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Building Trust in a Time of Uncertainty: A Video and Social Strategy


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Freshly presented at High Ed Web 2019 in Milwaukee, Lisa Lightbourn, Videographer/Photographer at University of Toronto and I walk you through the original series #ThisIsUofT.

To get an authentic story across, nothing happens without relationships and trust. In times of high pressure, skepticism, and little time, it can be difficult to get to the heart, truth, and “why” of what moves a person. In this presentation, we’ll show how you can building trust in all stages of engaging leadership, outreach, relationship building, video production, and social media strategies to make a huge impact through an ongoing video series.

We will lead you through examples from the “This Is U of T” series that has become a platform to explore people and issues in the world through their connection to the university. You will walk away with tools to template your own video series, lead with connection for better engagement and viewership, step-by-step social media “premiering” strategies for multiple channels, and inspiration to share how your higher education institution impacts this time of uncertainty through humanity.

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Building Trust in a Time of Uncertainty: A Video and Social Strategy

  1. 1. BUILDING TRUST IN A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY: a video series and social strategy #ThisIsUofT @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19@lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  2. 2. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS WHO ARE WE? Documentarians. Creators. Dreamers. Part of the U of T Community. Lisa Lightbourn @lilight Videographer / Photographer University of Toronto Krista Boniface @kristaboniface Senior Social Media Strategist University of Toronto 2 Tweet with #Com5 #HEWEB19 or #ThisIsUofT
  3. 3. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 3 @jackievetrano @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  4. 4. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS@lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 University of Toronto Downtown Campus University of Toronto Mississauga Campus University of Toronto Scarborough Campus @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 #ThisIsUofT@lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  5. 5. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS@lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 University of Toronto at a Glance @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 #ThisIsUofT@lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  6. 6. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 6 @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 Uncertainty Trust Belonging @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #HEWEB19 #ThisIsUofT@lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  7. 7. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 7 We live in a reality apathy era. The answer to uncertainty is to create a sense of belonging How? By creating a series of authentic stories on a human scale #ThisIsUofT @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  8. 8. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 8 @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT #PSEWEB
  9. 9. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS BUILDING TRUST IN 4 STAGES With the U of T community, talent and wider audience 9 2. Relationship Building 1. Engaging Leadership 3. Production 4. Social Media Strategy @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  10. 10. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 1. ENGAGING LEADERSHIP @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  11. 11. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS The Pitch: Create a Series Bible • Summary • Audience • Priorities • Style • Proposed Episodes @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  12. 12. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 2. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  13. 13. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS • Do your research • Share your work and vision • Connect early • Include them in creative development • Talk to them about their work, life experiences and passions 13 Building Trust through the Process Time invested now pays off later @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  14. 14. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 3. PRODUCTION @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  15. 15. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 15 Components for the Shoot A list of shots for the particular day • Interview • B-Roll • Locations Shot List Interview Questions Gear Crew • Research • Conversation • Camera • Audio • Lighting • Of One • Social Media Component @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  16. 16. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS@lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  18. 18. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 4. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  19. 19. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 19 Social Media Strategy for #ThisIsUofT Timing Partner Accounts Optimizing Per Platform Cross-posting & Distribution Tags & Engagement Monitoring @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  20. 20. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 20 Optimization by Channel: Facebook @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  21. 21. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 21 Optimization by Channel: Twitter @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  22. 22. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 22 Optimization by Channel: Instagram @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  23. 23. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 23 Partner Channels & Distribution @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  24. 24. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 24 Season 1 by the Numbers 7 Episodes 160,802 Total Video Views 24,333 Total Engagements 472,537 Total Reach @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  25. 25. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 25 Final Takeaways • Show your work & vision • Relationship and connection make the story • Emotional and human aspects lead the viewer to the research – what is the impact in the world? • Team collaboration drives distribution • Build partnerships for greatest and most tailored reach @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  26. 26. FIRSTUP CONSULTANTS 26 We live in a reality apathy era. The answer to uncertainty is to create a sense of belonging Trust is built through the process Digital series like #ThisIsUofT show authentic stories on a human scale that are the heart of our institutions @lilight @kristaboniface | #ThisIsUofT #HEWEB19 #Com5
  28. 28. WHAT WILL YOU CREATE? Questions? Reach out on Twitter @lilight @kristaboniface | @UofT Tweet with #Com5, #HEWEB19 or #ThisIsUofT in a public tweet for your chance to win a University of Toronto sweater!