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What to Write in Your Emails: How to Create Killer Content That Grows Your Tribe

Think you don’t have the time or expertise to create great emails? Or maybe you’re using email marketing, but you’re not getting the results you wanted? No sweat. I’ll show you:

- How to create an irresistible incentive that’ll help grow your email list.
- The easy steps you can use to repurpose your existing content into super-effective email campaigns like welcome campaigns, email courses and more.
- Examples of emails and sign up forms that have received awesome results.

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What to Write in Your Emails: How to Create Killer Content That Grows Your Tribe

  1. 1. What to Write in Your Emails: How to Create Killer Content That Grows Your Tribe
  2. 2. Who Am I? Kristen Dunleavy, Content Marketing Specialist at AWeber Follow me: @KristenWritesIt
  3. 3. This is Cholula Instagram: @CholulaTheChihuahua
  4. 4. You’ll learn what to write in your... ● Incentives ● Sign up forms ● Autoresponder emails ● Curated email newsletters ● Broadcast emails
  5. 5. Meet Felicia Felicia Ricci, 80K+ subscribers
  6. 6. What to write in your incentive
  7. 7. Why create an incentive? ● Give people the nudge they need to sign up ● Show off your expertise ● Help you stand out
  8. 8. How to create a useful incentive: Ask your audience: 1. Their biggest questions and challenges 2. How they prefer to consume content (Checklist? eBook? Email course?)
  9. 9. Tools for creating your incentive For creating a PDF download: ● Canva ● Calibre For hosting your incentive: ● LeadPages ● Wix ● Wishpond
  10. 10. What to write in your sign up form
  11. 11. Write these 3 things in your form ● Snappy, concise headline ● A quick explanation of what people get when they sign up ● Specific, exciting call-to-action
  12. 12. Enchanting Marketing, 9K subscribers
  13. 13. Running Shoes Guru: 20K subscribers
  14. 14. Smart Business Revolution, 24K subscribers
  15. 15. Two sign up forms enter, one will win Original: 5.15% Test: 8.79%
  16. 16. Welcome Emails
  17. 17. What to write in your welcome email ● Welcome to your new subscribers ● Deliver your incentive ● Share one awesome blog post ● Include your contact info
  18. 18. Be yourself in your emails ● Speak to one person ● Share personal stories ● Ask for feedback
  19. 19. Let’s write a welcome email!
  20. 20. What to write in your autoresponders
  21. 21. Anatomy of an autoresponder series 1. An introduction to your business in the beginning 2. Links to your best blog posts in the middle 3. A survey asking for feedback at the end
  22. 22. Repurpose blog content for your series 1. Pick your best blog post 2. Write a quick summary of it and link to it in your email 3. Repeat
  23. 23. How to create an email course ● Address your audience’s biggest challenges ● Shoot for 5-7 lessons ● Snackable course: Less than 300 words/email ● Long-form course: 500 words or more
  24. 24. Include these in your course ● The lesson # in your subject line ● Subject lines that reflect what’s inside ● Headings to break up chunks of text ● Action items for each lesson
  25. 25. No content? No problem! ● FAQs about you ● Your best resources ● Simple tips for success ● A quick survey
  26. 26. What to write in your curated emails
  27. 27. Do’s and don’ts of content curation ● Don’t overdo it ● Do add your own spin ● Don’t pass off other’s content as your own ● Do curate carefully ● Don’t share irrelevant articles
  28. 28. What to write in your broadcasts
  29. 29. Types of broadcasts ● Promotion ● Sale ● Event ● Industry news ● Product update or announcement
  30. 30. Include these in your broadcasts ● Relevant times and dates ● High-quality images for promoting products ● Clear call-to-action
  31. 31. Don’t know where to start? Start here. 1. Add a sign up form to your website 2. Create an incentive 3. Set up your welcome email
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Ask me questions!
  34. 34. Resources Email: Twitter: @KristenWritesIt ● What to Write email course ● How to use Google Analytics to create an awesome welcome email ● Ideas for incentives that aren’t eBooks ● How to get started with email automation ● How to use autoresponders to create an email course ● Content curation 101 ● What to write in your broadcast emails Tools: ● Canva ● Calibre ● LeadPages ● Wix ● Wishpond