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Making my digipak


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Making my digipak

  2. 2. I downloaded the Adobe Photoshop CS6 trial version and wentto YouTube to watch some tutorials.
  3. 3. I imported the digipak template that I had previously downloaded onto Photoshop as the first layer.
  4. 4. I chose the image that I wanted to be the front cover of the digipak, and opened it on the iPhotoeditor.The original image had sand and sea in the background as it was taken on one of our filming days. I hadremoved this previously on Photoshop. There were also two people in the background, which I forgotto remove, so, using the editor I erased them with the ‘blemish’ tool.
  5. 5. Removing the people in the background to create a clean white base for the image:
  6. 6. I thenenhanced andfaded theimage untilwas happywith thecolourquality.
  7. 7. I compiled all the images, and logos that I wanted to feature on my digipak, and imported themonto Photoshop too.
  8. 8. I put it all together on my template on Photoshop, as well as adding layers with text for thetracklist, album title, information on spine and record label information.