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  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS.CHAPTER NO. TITLE PAGE NO. Declaration from student Acknowledgement Certificate from guide Executive summery 1 Chapter 1 Introduction 3 1. Introduction of the study. 4 2.Objectieve of the study. 5 3.Need & Scope of the study. 6 4.Methodology of the study. 7 5.Limitation.of the study. 9 Chapter 2 Company profile 11 Chapter 3 Literature Review 17 Chapter 4 Data processing & analysis. 37 Data collection 38 Market Analysis On Vodafone Data Card 40 Data analysis on the basis of questionnaire. 41 SWOT Analysis of Vodafone Data Card. 42 Chapter 5 Findings 44 Chapter 6 Recommendations. 48 Conclusion. 49 Chapter 7 Questionnaires. 50 Chapter 8 Bibliography. 55
  3. 3. DECLERATION I Krishna Chandra Mishra hereby declare that this project is an original piece of research work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of Mr Ravikar Chaudhary. The information has been collected from genuine and authentic source. This work has been submitted to partial fulfillment for the course of MBA taken up in IIPM, Bhubaneswar.Date- Name: Krishna Chandra Mishra
  4. 4. COMPANY CERTIFICATE This is certify that Krishna Chandra Mishra student of“INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT”, Bhubaneswar hascompleted his project in VODAFONE on “MARKET SURVEY OF DATA CARD”and has submitted the project report for partial fulfillment of MBA of the college forthe academic year 2010-12. He has worked under my guidance and direction. The said report is based onbonafide information. Mr Ravikar Chaudhary Distribution Head Vodafone Essar Spacetel Limited, Bhubaneswar
  5. 5. ACKNOLEDGEMENT It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction for the successful completionof this project. Every successful piece of work has many invisible helping handswith their invaluable support and inspiration. For the completion of the projectreport many person directly and indirectly assisted me. At first I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude tomy esteemed guide Mr Ravikar Chaudhary for their initiative guidance andvaluable suggestion. EXECUTIVE SUMMERY
  6. 6. It is well known to all that the Indian telecom industry has beenregularly beating target i.e It has been grown like very complexly, dynamically as wellas competitively. Because in the modern world every business is growth &prospective oriented. And Now-a days one of the major issue in Indian TelecomIndustry is “how to expand their own business through the latest technologies likewireless Data Card” to meet the various requirement for various purpose of people.That’s why growth of data card especially happens when business, travelers,academician and other professional needs to access email and other corporateapplications during urgent trips and travels.INTRODUCTION TO VODAFONE ESSAR SPACETEL LIMITED: Vodafone Essar is a member of the Vodafone Group and commendedoperations in 1994.Vodafone Essar was awarded “Most Respected Company” in theTelecom sector for 2010 & the “Most Trusted Service Brand” in India for 2010, by aleading financial daily. Since inception Vodafone was showing strong customergrowth in all areas in the telecom Industry. But now problem faced by Vodafone ininternet data card market. And its Customer often feel that service provider do notdeliver what they promised. This is only cause for some problem may be in VodafoneData Card Service or some problem in customer perception or may be other causes.How ever to find out what’s real fact I have taken my Project on the topic :“Market survey of Vodafone Data Card”.Project Title: “MARKET SURVEY OF VODAFONE DATA CARD” 1Project Time Period:
  7. 7. For the core depth analysis of “Market survey of Vodafone Data Card” I wasconducted my studies from 23rd-May-2011 to 23rd-August-2011In my these daysResearch studies I got to understand the reason for the failure of Vodafone DataCard’s Promotion , and for this result I had prepared the SWOT analysis of VodafoneData Card.OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH:• Primary Objectives:  My primary objective of my research is to conduct the market survey of Vodafone data card.  To identify & analyze the customer satisfaction of Vodafone Data Card.  To convenience different retailers to sale Vodafone Data Card.  To deeply identify the cause behind the failure or lack of promotion Vodafone Data Card among its different competitors in the Telecom Market Sector.• Secondary Objectives:  To successfully expand the Data Card’s business of “Vodafone Essar Spacetel Limited, BBSR” among its other competitor data card’s in the Telecom Market. 2
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY As per the Modern Marketing Management Scenario every Business Wantits auspicious growth & prospective. Likewise in this Modern society Indian TelecomIndustries face lots of challenges among its number of competitors in every phase with somelatest technology just like Wireless Data Card.& it is a major issue in each telecom industryin India even if this competition can’t leave the World 4th largest Telecom SectorVODAFONE. Because growth of data card especially happens when business, travelers,academician and other professional needs to access email and other corporate applicationsduring urgent trips and travels. As we are all well aware of that now-a-days the telecom industry has beenrecognized world over as an important tool for socio economic development media for each& every nation. On the other hand Internet service is act as one of the prime support ofservices needed for the rapid growth of various sector of economy in the modern society & ithas become especially more important in recent year because of enormous growth ofinformation technology and for the smooth operation of the every business corporate goal.Today An Internet Service is an essential aspect of every field like Entertainment, Education,Hospital, Science & technology etc. So, every people probably mass youth age group peoplewant to use internet in their daily life. There are various ways for internet service accessing but today it becomesmore & more easier than previously through data card. And its result to create lots ofcompetitor in Data Card / internet operator in telecom sector. On the other hand there is a bigquestion mark in internet users mind to use which data card operator. However everyoneknows very well that Vodafone is a world famous cellular service in telecom industry, butpeople even some its customer might not listen / use its Data Card facility. That’s why I havetake a challenge on my project topic “ Market Survey on Vodafone data card.” For thebasic purpose to Analyze the Market Performance of Vodafone Data Card as well as toenhance the Promotion of Vodafone Data Card. 4
  10. 10. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Every organization has to achieve its organization goals. For this it is veryessential for an organization to know about it consumer and its competitive product. Thissurvey may be also aimed as to estimates potential buyer for the product. The objective of thestudy is under. TO identify the marketing performance as well as the marketing strategies of Vodafone Data Card among its various competitor in the Telecom Market of Orissa. To identify the weakness of this data card and provide value addition to the company. To Educating retailer about Vodafone data card & find out the reason behind lack of promotion of Vodafone Data card . To find our target customer for it as well as analyze the cause why customer preferring other data card instead of Vodafone. To know about customers various need for the purpose of Internet Service. To compare various parameter of marketing strategy, manufacturing process, advertising, export and so on. To study consumer buying behavior, and factors which influences consumers buying processes for the Vodafone internet Data Card. 5
