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Website analysis


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An analysis of existing artist/band websites and the conclusions drawn from the research

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Website analysis

  1. 1. WEBSITE ANALYSISI am going to look at existing websites from artists and bands from a similar genre as SeanBones to determine common features on a music website, and also to gain inspiration for myown website.
  2. 2. 1. MUMFORD AND
  3. 3. 8 pagesAudio symbolClear rectangular structure to makedistinction between each sectionOptions for audience toconnect with bandUnderstated, vintage feel tothe template and choice ofcolours – fitting with the band
  4. 4. Using a blog linked to the website creates a personal touch – a way for the audience/fans to findout what the band are doing, where they are etc.Large, high quality imageClear menu bar to navigate
  5. 5. Posts written by the band, informationabout them, quotesLots of images to scrollthrough from liveperformances
  6. 6. Slideshow of YouTube videos to navigate through with arrows
  7. 7. Album artworkShort description of album –important for new fansTracklistLinks to purchase music
  8. 8. 2. BEN
  9. 9. 9 pagesMusic playerLinks to social network withineasy accessA clip from one of Ben Howard’s music videoswhich plays on repeat in the background (not animage)Sticks to black, white andyellow for text – simplistic andlooks professional
  10. 10. Album artwork that links toiTunes, shows on every page ofthe website - promotionSocial network‘share buttons’
  11. 11. Album artwork that links toiTunes, shows on every page ofthe website - promotionOption to change locationSearch bar –user friendlyBasket – easy instant accessto ticketsRelevant information presentedclearly in a table format
  12. 12. Album artwork that links toiTunes, shows on every page ofthe website - promotionTracklistLinks to purchasealbum, quick and easy
  13. 13. Slideshow of images to click through with arrows, nothing else on the pageUse of bold, black lines to act as dividers – makes the website clearand easy to follow
  14. 14. Currency option – global aspectSpecial offers andpromotions to encouragepurchasesMedium sized thumbnails whichcan be enlarged once clicked on
  15. 15. 3.
  16. 16. Blank page with Bastille logo and ‘enter website’ button – certainly attracts attention andstands out from other artist/band websitesImportance of socialnetworking
  17. 17. 13 pagesVery simplistic homepage – backgroundimage and logo. UnconventionalQuick links to socialnetworking sites
  18. 18. Promoting the album -direct link to purchaseFilmstrip background with video clipslayered over it, scroll left and right whencursor is placed over it
  19. 19. Store opens up on a new window - different background,colour scheme, but same logo and fontsMerchandise organisedby type of productMedium thumbnails with relevantinformation, basket at bottom ofpage
  20. 20. Links to purchase product, with pricesBackground same as before, fits corporate identity Tracklist
  21. 21. • A consistent theme running throughout, which also matches the music videos andalbum artwork - in terms of colour, images, fonts and logos• Plenty of high quality images, either used as backgrounds, album covers or featured inthe ‘gallery’ section• Between 8-11 different pages, clearly presented on the navigation bar• Consistent promotion of the album, with direct links to iTunes and other sources• Use of logo on each page, reinforcing corporate identity of the artist/brand• Slideshows of images and videos, incorporating lots of mixed media to the websiteincludingYouTube, Soundcloud etc• Social networking logos, feeds and share buttons• Methods to contact and connect with the artist/band - through social networks, emaildropbox, forums, blogs, newsletters• Clear dividers (usually bold, black lines) to ensure that the website is easy to followand clearly laid out• Opportunities to purchase tickets for live dates directly from the website• Short description of artist/band to attract new fansCommon features of an artist/band website: