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KNM news letter final copy

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KNM news letter final copy

  1. 1. THE ZI ZETA CHAPTER OF CHI OMEGA COMMUNIQUE INSIDE JANUARY 1, 2014 VOLUME 1NEWSLETTER OF THE ACTIVE MEMBERS The EC for the 2014 school year is named Chi Omega has always been lucky when it comes to the executive board of our chapter. Every year around thanksgiving time the new executive board is chosen and for every position it seems like the person selected was made for the job. It is that time of year when the executive board has to turn over their duties to a new group of ex- cellent sisters. This year’s execu- tive board has been extraordinary. There wasn’t anything they didn’t handle with poise. Chi Omega EC makes the chapter so proud and the legacy will continue on through the years. Being on EC is no easy job, which is why each person elected has the characteristics to handle them- selves and anything thrown at them professionally. Chi Omega is known as the classy sorority on campus and that starts through the executive board and flows down through the chapter. The EC is the face of Chi Omega, meaning all eyes are on them at all times. Having to be perfect is no easy task to handle, and trying to be the best they can be at all times my be difficult, but if anyone can handle that kind of pressure, it is Chi Omega executive board. This years new EC was hilari- ous to watch as their names were announced because their faces were shocked, they had absolutely no idea they were getting a position. The old EC was so welcoming to them and have to tell them all their advice from this past year, I’m sure they have a ton of advice to give out to them. Coming together for Chi Omegas Birthday every year Eleusnia is an important event for a Chi Omega because it rep- resents our founder’s day! It is a special day for active Chi Omegas and the Chi Omega alumni to cel- ebrate. If it weren’t for chi omega, we would have never been put into each other’s lives! The reason we are all con- nected is because we all are apart of Chi Omega, and Chi Omega would not have been successful if any of the past members were not members. Everyone is a special puzzle piece in the puzzle of Zi Zeta. The alumni of Zi Zeta love Chi Omega just as much now as they did when they were an active member, and work just as hard to keep us flourishing. If it was not for our hard work- ing alumni we would not have the funds to have our house built in the summer of 2014. We are eternally grateful for our alumni and for Eleusnia that brings us together each year. greek week, wish week-P2 white carnation, initiation-P3 greek awards, golf tourna- ment-P4 2013 and 2014 EC 2012 chaper at Eleucnia
  2. 2. COMMUNIQUE It’s Greek Week time in Martin Tennessee Greek Week training begins immediately after the very busy homecoming week. It takes so much hard work, dedication and determination to be on top! Last year we dominated greek week and plan to do the same exact thing this February. The First event is line dance. Line dance last year blew everyone’s socks off with the fun candy man theme. The cute- ness level of the performance was out of this world because of all the hard work Megan’s mom put into the costumes. This year’s theme has yet to be decided, but I am sure it is going to rock because Megan Burcham is in charge once again. Then there is a strange gap in the schedule of greek week this year with lipsync being eliminated. This is so sad because Holly Threet ruled the stage last year at lipsync, I think it is in her blood. There is no official news on the event that is going to replace lipsync , but it better be good. Last but certainly not least is the step show. I think people look forward to the step show all year long, I know it do. The step show was absolutely jaw dropping and to this day people are still talk- ing about how awesome our show was, and I am sure that will never end. No one is going to top Mal- lory Robinson’s stunt, ever. I know I am anxious for step night to be here and have the steppers reveal our theme. It is going to be right on point, for sure! Greek week is upon us soon. I know practices for all of the events are tough, but it is all worth it in the end when we bring home the trophies! Granting wishes and bringing joy to children through Wish Week Wish week is another important week in the life of a Chi Omega because it raises a lot of money for our beloved philanthropy, Make A Wish. Make A Wish is an organi- zation that grants wishes to chil- dren with life threatening diseases. Make A Wish tries to bring as much joy as possible into the lives of sick children. Chi Omega is very lucky to have the privilege of working side by side with this organization. The hot wing dinner was a huge success last year. We could not cook chicken fast enough! The line was out the door almost all night long. We were running around like chickens ourselves trying to get more hot wings for the crowd. The event ended up lasting a lot longer that it was supposed to, but that was great! The more people that came to eat hot wings meant more money for Make A Wish. Wish week requires a ton of work, and a special group of people to put it on successfully. The list of who is in charge of what events will come out sometime in the month of January. Chi Omega Step Team David Perrin, Krista McRorie, Jessica Stone, Joey Moore, Michael Nygune at wings for wishes Page 2 Holly Threet, Lip Sync 2013
  3. 3. COMMUNIQUE The flower that represents Chi Omega is the white carnation, which as we all know is the name of our winter social. I know ev- eryone is so excited for this social because of the success of our fall social. New member social was a blast, and white carnation is going to be even better. Getting dressed up and finding dates are just two of the fun things that come with a social, but last year we had an added extra, an engagement! At last years white carnation, in Jackson Tennessee, Denton Peebles proposed to the Former president, Katie Blackburn, on the dance floor in front of the entire chapter. There was not a dry eye in the whole hotel. The engagement was a huge surprise to everyone and it made for a wonderful white carnation. White carnation is a time for fun, laughter, and dancing with best friends in Chi Omega. With the perfect DJ and venue nothing can go wrong because we will all be together. There are so many wonderful memories that are made at our socials, and we never want them to end! Socials are normally only from 9-11pm but we wish they were so much longer. Time with sisters always goes by too fast. Many more memories to make at White Carnation Time to become a part of something bigger than yourself It is that time of year when the snow falls that it is time to initiate the new girls of Chi Omega. These girls have gone through a long time of pledge ship and now it is all over. Katelyn Arnold is no longer the new girls mother! It is like the baby birds are leaving the nest, finally! Initiation is such a special time for everyone in the chapter but especially the new girls. They are finally becoming apart of a sorority, something they have been looking forward to for months. These girls will never have to be called pledge ever again! The feeling of being initiated is such a great feeling that really cannot be explained, and I’m sure everyone shared that special feeling when you were initiated too. The feeling of officially being apart of Chi Omega is amazing and know- ing that you just joined the best sorority on campus is great! Once the new girls, a.k.a BABIES, go through imitation they can offi- cially wear the lovely Chi Omega crest. This is something everyone wants to wear but few have the privilege. The crest is a visual rep- resentation of all that Chi Omega stands for, which is why it is so special to us. Chi Omega is not just a sorority; it is a way of life. 2013 Pledge Class of Zi Zeta Katie Blackburn and friends excited about her engagement Page 3
  4. 4. COMMUNIQUE The awards that make us the strongest sorority at UTM There are competitions all year long between the organizations in greek life on campus but the big- gest competition comes right after greek week ends, the greek awards. The greek awards are when all of the hard work really pays off, it is where the best of the best are rec- ognized in front of everyone. Last year Chi Omega cleaned house at greek awards, that was a very proud moment for all of us I’m sure. I think we took home just about every award. Mallory Robinson, president, had to walk up to the stage at least fifteen times and my hands hurt from clapping so much! It was amazing! Some of the awards we won were; most community service hours, best in grades, and the big one the chan- cellor’s cup. The chancellor’s cup is the biggest award of the evening. If you win that award, that gives you bragging rights. Every sorority and fraternity wants to win that award, and usually we win it. Greek awards allow us to show that we are not just a group of girls that want to have fun, we actually want to better ourselves and do whatever we can to help anyone we can, we are about more than having a good time. The Chi Omega Golf Tournament raises $8,000.00, enough for one wish alone Chi Omega is well known for its community service and philan- thropy work. One of our biggest fundraisers is coming up soon! It is the golf tournament in Sharon Tennessee. Mostly men love this fundraiser because they all love to golf with Chi Omegas for a good cause. The golf tournament brings in the most money for Make A Wish all year, which is around $8000.00. That is huge because it takes around $5000.00 to grant just one wish. That means that the golf tournament alone grants one wish! We try to grant two wishes a semester as well as a summer wish. We would love to grant more but there just isn’t enough time. The golf tournament happens every year and will continue to be a big success. Not only do we look forward to it, but also the children of Make A Wish need us to do it. Without our help, fewer children receive wishes. Zi Zeta granting a wish EC accepting awards Page 4