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2011 2012 brochure-complete

  1. 1. The Crossley Heath School 2011-2012Providing a World Class Education Building on Tradition Looking to the Future The Crossley Heath School Savile Park, Halifax HX3 0HG Telephone: 01422 360272 • Fax: 01422 349099 email: admin@crossleyheath.org.uk website: www.crossleyheath.calderdale.sch.uk
  2. 2. welcomeWe would like to extend a very warm welcome to youand hope that, on reading this brochure, you begin to feelsome of the warmth and friendliness you are bound toexperience on a personal visit to our school.At Crossley Heath we have tremendous ambition foreveryone who learns here. With staff, students, parents,governors and the wider community supporting oneanother, we are confident that the wide range ofopportunities on offer encourages the achievement ofboth individual and collective goals.The school holds an important place in this community.We are proud of our strong traditions and values, whichwe strive to maintain. However, do not let the School’s19th century external façade fool you. We are forwardlooking, innovative, creative, constantly evolving andprovide first class 21st century education. We have thehighest aspirations for our students and aim to equipthem with the personal skills they will need in order to besuccessful in a rapidly changing global environment.The aims of the school may be summed up in the singlephrase ‘World Class Education’. Being a selective school,we recruit young people who have already demonstratedsuccess in terms of academic achievement. We strive tomaintain an ethos in which every individual is encouragedto develop his or her particular talents in a caring andsupportive environment and to enjoy himself or herself atthe same time.The Crossley Heath School continues to go from strengthto strength, annually receiving public recognition forthe outstanding performance of its students on a rangeof fronts including academic, sporting, music, debating,enterprise, student voice and so on. Ofsted judged theschool to be outstanding in just about every aspect inFebruary 2011. However, we are already focussing onimproving provision even further.Other than outstanding inspection reports, our varioussuccesses have included the School’s selection as a HighPerforming Specialist School (June 2007); the SportsCouncil’s prestigious ‘Sportsmark’, achieved in 1998, 2001and 2004; the Artsmark award gained in 2005 and 2009;the Healthy Schools and International Schools awardsin 2007; the Gold Cultural Diversity Award in 2009; theCareers Education, Information and Guidance Award in2010, the Careers Information Standard in 2009 and 2011,Gold Inclusion Award and repeated Investor in PeopleAwards. A second specialism in Leadership Developmentwas awarded to the school in April 2007 and we are oneof a small number of schools with a specific focus onleadership development for staff and students at everylevel. This year we have been invited to become a LeadingEdge school.However, the positive and unique atmosphere of CrossleyHeath is best experienced first hand.Visitors to the schoolare often heard to comment ‘It just feels right’! We dohope you will come and visit us soon.
  3. 3. Supporting Care, guidance and support of students is of paramount importance to us. The school fosters an atmosphere in which staff, students and parents work together to ensure students receive an excellent educational experience. The school’s ethos is one of inclusion. Students feel valued and supported in developing the confidence, talents and skills to reach their full potential and achieve excellence within and beyond the classroom. The Gold Inclusion Quality Mark reflects our commitment to providing for individual needs within a supportive and yet challenging environment. When students enter our school they are placed in a house tutor group under the care of a tutor who will remain with them as they progress through school. This pastoral system supports excellent relationships between students, staff and parents, providing support, care and guidance to all individuals within the group. All students are members of one of four Houses (Kings, Queens, Porter and Savile).Ofsted 2011 Alongside the Tutor, a House Achievement“Very positive relationships between staff and students are evident.” Leader cares for the welfare of the students as well as monitoring their academic progress, and introducing strategies for intervention where appropriate. Our safe-guarding procedures are rigorous and effective and we prioritise the safety of your child by monitoring attendance and contacting parents in cases of uninformed absences. All staff are thoroughly trained in safe-guarding and child protection matters. Within school we foster a culture of respect for each other. Students support one another and, consequently, incidents of bullying are rare. However, we recognise that young people can, and do, face issues which make life tough for them; our level of support is outstanding and we always go the extra mile for all our students.