  11. 11. NEED OF THE STUDY Here the need of the study reveals that. 1. To identify what type of marketing practices & strategies that the “Vodafone Essar Spacetel Limited” follows for achieving its business goal via the Data Card’s business among its all market competitors .& To know how they provide their service to various its customers in the telecom market field. 2. To know the difference between the Vodafone Data Card’s facility & all its competitors Data Card’s facility as well as to identifying their various customers needs. 3. To enhance the successful performance of Vodafone’s Data Card’s in the all other telecom Data Card’s. & overly try to develop of the organization’s own need as well as its different customer need. SCOPE OF THE STUDY. Here the scope of my study is focuses on existing marketing condition of Vodafone Data Card’s business. & here my studies entire view were taken on the primary data collection from different retailers of telecom sector on the basis of questionnaires and my studies secondary data was taken from marketing books , internet sources like company website, company’s past record. However I was done my entire studies on different retailers shop’s in Bhubaneswar as well as nearer to Bhubaneswar location. 6 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY• Research Methodology:
  12. 12. To define any research problem & give a suitable Solution for anyresearch, a sound research plan is inevitable. Research Methodology underlines thevarious steps involved by the researcher in systematically solving the problem withthe Objective of determining various facts.• Research Design:A research work will be successful ,only with a sound design .The Research Designfor the purpose of the study is analytical in nature. The major purpose of analyticalresearch includes survey & in-depth analysis of variables. The research plan calls forgathering primary & secondary data. The sampling method adopted for the presentstudy is simple random sampling.• Methods of Data Collection.In this project my research is fully depend on the collection of data are of two types • Primary Data Collection. • Secondary Data Collection. .1. Primary Data Collection. In My Research the primary data collection was mainly done through the questionnaires to Retailer, & questionnaires to customer. I meet the respondents personally & request to answer my questions for the requirement of my study.2. Secondary Data Collection I collect my secondary data from different sources i.e from Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management Book, Company annual report. 7 Research Instrument: The instruments adopted for the primary data collection is through“Questionnaires”. Through the questionnaire the feedback of the employee are taken. Sampling plan
  13. 13. Sampling plan includes sampling unit used in the survey. It also includes thesampling size & the sampling procedure used for the survey. Sampling unit Retailer shops in Bhubaneswar as well as nearer to Bhubaneswar. Sampling Size The sample was selected based upon simple random sampling. For the purposeof my study I had take numbers of sample. Contact Method The method used to contact the respondent was direct interview. Theresearcher selected direct contact method because there is no scope of contacting theemployee through telephone or direct mail. By telephone interview the respondentscharacteristics & environment can’t be observe the response rate for mail survey islow .Hence the resulting sample will not be representative one . Analysis of Data Data’s are analyzed only the basis of questionnaires during the MarketResearch period of Vodafone. Presentation of data Percentage method,tables & charts are used to present the analyzed data. 8 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY Here my study is limited to Bhubaneswar & nearer to Bhubaneswar only except other locations of Orissa.
  14. 14.  Respondents are busy in nature in their own Business for this few retailers as well as people were not cooperate to me to answer my questionnaires. Some Respondents were totally don’t know about Vodafone Data Card. Research was conducted in urban area, the result might differ when it include of semi-urban and rural area. Incomplete data from retailer. Limited sample size may fail the inductive generalization. People were hesitant to disclose the true fact of their thoughts about Data Card. Maximum retailers are unknown about Vodafone data card. Inability of retailer to answer few questions which caused difficulty in proper data analysis. The project was taken as a part of my summer training, as the time was limited so the survey was confined to few store only. Retailer were always keeps busy in their business. Most of the retailer as well as people are unaware of the Vodafone Data Card. 9
  16. 16. TYPE Public limited companyINDUSTRY TelecommunicationFOUNDED 1984HEAD QUARTERS LONDON, UNITED KINGDOMAREA SERVED WorldwideKEY PEOPLE CHAIRMAN : SIR JOHN BOND CEO:VITTORIO COLAOPRODUCTS Fixed line and Mobile Telephony, Internet service and Digital TelevisionREVENUE £45.88 BN (2011)EMPLOYEES 83,682(March- 2011)WEBSITE www.vodafone.comCOMPANY PROFILE OF VODAFONE ESSAR LIMITED:Type LimitedIndustry Mobile TelecommunicationsPredecessor Hutchison EssarFounded 1994Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.Products Mobile Network, Telecom services, Internet Service etc.Owner(s) Vodafone GroupWebsite www.vodafone.in / www.vodafone.com 11 Vodafone Essar is a member of the Vodafone Group and commendedoperations in 1994. When its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellularlicense for Mumbai. The company now has operations across the country with over134.57million customers. In a survey conducted by India’s leading business weekly,Vodafone Essar was awarded “Most Respected Company” in the Telecom sector for
  17. 17. 2010 & the “Most Trusted Service Brand” in India for 2010, by a leading financialdaily.Vodafone is one of the World’s largest mobile communications companies by revenuewith approximately 358 million customers in its controlled & jointly controlledmarkets as at 31st December 2010. Vodafone currently has equity interests in over 30countries across five continents and more than 40 partner network worldwide. The Essar Group is diversified business corporation with abalanced portfolio of assets in the manufacturing and service sector of Steel, Energy,Power, Communications, Shipping Ports & Logistics, and Projects. Essar employsmore than 50,000 people across office in Asia, Africa , Europe and the Americas.VISION AND MISSION OF VODAFONETo enrich our customers lives through the unique power of mobile communication.PASSION FOR CUSTOMEROur customers have chosen to trust us. In return, we must strive to anticipate andunderstand their needs and delight them with our service. We value our customersabove everything else and aspire to make their lives richer, more fulfilled and moreconnected.We must always listen and respond to each of our customers. We will strive to delightour customers, anticipating their needs and delivering.PASSION FOR OUR PEOPLEOutstanding people working together make Vodafone exceptionally successful. Weseek to attract, develop, reward and retain outstanding individuals. We believe inempowerments and personal accountability. We enjoy what we do. We believe in thepower of our teams. 12PASSION FOR RESULT:We are action-oriented and driven by a desire to be the best.We are committed to be the best in all we do.
