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E learning consortium-kbender


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The Social Media Pedagogy: Welcome to my Twitter-verse

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E learning consortium-kbender

  1. 1. @profBwilmu Kristen L. Bender: Assistant Professor/Chair 2016 Northeast E-Learning Consortium THE SOCIAL MEDIA PEDAGOGY: WELCOME TO MY TWITTER-VERSE
  2. 2. What isTwitter? ■ A social network that provides real-time communication – ITweet, you reply, the conversation begins… ■ A microblog that provides micro-bits of information – Article links, hot topics, breaking news!, photos, videos
  3. 3. Twitter-facts ■ Katy Perry is the most followedTweeter with 84 million followers ■ YouTube is the most followed brand onTwitter ■ The official name of theTwitter bird  Larry ■ Three years, two months, one day  time between the very first tweet and the billionth ■ There are over 500 million tweets per day ■ More than 2 billion twitter users, 288 million monthly active users ■ Ellen DeGeneres’ viral tweet at the Oscars led to over 3 million ‘retweets’
  5. 5. Why would an educator useTwitter?
  6. 6. “Tweach Me” ■ Create a running news feed in Blackboard ■ Tweet assignments (#yourclasssectionhere) ■ Hashtag tracking ■ Post sample questions ■ Post supplemental materials ■ Twitter polls ■ Network with other educators and build a learning community ■ Follow other educational leaders ■ ____ of the Day ■ Publicize your work
  7. 7. Educator Resources ■ Follow onTwitter: – @Blackboard – @educationweek – @chronicle – @onlinecourse – @creativelive – @HuffPostEdu ■ Hashtag search: – #Education (general education) – #edtech (technology in education) – #profdev (professional development) – #highered (higher education) – #passiondriven (passion driven educators) ■ Websites: – Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything – DavidTruss: Pair-a-dimes for your thoughts – reflection on education, technology and learning – Popular Education Hashtags – Twitter for Educators: A beginner’s guide
  8. 8. QUESTIONS?