L'Oréal brand La Roche Posay Brand Marketing Strategy

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Mar. 18, 2019

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L'Oréal brand La Roche Posay Brand Marketing Strategy

  1. L’Oreal Brandstorm 2016 Campus Round Submission forTHE EVANGELISTS |
  2. 3 Times The Market Growth 1 ABOUT La Roche-Posay creates new generations of dermatological skincare products formulated with the natural thermal spring water from La Roche-Posay designed to improve the users’ quality of life. Market Leader in France and Brazil 25000 Worldwide Recommendations 40 Years of Experience12.4% increase in the sales World-wide +14.5% growth in 2014
  3. 2 TIMELINE A public utility then,the thermal spring water from La Roche-Posay, softens the skin with selenium. 1897 1975 Founded as a brand Specialises in dermocosmetology 1989 Joins House of L'Oreal 1995 Set up of La Roche-Posay Foundation. So far, awarded more than 100 Fellowships on Research. 2011 2015 La Roche-Posay 50 Mineral Sunscreen wins Allure’s Best of Beauty Award. Market Leader in France and Brazil, moving towards Expansion.
  4. 3 CURRENT POSITIONING The Brand leverages Referral Marketing for further Penetration PROTECTIVE PRODUCT CURATIVE DOMAIN “A product for the sensitive female skin, that caters to every problem related to it.” The Current Business Development relies on recommendations Pharmacists and Dermatologists Treating Dermatologic al Conditions Highly Tolerated Products for Hypoallergic Skins
  5. 4 ASSUMPTIONS AND OBSERVATIONS INFERENCES Context Dependant Strategy Cultures differ across geographies. Customization is needed. Perceived as a curative solution to skin problems Heterogeneous Product Perception Segment The Customer Customer Set Should be divided into 2 sets of : 15-20 and 20-25 Influencer Marketing Key Medium Competition from other cosmetics as well. Intended Customer Set has the brightest potential in India because of Population Dynamics
  6. 5 CUSTOMER DEFINTION Meet Lara, The La Roche Girl in her late teens. She's a young high school/ college goer. She has recently started experimenting with make-up products. Her finances are met by her parents. Because of puberty, she is experiencing some skin related changes. This vulnerability is making her adopt new beauty treatments and easily embrace ‘grown up’ shopping habits. Her mother and or other elder women in the family influence her choice of medication. THE ORGANIC SHOPPER Source: Business Standard
  7. 6 CUSTOMER DEFINTION THE MILENNIAL SHOPPER Meet Natasha, the woman in her early twenties. Someone who has just started her career. She works long hours, is not afraid to do the field work and definitely pays. She is smart, confident and most importantly independent. Just like her investment in a career, she desires her skin to be healthy and beautiful. She values her friends as well as her family for advice on the medication and health front. Source: AdAge
  8. 7 EXISITING EXPRESSION INTENDED COMMUNICATION The Dermatologues du coeur project- an initiative of La-Roche Posay Foundation, awards a prize to dermatologists whose philanthropy has eased patient's lives. Launch of informative websites to support the prevention of skin cancer- www.MesGrainsDeBeauté.fr . Youtube is a dominant medium utilised as a tool for referral marketing, specially in the UK. Presence on Social Media Platforms is yet to reach its optimal level apart from Facebook which is doing sufficiently well. Our proposed campaign would be based on the ideas mentioned below : Sensitivity is often perceived as a disease or by-product of aging. This myth needs to broken. The drastic changes in lifestyle and the climatic turbulence leaves the skin vulnerable and exposed to certain problems. The women protagonists in the promotional campaigns are intended to reflect on the smart young and empowered women of today. For whom toiling the heat signifies breaking barriers , thus leading them to liberation.
  10. 8 MOBILE STRATEGY Santé Et Beauté Our App will be called ‘Sante Et Beaute’ signifying health and beauty. This application intends to be a one stop solution centre for the target audience. Features of the app are mentioned below : SCAN YOUR SKIN Take a photo of your skin and upload it. We connect you to an on call dermatologist for consultation. SKIN TWIN FEATURE A chance to connect with other people who are facing the same problem as you do. TOUCH LIVES ON THE GO Contribution to skin cancer awareness WALLET CLINIC Keeping track of all your prescriptions, next date of the appointment, etc. STORES NEAR YOU Locates the stores near you , order on phone and just go and pick up. E - COMMERCE DELIVERY Purchase just a click away
  11. 9 THE PATCH TEST To our health and beauty conscious literate population, We target them by doing the following. We insert a wet ‘patch’ napkin soaked in soap water . This is a harmless irritant to detect sensitive skin. If within 3 hours of its application the skin turns red, it can be detected as ‘Sensitive’. Step 1 • Tear open the wet napkin from the magazine. Step 2 • Gently rub the napkin on your armpit & leave for 3 hours. Step 3 • If your skin turns red, you have a sensitive skin. You are vulnerable to problems. Step 4 • Scan the QR Code, Load our App for more Assistance.
  12. 10 To engage and interact with our customers better we plan to launch a series of webisodes on YouTube. This series will show animated scenes of the daily lives of Lara and Natasha and how LRP’s innovations have made their life better. The webisodes are launched as a series and every episode is like an anime of an experience. We begin a campaign that follows the collaborative concept. It aims to bring in all our digital efforts into one story. ‘ La Roche Story’. Users can contribute their story as a vine,a snap , a selfie or a self-composed messa. We integrate mediums like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat- via channel spaces in popular channels like cosmopolitan,MTV etc to create this campaign. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY BEAUTY & BEYOND OUR LA ROCHE STORY MY LAROCHE STORY
  13. 11 The Bare Back CampaignTHE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Recent studies have shown customers tend to engage and pursue brands that are socially more responsible. To highlight and engage Our consumer set we will organise a campaign called bare back , where women across the world will follow the trend of sharing their bare backs as a sign of respect to those suffering from the disease. La Roche Posay as an active cosmetics company will personally take this initiative to raise awareness about skin problems specially , ‘Skin Cancer’. This will go on to prove our overarching philosophy of ‘Innovate for a Better Life’. It will run on the hashtag #bareback and will capture audience awareness through online and offline efforts. We will link it with our app and have donations as well for the cause.
  14. A Collaborative Effort by Krishni Miglani Prateek Trehan Shikha Bharadwaj CAMPUS : MICA, Ahmedabad