  18. 18. We all play our part in delivering results.We seek speed, flexibility and efficiency in all we do.PASSION FOR THE WORLD AROUND US:We will help people of the world to have fuller lives both through the services weprovide and through the impact we have on the world around us.We recognize the responsibilities that accompany the growth we have achieved.We will be a force for good in the world.A spirit of partnership and mutual respect is critical in all our activities.AN OVERVIEW OF VODAFONE GROUP LIMITED:Company Perspectives:We aim to the world’s leading wireless Telecommunications & information providersbring more customers more services & more values then any other of its competitors.Key Dates:1985:Racal electronics & Millicom launch venture to develop a cellular telephonenetwork.1991:Vodafone Group Ltd. Is floated as an independent company.1997: The six cellular subsidiaries are recognized under the Vodafone brand.1999:Voda merges with AirTouch,a large cellular operator on the U.S. West Coast.2000:Mannesmann AG is acquired in the world’s largest merger to date. 13 COMPANY HISTORY:
  19. 19. Since its landmark merger with Mannesmann AG, Vodafone Group PLC has becomethe first truly global wireless phone company. The largest company in Great Britain,where it pioneered cellular service, it has poised itself to become the largest in theworld with in a few years. Vodafone has 59 million subscribers around the world &has been focusing its future on bringing the internet to consumers in Europe & beyondvia wireless --not land-based—networks.Origins:Vodafone was the brainchild of Racal Electronics Ltd., a modestly prosperous U.Kelectronics firm, and Millicon, a U.S communications company. Developed as a jointventure during the early 1980’s Vodafone was granted a license to develop a cellularnetwork in the United Kingdom and was introduced under the auspices of Racal inJanuary 1985. The new subsidiaries success was stunning. The corporate sector wasquick to appreciate the advantages of mobile telecommunications ,and individualswere equally quick to spot the status symbol potential of the new technology; fueledby business need and Yuppie culture ,the demand for mobile phones skyrocketed. By 1988 Racal Telecommunications Group Ltd., as Vodafone and the relatedsubsidiaries were officially known, was by far of the most successful player on theRacal Electronics team. But however, three years later Racal Electronicsreconsidered, and Racal Telecom was separated from its parent company in 1991,atwhich time the name was changed to Vodafone Group Ltd. A digital system that allowed international calls between participatingcountries was introduced in the early 1990s. Called the Global System for MobileCommunications (GSM), it was first used by Vodafone. 14 In 1994 the company acquired a ten percent stake in Global Star, aninternational consortium formed to develop a satellite-based network that would allow
  20. 20. mobile telecommunications to operate everywhere in the world (except the polar icecaps) by 1998. As of 1994, Vodafone operated one of the world’s largest cellularnetworks, with over one million subscribers. This, combined with the companiesincreasingly high international profile, made it a safe bet that Vodafone wouldcontinue. As primarily Vodafone had equity positions in a number of other Europeand Asian cellular companies. And it is proved that It play a prominent role in theexpanding mobile telecommunications industry . Chris Gent, who had sat on Vodafone’s broad for a dozen years, wasappointed CEO in January 1997. He had never attended college but won a reputationas a shrewd businessman in the banking and computing industries. The companyintroduced a new corporate identity in the summer of 1997, uniting the six cellularproviders it had acquired (Vodac, Talk land, Vodacom, Voda call, Astec, and Peoplesphone) under the Vodafone brand. Vodafone began to restructure its network, layingoff 250 employees. Its 300 retail outlets dropped competitors products after. For the 1 sttime Chris Gent hoped to use the German company’s established ground-basedInternet service to grow Vodafone’s own new wireless-based Internet service. So finally Vodafone was showing strong customer growth in all areas inthe telecom Industry. Key Milestones of Vodafone : 1992: Hutchison Whampoa and Max Group established Hutchison Max 2000: Acquisition of Delhi operations Entered Calcutta and Gujarat markets through ESSAR acquisition. 2001: Won auction for licenses to operate GSM services in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chennai. 15
  21. 21.  2003: Acquired AirCel Digilink (ADIL ² ESSAR Subsidiary) which operated in Rajastan, Uttar Pradesh East and Haryana telecom circles and renamed it under Hutch brand 2004: Launched in three additional telecom circles of India namely Punjab, Uttar Pradesh West and West Bengal 2005: Acquired BPL (Except Mumbai)- 3 Circles, another mobile service provider in India 2008: Vodafone acquired the License in remaining 7 circles and has started its pending operations in Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh with its headquarters at Malviya Nagar, Bhopal as well as in Orissa, Assam, North East and Bihar 2008: Vodafone launched the Apple iPhone 3G to be used on its 17 circle 2.75G network. Hutch was often praised for its award winning advertisements which all follow a clean ,minimalist look. A recurrent theme is that its message Hello stands out visibly though it uses only white letters on red background. Another recent successful ad campaign in 2003 feature da pug named Cheeka following a boy around in unlikely places, with the tagline, Wherever you go, our network follows. The simple yet powerful advertisement campaigns won it many admirers. 2009: Vodafone launched Recharge Online 2009: Vodafone Essar - 1st Indian Telecom operator to receive the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification for its Mumbai operations and launches unlimited SMS offer in Mumbai. 2010: Vodafone emerged as the most admired marketer in India. 2010: Vodafone crossed 100 mn customer in India. In 2011 vodafone become the 2nd largest telecom operator in India after Airtel. 16
  22. 22. CHAPTER- 3 LIT ERAT URE REVIEW 17 DATA CARD:Wireless Data Card is a revolutionary device used to access high speed internet connectivityfor mail system or any other data transfer from your Laptop, Pocket PC or mobile phonethrough wireless technology. It is very easy to install and use at any given place and time.There are various wireless data card available in the market while varies from each other onthe basis of speed and tariff. The most widely used in the market Linksys wireless adapter,
  23. 23. net gear, wireless router, net gear wireless adapter, ball wireless adapter, Reliance USBmodem, Airtel data Card, Reliance USB Data Card and many more at variable price. Feature & Plans of Vodafone Data Card:Vodafone has lunched high speed internet USB Data Card as same as Broadband accessspeed. Vodafone Data Card connect with Laptop and Desktop just plug in and connect to theVodafone internet server. Vodafone Data Card Provide you 3G Broadband Speeds whileroaming abroad.• Vodafone Data Card Features:• Gets you high-speed connectivity to the internet through the Vodafone EDGE network.• Is easy to install-just plug in and you are ready, no CDs require.• Support 3G, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, GSM quad-band: 850 900 / 1800 / 1900.• Gives 3G Broadband speeds when you travel abroad.• Works with your preferred VPN software, to give you secure access to your company server & internet.• Have many different tariff plans, so you can choose the one that meets your requirement.• Saves you from high internet charges on your hotel bills.• Gets you high-speed connectivity to the internet through the Vodafone EDGE network.• Support SMS.• Supports Micro SD card up to 2GB.• Use in any Laptop or PC • Vodafone Data Card Plans: Here are two types of Data Card Plans. 1. Postpaid Plans 2. Prepaid Plans  VODAFONE DATA CARD