  4. 4. Developing ContributingThe Crossley Heath School is a healthy school and Students are encouraged to make a positivewe develop student confidence in making healthy contribution to charitable events of a local, nationallifestyle choices. We promote healthy eating and and international nature. Last year, for example, theysupport this in the dining room by offering a range include local charities such as the Laura Crane andof healthy options – pasta, jacket potatoes, salads Forget Me Not Trusts to raising money for LEPRA,and fruit. All dietary needs are catered for. Operational Christmas Child and Jeans for Genes Day, along with contributing to the earthquakeWe have a school nurse who provides day to day fund in Japan. The Committee raised over £6000support for our students in addition to a Primary for charity last year. An East meets West FashionCare Trust nurse offering weekly confidential drop- Show held last year brought many members of thein sessions for students needing advice. community together to raise money for Haiti.Students are offered a wide range of sporting Our students contribute to the local communityactivities both in the curriculum and out of school in a variety of ways from enrichment activities,hours. The House System is particularly strong volunteering in the local community, to taking partwithin the school providing challenge throughout in the Junior Sports Leader Award and helping inthe year in a series of competitions for all age the local primary schools. The School Ambassadorsgroups. These include: Drama, Music, Swimming, represent the school at many events and annuallyDebating, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, take part in the national Holocaust MemorialAthletics and also effort in the classroom. Students’ event, sharing their experiences from their visit tocontributions are recognised by the award of House Auschwitz.points and colours. Students contribute actively to the externalHealthy lifestyles are promoted through the PHSCE community including participation in the LA plan forprogramme and we deliver an informative Summer Schools, completion of a high profile Urbanand sensitive SRE programme. Community Leadership Scheme, standing for Youth Parliament, taking part in the Model United NationsThe opening of a new sports hall in 2010 event and contributing to the planning of the newhas enabled pupils to take part in an even library in King Cross.greater range of sporting activities withoptions such as cheerleading, dodgeball and The school valuesindoor cricket nets being offered as extra- students’ contributioncurricular sports. to school life. Students take an active part in staffAs a reflection to our commitment interviews, submissionin promoting healthy choices, we are of awards and bids,designated as a ‘Healthy School’. welcome special guests and assist with the smooth running of all school events generally. Student committees help develop the success of our school VLE (now recognised nationally as being one of the best in the country) and The Zone, which is the Work Related Learning/ Careers site for students. Ofsted 2011 “Students show initiative, accept responsibility and understand and respect each other’s differences.”
  5. 5. DiscoveringWe aim to prepare our students for adult lifein the business and commercial world. OurCareers Co-ordinator works closely with theConnexions Advisor who provides individualcareers interviews and guidance. ThroughoutKey Stages 3 and 4 there is a comprehensiveprogramme of careers guidance. Pupils areencouraged to develop their enterprise skillsthrough the curriculum and the various extra-curricular activities they engage in. There isa dedicated area of the Learning ResourcesCentre where students can access careersinformation and students also have access to‘The Zone’ which is an area of the VLE aimedat providing information on Higher Education,Careers and Work Experience as well asproviding very useful links to other valuableresources. All students in Year 11 enjoy workexperience for one week in an establishmentof their choice, for which help and supportis offered. We also have an active programmeof guest speakers and employers visiting theschool to talk to students in all key stages. Theschool has gained both the Quality Informationand Quality Standards Awards for CareersEducation in recognition of the high standard Ofsted 2011of information, advice and guidance available “The outstanding curriculumfor our students. makes a significant contribution to students’ attainment and theirAll year 9 students undertake an Entry Level personal outcomes.”Business Enterprise course which culminates inan Enterprise Day in June. Enterprise Days arealso offered to year 10 and 12 students.Students of Business Studies take part in theYoung Enterprise Scheme, running their owncompanies. The wide range of activities alsoincludes putting on events such as plays orconcerts in aid of charity.Students are encouraged to develop theskills which will contribute to their successin the global world of the 21st century bothwithin the classroom and beyond. The schoolprovides opportunities for internationalexperiences through its rich menu of tripsand visits; enables students to reach out intothe surrounding community through its schoolevents, to forge links with businesses, otherschools and local groups and develop theirpersonal, academic and leadership potential.
