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  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?QUESTION 2
  3. 3. Use of ‘indie-rock’ genreOne of the key concepts of my musicvideo was the ‘isolated’ and‘mysterious’ protagonist - a featurewhich is typical of my chosen genre.Fitting with the genre, it wasimportant to portray a male whowas in search of something, andthus the idea of travelling andjourneys came about. The videofeatures shots of the actor on abike, walking and in-car shots toconvey movement. There is alsoa change in the sun and sky at thestart of the video to present theidea that time has passed. Travelling videos conventionally feature repeated shots of the method oftransport - the bicycle not only features a lot in the music video, but is visiblein the photographs on the website.This mysterious quality is reflected in the images used on the digipak(particularly the front cover) and the website - in the way that the actor islooking away from the camera. There are no other people in any of theimages and the beach background was removed from image on the frontcover, (leaving a plain, white background) which echoes this ‘isolated’feeling.
  4. 4. Use of imagesThe main location featured in themusic video is Bournemouth beach,so it was important to translate thisbeach imagery in the ancillary texts.The same outfit isfeatured in all theimages. Thisreflects theday-long journeyfeatured in thevideo and fits inwith the‘indie-rock’ genre,which isn’t heavilyfocused on outfitchanges.The back cover of thedigipak is a photographthat I took of the sunpeering through sometrees - this image isreinforced in themusic videos duringthe in-car trackingshot of the sky.When editing my digipak andwebsite images, I used thesame editing software, pixlr-o-matic. This resulted in all theimages having a consistentcolour quality.
  5. 5. Use of fonts and logosThe logo that I designed is an important partof creating a brand identity for an artist orband. It is also key to reinforce and repeatthe use of the logo throughout theproducts, maximising promotion.I included the logo on the top banner of my website, whichshows on every page. The logo is also visible on the back coverand spine of the digipak.The SEAN BONES typeface isan additional way for theaudience to recognise the brandimage of the artist. It is featuredon the banner of the websiteand the album cover.
  6. 6. Use of colourThe photographs takenat the beach primarilyconsist of turquoiseblues and sandy goldencolours. Thephotographs wereedited to add a vintagequality to them, usingpixlr-o-matic. The choiceof colours are inspiredby the summery moodof the song, and by usingthe images on thedigipak and website, theaudience can be instantlyreminded of the musicvideo.The choice of colours on the website and the SEAN BONES typeface are moreunderstated than the beach images. I think these stronger colours compliment thebrightness of the beach images, and are more appropriate for a website (light coloursdon’t necessarily look clear and neat). I chose a bright orange to highlight certain partsof the website, but only sparingly. The colours are also reflected on the digipak, and aremainly inspired by the colours of the outfit that we styled our actor in (black, white andgrey).
  7. 7. Integration of productsWhen making multiple promotional products,it is important to link them all together as areminder that they are all fulfilling the samepurpose.On the homepage of mywebsite, I embedded aYouTube link to my finishedmusic video. I also added aSoundcloud link to the singleon the homepage, as well asthe ‘music’ page.I posted a ‘sneak peek’ of thealbum cover - something thatwould keep the fansinterested and updated on theprogress of the album release.On the back cover of my digipak, Iprovided the link to the website. Thiswould encourage fans to visit the websiteand possibly purchase tickets andmerchandise - effective promotion.
  8. 8. Overall, I think that my music video, digipak and websitework effectively together as a collection of promotionalproducts, rather than three separate items. I have carefullyconsidered the genre of my products, the use of image,colour, fonts and logos, and have managed to successfullyintegrate the products together. It seems clear that theproducts are fulfilling the same purpose, and a consistentcorporate identity is presented throughout.