  24. 24. • Vodafone 3G Data Card K3565 The new Vodafone K3565 Data Card supports 3.6 MbpsHSDPA, It is a plug and play Data Card.• Vodafone 3G Data Card K3765 The new Vodafone 3G K3765 Data Card supportsdownload speed up to 7.2 Mbps and Upload speeds up to 5.7 Mbps. Italso has a Memory Card (Micro SD) slot with up to 4GB capacity. It isa plug-and-play USB Data Card with All Windows (Windows 2000)and Apple Mac supported Operating systems. It also support SMS andVoice Service. Different scheme of Vodafone 2G data cardPrepaid planPacks Free data ValidityRs 4 25mb 1 daysRs 16 150mb 3 daysRs 59 400mb 30 daysRs 98 1gb 30 daysRs 299 3gb 30 daysPost paidPacks Free data ValidityRs 99 1 gb 30 days
  25. 25. Rs 149 2gb 30 days19Rs 299 5 gb 30 daysRs 499 Unlimited 30 daysData card price-Rs 1399After free browsing charges will be 5 paisa/10kbData card speed is 236 kbpsVODAFONE 3G 3G stands for third generations technology.It enhances theservice excellence such as video calling multimedia and high speedinternet.Which is 3 times faster then 2G.You can get 3G servicesthrough a 3G compactable handset or through USB Sticks. The Vodafone 3G ready USB stick enables customers to stayconnected on-the-go. Prepaid users can recharge with the VodafoneMobile Connect packs, whereas postpaid customers can avail the oneyear advance rental plans.The Vodafone 3G ready USB stick isavailable across all Vodafone Stores, Mini Stores and other retailoutlets. VODAFONE MI-FI
  26. 26. After its 3G services Vodafone lunched its Mi-Fi device.Which is manufactured by Huawei, the R201 connects to Vodafones 3Gnetwork and allows up to 5 uses with Wi-Fi to connect to it and browserthe Web. It supports HSDPA 7.2 mbps and HSUPA 5.76 mbps. Itprovides 4 hour of battery life. It available in market only at 5500. 20
  27. 27. PEST ANALYSIS• POLITICAL Governmental and legal issues affecting how the company works. Regulations Infrastructures Banning of phones use in certain circumstances Health issues• ECONOMIC Factor affecting the purchasing power of customer and the companies cost of capital. Cost of 3G license Cost of call being driven down Worldwide recession Cost of 2G license• SOCIAL Demographic and cultural aspects of environment which influence customer need and market size. Health issues Demographic Social trends• TECHNOGICAL 2G 3G MMS GPRS 21 COMPETITOR OF VODAFONE
  29. 29. • VODAFONE TARGET THE RURAL INDIA The main target customer of Vodafone are formal ruler India by offering cheap andlight mobile sets. Vodafone attracts most of the customer of the small villages and towns.• OFFERING CHEAP HANDSET Vodafone offers cheap and free connections to all customers the cost for these setswas Rs 79, 849, 1099 set and onwards.• FREE SUPPORT AND SERVICES In every district and big towns opens is service center to provide better support andservices.• A STRONG LOGISTIC AND SUPPLY CHAIN Vodafone has a strong logistic and supply all over India in every small town thepotential customer can easily purchase the Vodafone SIM and sets.• TARGET YOUNGSTAR AND METROPOLITAN Vodafone attracts youngsters by offering colorful handset at every low prices. BRAND POSITION BY VODAFONEMARKET SEGMENTATION Market segmentation is the division of a market into different groups of customers withdistinctly similar needs and product/service requirements. Or to put it another way, marketsegmentation is the division of a mass market into identifiable and distinct groups orsegments, each of which have common characteristics and needs and display similarresponses to marketing actions. • Geographical Segment :For mobile market our Vodafone targets to rural customer and for data card our Vodafone targets to new user of laptop or desktop, college student. • Demographic Segment- middle income groups, • Psychographic • Behavioral
  30. 30.  TARGET MARKETING Vodafone is adopting multi-segment approach .they are offering a series ofdifferentiated products to their respective markets. • Home calling cards for the families of those professional who use to work abroad. • Rs. 10 recharge for small user. • Cheap SMS facility for youth • Facilities for circle users. • And Rs 16 recharge for internet use. • People living in small towns and villages. • Poor middle income groups. • Youngsters in big cities • Unlimited talk time only in Rs249 • Internet unlimited download only in Rs499 . • Cheap SMS facilities for youth. POSITIONING In marketing positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to createan image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product brand ororganization .Effective Brand Positioning is contingent upon identifying and communicatinga brands uniqueness, differentiation and verifiable value. “Positioning is not what you do to a product, it is what you do to the mind of prospect.”Generally, the brand positioning process involves: 1. Identifying the businesss direct competition. 2. Understanding how each competitor is positioning their business today. 24
  31. 31. 3. Comparing the companys positioning to its competitors to identify viable areas for differentiation. 4. Developing a distinctive, differentiating and value-based brand positioning statement, key messages and customer value propositions. Place: maximum outlets and service centers Product: Verities available for various groups Promotion: Various schemes for pre-paid and post-paid Before Vodafone took over hutch the positioning strategy followed by hutch was alreadya success in the indian telecom market. The company got huge appreciation and for the wordwining ad campaigns. Differentiating it services from the competitor’s and presenting it in aform of an advertisement helped hutch in positioning its brand in a world class manner.Showing its class in the telecom industry was important and reflected when the companysigned the 2 class acts in there field, Rahul Dravid and Irfan Khan as its brand ambassadors.In 2007, when Vodafone took over hutch, the transition time for the company was very less.Decisions regarding relaunching of brand, positioning, channelizing, etc were taken andimplemented in four months. INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE "http://gombar.in/images/blog/hutch.jpg" *
  32. 32. MERGEFORMATINETIt was important for Vodafone to maintain the things as it is before making any big change inthe services,and to ensure that the company went for the similar ad campaigns with a pug in ittrying to show that the pughas got a new home.In the latest Positioning strategy, Vodafone launched the ‘Power to you’ campaign. Power toyou has following features. 25 INCLUDEPICTURE"http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE
  33. 33. "http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2009/vodafonepowertoyou/vodafonepowertoyou_video_thumb.jpg" * MERGEFORMATINET "Power to you" comes together with new services that bring the Internet, theemail & social Communities closer than ever to customers Enhanced user experience of email and Internet on the mobile phone, through theservice “Vodafone Internet pe Mobil” which now integrates the Opera Mini browser Easy email access, anytime anywhere, from a broad variety of handsets. Together with the new brand promise, Vodafone refreshes the IVR for easier andimproved customer experience.
