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PDF test

  1. 1. The Crossley Heath SchoolSavile ParkHalifaxWest YorkshireHX3 0HGtel: 01422 360272fax: 01422 349099 The Crossley Heath Schoole-mail: admin@crossleyheath.org.uk Head Teacher: Miss H J Gaunt BSc. MBAwww.crossleyheath.calderdale.sch.uk THE CROSSLEY HEATH SCHOOL LANGUAGES CENTRE PROGRAMME OF COURSES 2010-2011 Our programme of language courses is open to members of the local community of all ages. They take place weekly during the school year in the Languages Centre beginning after school as shown on the timetable below. NB. Please note the delayed start date for some classes (highlighted in bold). Course Day Language Course Details Time Room Start Total cost of year’s course code Urdu Intermediate Ud1 15.30 – 16.45 L3 20.9.10 £146.81(27 weeks + 3 free) 16.30 – 17.45 Monday Spanish Beginners/Intermediate Sp1 L1 20.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) Chinese Advanced Ch3 16.30 – 17.45 L2 27.9.10 £135.94 (25 weeks + 3 free) Italian Beginners It1 16.15 – 17.30 L6 27.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) German Intermediate Gm2 16.15 – 17.30 L3 21.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) Spanish Advanced Sp2 16.30 – 17.45 L1 21.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) Chinese Beginners Ch1 16.30 – 17.45 L2 28.9.10 £135.94 (25 weeks + 3 free) Tuesday Italian Intermediate It2 16.00 – 17.30 L6 28.9.10 £176.18 (27 weeks + 3 free) French Advanced Fr3 16.30 – 17.45 L5 21.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) Wednesday Italian Advanced It3 16.00 – 18.00 L6 29.9.10 £234.90 (27 weeks + 3 free) Chinese Intermediate Ch2 16.30 – 17.45 L2 29.9.10 £135.94 (25 weeks + 3 free) French Intermediate Fr2 16.30 – 17.45 L5 22.9.10 £146.81 (27 weeks + 3 free) Beginners: This course assumes no prior knowledge of the language and will deal with basic vocabulary on topics such as numbers, greetings, shopping, holidays etc. Intermediate: This course is suitable for learners who have 1-2 years’ prior study. Topics will be dealt with in more depth and grammar will include tense formation and usage plus extended sentence construction. Advanced: This course assumes good knowledge of the subject equivalent to GCSE/O Level. Topics will be of a more cultural nature, reflecting the interests of the learners. Complex grammar points will be covered in some detail. Some adjustments to the programme may be necessary if the numbers of people applying for any class are too high or too low. We will try to contact applicants in advance if it is likely that a group will be undersubscribed and cancelled or oversubscribed and split up. Courses normally last for 30 sessions during the year. Adults are asked to pay fees set in line with Calderdale Adult Learning evening class rate, currently £4.35 per hour (appropriate concessions apply). Places are free for: students in full time education, staff from Crossley Heath and its specific partner schools. Free and reduced fees also apply to those who would qualify for them under the criteria used by Calderdale Adult Learning (see above). A full year’s fees are due after the third session from those who do not qualify for concessions. Provisional enrolment will take place at the first session. Once you have completed and returned the attached form, simply come to the first class as timetabled below. The first three sessions are free and payment is not required until after the third session. Visitors to the Languages Centre should use the entrance to the school grounds which is on Skircoat Moor Road. After passing through the gateway, turn immediately to the left. The Languages Centre is the two-storey wing in front of you which runs at a right angle from the main building towards the road. Parking is available on the terrace around the main building.
  2. 2. Reduced FeesWe will offer a 100% reduction in course fees if you are or receive...Working Tax Credit (NOT Child Tax Credit)Housing/Council Tax Benefit (not sole occupancy)Disabled Person’s Tax CreditIncome based Job Seekers Allowance (not NI contribution based)Income SupportUnder 19 in full time educationAn unwaged dependent of a person aboveA supporter of student with learning difficultiesWe will offer a 50% reduction in course fees if you are or receive ...Aged 60+ and NOT in full time employmentOver 19 in full time educationOn a Government Training SchemeAttendance AllowanceDisability Living AllowanceA parent with a child receiving a Disability BenefitIncapacity BenefitIndustrial Injuries Disabled BenefitSevere Disablement AllowanceAn unwaged dependant of person meeting above circumstancesNB Sessions will not take place during the school holidays, which are:Autumn Half Term - Close Friday 22 October – Re-open Monday 1 NovemberChristmas & New Year Holiday - Close Friday 20 December – Re-open Monday 4 JanuarySpring - Half Term- Close Friday 18 February – Re-open Monday 28 FebruaryEaster - Close Friday 15 April – Re-open Tuesday 3 MaySummer Half Term - Close Friday 27 May – Re-open Monday 6 JuneMidsummer - Close Friday 22 JulyThere will also be no classes on days when there is school INSET training. These have been accounted for in thescheduling of the number of classes which will generally run until late June. Tutors will endeavour to give learnersnotice in advance when sessions will be cancelled.
  3. 3. APPLICATION FORM FOR LANGUAGE COLLEGE COURSES 2010-11NAME __________________________________________________________ADDRESS __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ___________________________ POST CODE _________________DAYTIME CONTACT NUMBER _______________________________LANGUAGE __________________________________LEVEL beginners / intermediate / advanced (please delete)COURSE DAY / TIME __________________I will be paying full fees / claiming 50% reduction / claiming 100% reduction (please delete)DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH THIS FORM rdEvidence of eligibility will be requested when payments become due after the 3 session.NB Every effort is made to fulfil requests for places; however classes are subject to change if they areunder- or over-subscribed. Please return this form to: Mrs G Fisher Language College The Crossley Heath School Savile Park HALIFAX HX3 0HG