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2.  Analysis of the creation of the notia brand Motion graphics representation of notia logo and brand mark Kristen Kane notia
  3. 3. Kristen Kane Ultra simple looking, transparent tablet is a possible technology in the future. Controls all electronics in the house. Product is unique and simple, yet striking in appearance. Product
  4. 4. Kristen Kane Product
  5. 5. South Africa Italy Japan Kristen Kane Influences Agriculture Architecture Transportation
  6. 6.  Ethnically diverse and known for its many cultures, religions and languages.  Black majority still lead largely impoverished lives. It is among these people that cultural traditions survive most strongly  Music, especially the drums are used to communicate. Kristen Kane South Africa Influences
  7. 7. Kristen Kane Agricultural, transportation and architectural symbols Influences
  8. 8. Kristen Kane Italy Central place of Western culture and origin of the Roman Empire, Catholic Church, Humanism and Renaissance.  Renaissance was an intellectual movement that helped in shaping the course of European thought. Produced some of the greatest painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, mathematical and architects in history. Influences
  9. 9. Kristen Kane Agricultural, transportation and architectural symbols Influences
  10. 10.  Major economic power, and has the world’s second largest economy  One of the leading nations in the fields of scientific research including technology and machinery research.  Japanese music is eclectic, using borrowed instruments and different styles from neighboring cultures. Kristen Kane Japan Influences
  11. 11. Kristen Kane Agricultural, transportation and architectural symbols Influences
  12. 12. Italy Japan South Africa Kristen Kane Influences
  13. 13. Kristen Kane Universal brand, unites people on different continents and aims to get into the hands of as many people as possible. Japan symbolizes the revolutionary product as they are known for breakthrough technologies. Italy represents the intellectual movement the product will create South Africa represents the diversity of people, no matter what your religion, language or culture you are from notia is the product for you. Connections
  14. 14. Kristen Kane South African crop field Italian Architecture Japanese highway Unification
  15. 15. Kristen Kane notia logo represents a change in the way we are currently living and symbolizes a movement and change towards the future. I wanted to represent this through the use of line moving in a forward direction. Unification
  16. 16. Kristen Kane Alterations
  17. 17. Kristen Kane Alterations
  18. 18. Kristen Kane
  19. 19. Kristen Kane Chosen Words South Africa (Afrikaans language)  innovasie meaning innovation Italy (Italian language)  velocita meaning speed Japan (Japanese language)  shorai no meaning future Name Development
  20. 20. Innovasie va velocita ita novatia shorai no no Kristen Kane Integration Name Development
  21. 21. Novatia Notia Kristen Kane The brand name notia is shorter, less complex and easier to remember. Finalization Name Development
  22. 22. Kristen Kane Background video
  23. 23. Kristen Kane Storyboard 2D Version
  24. 24. Kristen Kane Soundtrack Japanese chimes Italian cello South African drums notia soundtrack
  25. 25. Kristen Kane Thank you