  34. 34. 26 DISTRIBUTION A broad range of channels through which customers can access our services andproducts.• DIRECT CHANNEL We directly own and manage about 2,200 stores around the world and we also havearound 10,300 Vodafone-branded stores run through franchise and exclusive dealerarrangements. In most of our local markets sales forces also sell direct to enterprisecustomers.• INDIRECT CHANNEL The level of indirect distribution varies between markets and may include using thirdparty service providers, independent dealers, distributors and retailers.• ONLINE The internet has also become an increasingly powerful and cost-effective distributionchannel. 51% of our European contract customers receive their bills online. SERVICES Services to meet all our customers’ needs• VOICE We are one of the largest carriers of mobile voice traffic in the world providingdomestic, international and roaming voice services to more than 370 million customers.• MESSAGING Our networks sent and received over 292 billion text, picture, music and videomessages this year.
  35. 35. • DATA More than 75 million customers buy our mobile data services which allow access tothe internet, email and applications on their phones, tablets, laptops and netbooks. 27• FIXED LINE Over six million customers use our fixed broadband services in 13 markets to meettheir total communications needs. In addition, through Gateway, we provide wholesale carrierservices to more than 40 African countries. OTHER SERVICES REVENUE This includes business managed services, such as secure remote network access, andrevenue from mobile virtual network operators generated from selling access to our networkat the wholesale level.• 4G/LTE MOBILE BROADBAND USB STICK The Samsung GT-B3740, is our first ever 4G/LTE network device which enablescustomers to experience super-fast mobile broadband.• SMART PHONES AND TABLETS These have advanced capabilities including access to email, the internet and mobileapplications such as Google Maps and Facebook. Smartphones now account for 19% of thetotal number of phones used by our customers in Europe. We now supply the iPhone in 19markets.• VODAFONE BRANDED HANDSET We are making Vodafone designed handsets available to mass market audienceswhile offering differentiated experiences. During the year 14 new handsets were releasedunder our own brand and we shipped 5.8 million.• OTHER CONNECTED DEVICES
  36. 36. In addition to handsets, we supply a range of innovative connected smart devices.During the year we launched our first ever USB stick based on 4G/LTE technology andVodafone WebBox which enables customers to connect to the internet using existingtelevision sets by simply plugging in a keyboard with an embedded mobile SIM. 28 VODAFONE MARKETING MIXESSENTIALS OF MARKETING: The world is a global market with few barriers, so Vodafone has to behighly visible as ‘the brand to buy’. Effective marketing is the key to this high visibility.Marketing involves anticipating customers’ needs and finding the right product or service tomeet those needs, thereby encouraging high sales levels. Vodafone goes further by looking toimpress on its customers not merely what its products are i.e. features, but also what they canincreasingly do i.e, benefits. This involves effective communication. There is a slowdown insales of mobile handsets, in some markets like the UK, as the mature part of the productlifecycle is reached. Customers are exposed to a barrage of different images and messages bymobile phone companies, as the competition gets tougher. Vodafone appeals to newcustomers and aims to keep its existing ones by emphasising the uniqueness of the brand. Vodafone’s aim is to grow its revenue and improves its profit marginby adding value to its products and services i.e. earning more from each product sold. The‘Vodafone live!’ service enables customers to use picture messaging and to downloadpolyphonic ring tones, colour games, images and information, through an icon-driven menu. This service will soon be further enhanced by picture messaginglibraries, video clips and video telephony (seeing the person youre calling) and improvingdownload speeds. Another service is the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card, which enablescustomers to access their normal business applications on a laptop when out of the office.Such services add value to the product, and high profile effective promotion will help sellthese services to existing and new customers. VODAFONE’S MARKETING MIX:
  37. 37. A longer term marketing strategy is underpinned by careful planning and asuccessful marketing mix. The marketing mix is a combination of many features that can berepresented by the four Ps.• Product - features and benefits of a good or service• Place - where the good or service can be bought• Price - the cost of a good or service• Promotion - how customers are made aware of a good or service. 291. PRODUCT• A product with many different features provides customers with opportunities to chat, play games, send and receive pictures, change ring tones, receive information about travel and sporting events, obtain billing information - and soon view video clips and send video messages.• Vodafone live! provides on-the-move information services.2. PLACE• Vodafone UK operates over 300 of its own stores.• It also cells through independent retailers e.g. Carphone Warehouse.• Customers are able to see and handle products they are considering buying.• People are on hand to ensure customers’ needs are matched with the right product and to explain the different options available.3. PRICE• Vodafone wants to make its services accessible to as many people as possible: from the young, through apprentices and high powered business executives, to the more mature users.• It offers various pricing structures to suit different customer groups.• Monthly price plans are available as well as prepay options. Phone users can top up their phone on line.• Vodafone UK gives NECTAR reward points for every £1 spent on calls, text messages, picture messages and ring tones.4. PROMOTION Vodafone works with icons such as David Beckham to communicate its brand values.