  6. 6. LeadingCrossley Heath is a Leadership Partner School and a National Support School. We are firmlycommitted to raising student achievement through development of high quality leadership in staffand students.Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by taking on one of the many positions ofresponsibility within school – these include School Officials, Charity Representatives, Ambassadors,Student Voice Co-ordinators and Zone Committee members to name a few.Student Voice is strong within the school. Students observe lessons and give feedback to teachers,lead in assemblies and participate in Governor meetings, committees and working groups. Studentsare also learning partners for departments, working closely with the department leader to offerfeedback on lessons from a student perspective.There is a very active Student Council within school comprising of student representatives from allyear groups. We also organize an annual Student Voice Conference hosted by Huddersfield Universitywhich provides a showcase of excellent student voice work in Crossley Heath and our partnerschool.Raising achievement is at the heart of everything we do. Every one of our students is unique and hasindividual needs and talents. We actively encourage them to have the highest aspirations and developself-confidence in order to be successful and realise their hopes, dreams and ambitions.Our curriculum enables all students to develop academic, aesthetic, cultural and sporting interests,an appreciation of global issues and the capacity to contribute to the development of society.We provide a learning environment and opportunities for personal and professional development,which allow and encourage all staff to make a full contribution to the school. ‘Our overall aim is to provide a WORLD CLASS education’W e offer a wealth of opportunities and experiences through local and international partnerships.O ur students, given ownership and responsibility, become leaders.R espect for the value and worth of each person is at the heart of all that we do.L earning and personalisation underpin the curriculum, which is designed to optimise individual...D evelopment and AchievementC lear vision and effective collaboration...L eads to high quality leadership and ever increasing levels of...A ttainment and rates of progress resulting...S uccess for ALL in a... Ofsted 2011S chool which is OUTSTANDING (Ofsted: February 2011) “Students have very positive attitudes to school and to their work and their excellent behaviour is a key factor in their successful learning.”
  7. 7. AchievingWe believe that students who are happy at schoolwill be successful in the widest sense of the term.At Crossley Heath we aim to provide our studentswith a broad curriculum which will stimulateand challenge all students to achieve to their fullpotential. With the introduction of more personalpathways through the curriculum from Year 8, allstudents will follow a programme tailored to theirneeds. For some this will mean early entry toexamination courses.Academic standards are high. In 2010 the proportionof Year 11 students achieving five or more GCSEgrades A*-C was 98% with 62% of all grades being Aor A*. Results at A level are amongst the best in thecountry. Further data can be found in the inserts inthis prospectus.Nearly every area of curriculum activity isreflected in the school’s range of extra-curricularopportunities. The school operates teams at allage levels in Rugby Union, Cross Country, Cricket,Athletics, Hockey and Netball. Rugby tours to Walesare an annual event and trips are arranged furtherafield such as Canada and Australia and for Netballas far as Gibraltar. There is also the opportunityfor students to take part in the Duke of EdinburghAward at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.Musical activities include choirs, an orchestra, a windband and smaller ensembles, all of which performin and outside of school. A range of individualinstrumental tuition is alsoavailable. Other opportunitiesfor creative and expressive artspermeate the curriculum and theannual Arts Evening is a perfectshowcase for the range of talentand skill within school.The school provides ampleopportunity for all studentsto participate in a very activeprogramme of trips, visits andexchanges. More informationcan be found in the inserts inthis prospectus. The fosteringof international awareness Ofsted 2011supported by the extensive range “The Crossley Heath School is an outstanding school. Achievementof tours abroad is recognisedwithin the International Schools is excellent and students are provided with outstanding care, guidanceAward. and support which gives a very secure foundation for their academic and personal development.”
  8. 8. Language CollegeOur Language specialism enables us to work extensively with DVD to share practice across Calderdale. In addition the schoolthe local community. The Languages Centre provides language regularly opens its doors to budding linguists through its Year 5learning opportunities for students, adults and families Fun with Languages Day and Languages Summer School.from the local community outside of normal school hours. With regard to our own students, they have access to aFurthermore, the Modern Foreign Languages Department has wider choice of languages to study. Spanish, French and Germantaken a leading role in implementing the National Strategy are all embedded on the timetable. Chinese, Italian and Urdu arefor Languages with its extensive work with primary partner also available as enrichment subjects. We have established newschools. Crossley Heath teachers (and students) work international links and there are now many opportunities to visitalongside colleagues and pupils in primary schools to support different countries and experience different cultures. Studentslanguage learning at Key Stage 2. Alongside this Crossley Heath also have the benefit of native-speaking assistants from France,has delivered school-based training sessions and produced a Germany, Spain and China.