  38. 38. • Advertising on TV, on billboards, in magazines and in other media outlets reaches large audiences and spreads the brand image and the message very effectively. This is known as above the line promotion.• Stores have special offers, promotions and point of sale posters to attract those inside the stores to buy.• Vodafone’s stores, its products and its staff all project the brand image.• Vodafone actively develops good public relations by sending press releases to national newspapers and magazines to explain new products and ideas. 30 VODAFONE PRODUCTS:• Brand Image: Dvid Beckham is more than a footballer. He is also regarded as a fashionicon, a caring family man and a nice guy: an overall image that attracted Vodafone to him.Beckham’s popularity with football fans comes largely from his England team captaincy. Asa footballer, he is well regarded around the world. Other young men who might aspire to hissuccess and style also tend to identify with him. He appeals to many females because of hisreputation as a fashion and lifestyle icon. He is also married to a femaleicon in her own right. Vodafone’s sponsorship of the Manchester United team appeals to a broadsection of the global football/sports audience, whereas aspects of Beckham’s broader imagehave grown to appeal to a much wider section of society. That suits Vodafone, who needs toappeal to different• Segments of the market. Beckham’s healthy lifestyle allied to his talent suggests an energy and acontrolled passion for life; an image that Vodafone would also like to project for itself. On afootball field, Beckham is innovative, creative, exciting; characteristics that Vodafone aspiresto. Beckham the family man comes across as caring and empathetic; Vodafone wants peopleto appreciate that it too understands and cares about what people want and need. Beckham isgenerally seen as dependable; Vodafone wants to communicate a similar image. The synergyis clear.• The campaign Beckham is supporting the campaign to promote Vodafone live! in the UKand in other markets. The UK campaign shows Beckham doing everyday things: a happy,
  39. 39. relaxed, competent shopper sending pictures and accepting a message to remember to buyeggs. At the same time he is also clearly demonstrating what Vodafone live! can do.The TV campaign has been a huge success. Many people have seen it and can recall theadverts. The campaign captured the imagination of the press, and many newspapers coveredstories about Beckham’s sponsorship deal. Slogans such as ‘Send it like Beckham’ help tofurther promote the Vodafone message. Beckham’s image is also used on a variety of othercustomer communications including in-store posters, billboards, in the company’s magazinesand catalogues and in leaflets mailed to customers. 31• Market Research. High profile campaigns are a gamble. The campaign’s impact has to justify thetime, money and effort spent on it. The marketing team must evaluate the campaign’ssuccess. Vodafone UK has asked people across different sectors of society about thecampaign, and has analysed their responses. Individuals were asked what they couldremember about the campaigns. This is known in the marketing industry as recall.• Recall % Another exercise assessed the effectiveness of the poster depicting Beckhambeing reminded to buy some eggs. People in the survey are shown different Vodafone postersand asked to say which of them they recall in relation to Vodafone live!Clearly, the Beckham poster is far and away the one that is best recalled.Other data has been used to assess the success of the Beckham promotion. Findings from UKBrand Tracking data reveal that the TV campaign has increased awareness of Vodafone withabove average efficiency as measured by the Awareness Index, primarily because of theBeckham scenes. People are able to recall and describe the advertisements withoutprompting. The Beckham campaign has also helped to support Vodafone’s drive for brandmigration. Vodafone can help to fulfil its aim to grow successfully by acquiring localcompanies in markets that Vodafone would like to enter. A good example of this isVodafone’s purchase of J-Phone in Japan. The initial strategy was to use a dual J-PhoneVodafone logo alongside the powerful image of Beckham to emphasise the relationshipbetween the two companies. The final transition removed the J-Phone logo altogether to a sole focus onVodafone (Vodafone KK). This strategy warmed J-Phone’s customers to the idea of a global
  40. 40. brand replacing a local brand. David Beckham is a popular figure in Japan and helped tosmooth the way for the substitution of the global brand in place of the local one. 32 ADVERTISING INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE"http://ramblogs.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/zoozoo-002-002.jpg" *
  41. 41. MERGEFORMATINET ZooZoo, the new brand ambassador of Vodafone, has created a furor in theadvertising industry. Zoozoos have been successful in giving Vodafone a makeover andestablishing maximum brand presence. I consider it to be a perfect example of a well-laid outmarketing strategy for the following reasons: Vodafone chose the Indian Premier League 2 (IPL-2) as a platform to launchtheir advertisement, which proved to be a great marketing strategy. Cricket is considered tobe a religion in India, and Zoozooz captured attention of nearly two billion people during theIPL. People eagerly waited for breaks between matches to see more stories about Zoozoo. Zoozoos are small pseudo-animated characters with big egg-shaped head, roundbelly but extremely thin arms and legs. It was a fresh and innovative concept and Vodafonewonderfully promoted their services by creating different stories featuring Zoozoos. Thecharm of the Zoozoo was itself a great self-marketing strategy and they were instant successamong masses. Within few days, Zoozooz created a huge audience for them, giving a boost tothe Vodafone brand.
  42. 42. People were already in awe of those cute and lovable characters, but thecuriosity heightened when Vodafone disclosed that Zoozooz were not animated, ratherhumans were playing those characters. People were even more hungry to know about theirfavorite Zoozooz. 33 In the second phase, after the release of these ads, Vodafone promoted thesecharacters on social media sites, which was another wise decision. Zoozoo fan clubs are thereon social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, and many more, wherethey have a huge followings. Now Vodafone has announced to launch the Zoozoo goodies like zoozoo toys,zoozoo mugs, zoozoo keychains, zoozoo t-shirts, etc. Zoozooz have themselves become abrand and it will be interesting to see how Vodafone uses this concept in future to promotetheir services. According to TRAI the total number of telephone subscribers inIndia increased to 846.32 million at the end of March 2011 from 826.25 mn at the end ofFebruary 2011, registering a growth rate of 2.43 percent. Urban subscriber numbers haveshown a decline of 2.32 percent totaling 66.65 percent from 66.72 percent where as the shareof rural subscribers has increased by 2.64 percent from 33.28 percent to 33.35 percent. Thisonly proves the growing upward mobility of the rural market. The total wireless subscriberbase increased from 791.38 mn in February 2011 to 811.59 mn at the end of March 2011,registering a growth of 2.55 percent. Here again, the share of urban subscribers has declinedto 66.30 percent from 66.36 percent, where as the share of rural subscribers has increasedfrom 33.64 percent to 33.70 percent. The overall wireless teledensity in India reaches 67.98.According to estimates, Bharti Airtels market share is now 19.99 percent, followed byReliance Communications at 16.72 percent and Vodafone at 16.58 percent. BSNL has 11.32percent while Tata Teleservices has 10.98 percent market share while Idea Cellular has 11.03percent. In early March, Bharati Airtel announced that it had added 6 lakh 3Gsubscribers in the 11 circles where it has launched 3G services till date, and is targeting 1,000towns by the end of FY 2012.Idea Cellular reported 1 mn 3G subscribers within a month ofits launch. RCom has launched 3G in over 150 cities, the latest being in HP, and it plans torollout 3G services in all its 13 circles where it won 3G spectrum shortly. Vodafone reportedover 2 lakh 3G subscribers in March 2011, and says that it is adding 35,000 new 3G users ona daily basis. It has launched in over 8 circles till date. Tata DOCOMO, which invested Rs
  43. 43. 250 cr for its 3G rollout in Gujarat, now offers 3G services in 19 cities in the state, besidesalso being present in 8 other circles. VLR active subscribers have also increased to 70.72 percent of the totalwireless subscriber base, with 573.97 mn being active Vlr subscribers in March, out of thetotal 811.59 mn subscriber base, according to TRAI data. Circle-wise, Jammu andKashmir has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 79.63 percent, followedby Assam (78.18 percent) and Maharashtra (76.79 percent); Mumbai has the lowestproportion with 58.49 percent. MNPhas also shown a record 64.23 mn lakh subscriber churn by the end ofMarch 2011, where North and Western India recorded the maximum amount of MNPnumbers. According to a report released by COAI in March, Vodafone was the biggest gainerin MNP, adding over 50,000 customers, followed by Idea which added 0.18 percent netadditions to their total subscriber base, Bharti Airtel which added 0.10 percent net additionsto its subscriber base. According to the report, RCom has fared the worst in MNP, losingmore than 350 thousand subscribers, with net additions of -0.24 percent. India’s leading Mobile Service operator Vodafone has added a total of 3.68million GSM subscribers which is the highest number of new mobile subscribers additions inthe month of March 2011. Vodafone’s GSM subscriber base now reached 134.5 million, asper the COAI data. Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) today released the GSMsubscriber base for March 2011 and, quite expectantly, new additions continue at an averagegrowth rate. The total 14.5 million new GSM subscribers being added in March at a monthlygrowth rate of 2.61% taking the all-India GSM cellular subscriber base to 559.55 million.Among the GSM Mobile Service Operators, Bharti Airtel notched up 3.20 million newsubscribers during the month, taking its total base to 162 million. While India’s nationaltelecom backbone and Pan India 3G Mobile service operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd(BSNL) added up 1.3 million new users in March-2011, taking its total subscriber base to86.4 million. Idea Cellular added 2.7 million new customers, boosting its subscriber base to89.5 million, while Aircel increased its base by over 1.3 million customers to take itssubscriber base to 54.8 million. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) added 20,720new users during the month, boosting its total base to 5.19 million at the end of March, 2011.
  44. 44. Uninor, one of the youngest GSM operators in India has added 1.2mn GSM subscriberwhileVideocon added 5,41,877 subscribers and STel managed just 1,28,429 new subscribersfrom 5 circles. Etisalat DB/Cheers Mobile 3,15,709 added subscribers in 13 circles. 35GSM Operator Total Subscriber Base – MarchMarket Share 2011Bharti Airtel 162,203,480 28.48%Vodafone Essar 134,569,706 23.63%IDEA Cellular 89,503,318 15.71%BSNL 86,458,165 15.18%Aircel 54,843,290 9.63%Uninor 22,792,141 4.00%Videocon 7,105,960 1.25%MTNL 5,199,337 0.91%Loop Mobile 3,094,204 0.54%STel 2,820,891 0.50%Etisalat DB (Cheer Mobile) 6,52,370 0.17%All India (excluding Reliance and 569,558,571 100%Tata) 36
  46. 46. DATA COLLECTION In my research studies I had collected the various data from different Retailer in Bhubaneswar as well as nearer to Bhubaneswar location in Orissa, about the Market Survey Of Vodafone Data Card . Which makes my Project fruitful. However the following given datas are collected by my own in my 3 months Research programm period.Outlet Name Tata Micromax Beetle Reliance RIL Aircel Airtel Others GuruMusic bhawan Yes Yes Yes YesUma electronics Yes Yes YesThe computer house Yes Yes YesIt care Yes Yes Yes YesHcl world Yes Yes YesIt centre Yes Yes YesSancheti infosys Yes Yes Yes YesInfotech system YesCell electronics Yes Yes Yes YesLife style Yes Yes Yes YesTime & sound Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesSwastic electronics Yes Yes YesSri sai electronics Yes YesOrissa mobile parts Yes Yes YesSister mobile Yes Yes YesHeera ent Yes YesKhusi communication YesLaptop world YesMeltronix services Yes Yes YesOmtronix Yes YesLife light Yes YesAman infosys Yes Yes Yes Yes YesOm electronics Yes Yes Yes YesIntex Yes Yes YesTechnology Yes Yes Yes Yes YesAllied corner Yes Yes YesCell net Yes Yes Yes YesSubham electronics Yes Yes Yes
  47. 47. Unicorn Yes Yes YesSrijagannath fancy Yes Yes YesUnicon Yes Yes Yes YesM/s landmark Yes Yes YesNigam info solution Yes Yes Yes YesLaptop lounge Yes Yes Yes YesNilesh infotech Yes Yes Yes YesComputer planets Yes Yes Yes YesDas computers Yes Yes YesSai info solution Yes Yes Yes YesShree rishab infotech Yes YesShree computer Yes YesMaa entp Yes YesMohaparta comm Yes Yes YesSuruchi communica YesMobile zone YesDash electronics Yes YesSystematrix Yes YesAshribad computer Yes YesFashion park Yes Yes Yes Yes YesSa Infosys Yes Yes Yes Yes YesE mart 4 you Yes Yes YesGedget world Yes Yes YesTanisha e world Yes Yes YesBit & byte Yes YesBest communication Yes YesIt clinic Yes YesTrisha infotech Yes YesY 2 k communication Yes YesDiya mobile Yes Yes YesSystem world Yes 39 MARKET ANALYSIS ON VODAFONE DATA CARD THROUGH THE ABOVE DATA COLLECTION.
  48. 48. For the Market Analysis of Vodafone Data Card I have taken the above sample whichsize is 60 retailer. Through the above data collection in my Research studies I analyzelots of information they are such as : Most of the Retailers even if people don’t aware about Vodafone Data Card. It is only cause for the other Competitors Data Card of Vodafone are already exist in the Market. From the above 60 sample I got to know that most of the retailer are prefer to use MICROMAX Data Card, then Tata Data Card & the etc. However from the above sample the Total 60 no of retailer’s response is: MARKET ANALYSIS ON DATA CARD Total=60 40 ANALYSIS ON THE BASIS OF QUESTIONNAIRES.
  49. 49. Through the questionnaires to different Retailer & People in myResearch study I got to know that Maximum people are unaware about Vodafone Datacard. Even if some people like its Cellular service customer but they unaware aboutVodafone Data Card .If someone know about Vodafone data card ,he is saying thatdata card of Vodafone is not good . It may be true or false. But however maximumpeople says that Vodafone fail to fulfill its promise in Data Card field through itprovide good service in cellular sector. And for this reason people like to use otherData Cards which are available in the Market even the Vodafone Data Card pricelow . In my research period I identify that maximum Data card Market is captured byMICROMAX & TATA PHOTON PLUS . So it is a very difficult for Vodafone DataCard to exist in present situation. But it is true that everything will be possible so whynot for Vodafone Data Card. For this reason to find out what is the real fact behindVodafone Data Card, for this I done SWOT Analysis which is explained below. 41 SWOT ANALYSIS OF VODAFONE DATA CARD:StrengthVodafone has fully IP enabled infrastructure thus implying application convergence,service convergence and network convergence. Vodafone has been able to maintain a
  50. 50. strong distribution channel. It is world’s second largest telecom company. 2G datacard speed is 236kbps and 3g data card speed is 7.5mbps. Its annual revenue is good,which helps in investing in assets for long term growth.WeaknessIts 3G service is not available in all circle. There is not a better promotion of this datacard. Most of retailer unknown about this data card. Vodafone deposited more then10,000 cr for 3G license but till now it is not recovered. There is no availability ofunlimited download plan for prepaid customer.OpportunitiesA strong economy and a growing market. Indian telecom industry is the fastestgrowing telecom industry in the world. So there is a opportunity for Vodafone togrow. Partnership with a good advertising company could help for better promotion.Now-a-day’s most of rural people using internet ,so there is good chance to growth byrural penetration. In Odisha 3G services is not provided by Vodafone ,so it’s a anotheropportunity to grow up. Providing low price scheme for price sensitive customer.ThreatRegulatory decision and changes. Reduction in entry fee and annual license fee forNational Long Distance and International Long Distance(ILD). In indian market ,there is a large number of player. So, these are the threats for Vodafone. 42
  51. 51. CHAPTER-5FINDINGS 43
  52. 52.  FINDINGS: Most of retailer unaware about Vodafone Data Card. Retailer and customer all are need for a unlocked data card. Some retailer interested for this data card because its price is less. On the other hand some retailer preferring speed data card to sale for this cause they sale to prefer other Data card expect Vodafone. There is a greater demand in market for latest technology which is the drawback of Vodafone Data Card. People perception about Vodafone Data Card’s poor service facility. Less of advertisement in educational field like school, college, university, medicine, science & technology etc where the use of Data Card i.e Internet is highly essential for every phase. FINDINGS OVER THE SAMPLING DATA THROUGH QUESTIONNAIRE TO RETAILER’S 44
  53. 53.  Findings Through The Questionnaires To People.1. Have you Internet connection or not? INTERNET USER Total=502. Awareness of Data Card? Total=50 45
  54. 54. 3. Awareness of Vodafone Data Card ? Total Respondends =50 46
  57. 57. CONCLUSION From the entire studies of my 3 months Summer Internship Programon “Market Survey of Vodafone Data Card” I am here concluding that- Though Vodafone has a widest Telecom Sector in whole over theworld it should have a deepest Product line in internet Data Card Market. But asper my survey , questionnaires to people as well as many retailer , have differentbuyer decision & valid perception about using different brands of Data Card inthe Market for internet accessing , Because people were perceiving that Vodafoneis not a user friendly Data Card service provider but still some of its customeruses its product for its Brand Image. Hence Vodafone should aim to providingdifferent aggressive promotional strategies like good network connectivity, latestadvertisements, competitive Data card price, cost effective Tariff Plans , & moreuser friendly service over Internet Data Card. Then it will be able to exist itself infront of its competitors in the Market. 49
  59. 59. QUESTIONNAIRESNAME:ADDRESS:OCCUPATION:CELLULAR SERVICE USED: (TICK the appropriate option ).1. Do you have any PC or Laptop? Yes No2. Do you have Internet connection in your PC or Laptop? Yes No3. If yes, from which source you are accessing internet ? Broad Band Connection GPRS LAN connection Data Card Other Source4. Do you know about Vodafone Data Card? Yes No5. How you know about this Vodafone Data Card ?ADVERTISEMENT FRIEND INTERNET OTHER6. Which Brand of Data Card You use? Vodafone MicroMax Airtel BSNL Photon plus Reliance Other 517. Why you choose that Data Card?
  60. 60. LESS PRICE SPEED BRAN NAME SCHEME D8. Which feature of your data card is better than other Data Card ? Advertisements Connectivity Schemes9. Which type of advertisement you most like in VODAFONE ? Audio Visual Print –Audio10. What do you rate the Vodafone customer care service ? 10-20% 20-30% 30-40% 40-50% More Then 50% 52 QUESTIONNAIRES TO RETAILER’S
  61. 61. NAME –ADDRESS-SHOP TYPE- 1. Which companies data card available in your store? 2. How many data card you sales in a month? 3. From your total sale which is more preferred by customer? 4. Why customer likes that data card? 5. From your view which data card is better? 6. Why that data card is better? 7. Do you have any idea about Vodafone data card? 8. Till now any customer asking you for Vodafone data card? 53
  63. 63. BIBLIOGRAPHYBOOKSMarketing Management-Phillip KotlerMAGAZINE4P’s.VikalpaMarketing Master MindHavard Business ReviewNEWSPAPERSBusiness StandardThe Economic TimesWEBSITEwww.vodafone.inwww.vodafone.comwww.vodafonecellular.comwww.trai.comwww.google.com 55