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Audience response survey


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Audience response survey

  1. 1. AUDIENCE SURVEY RESPONSES AND ANALYSISI conducted a survey in which I asked media studies students various general questions aboutmusic videos. The responses for these questions will be significant during the next stage of the process because I can take their views into account and plan my video accordingly. 1) May have seen a lot of Suggests these people know music videos, meaning a lot about music videos and my video should be the typical conventions unique and stand out from existing products
  2. 2. 2) The differences between the results show that genres are certainly considered important from an audiences point of view, Pop videos are the most popular – probably and should be researched because they receive most airtime on music thoroughly. channels e.g. MTV No one chose the Folk Indie and Rock genres are both fairly genre as their favourite popular – generally concept or – lack of interesting folk performance based videos videos?
  3. 3. The artist being present in the video is clearly an important factor for the3) audience to enjoy the video A small percentage prefer not to see the artist/artists, perhaps they prefer conceptual, more abstract videos, or may even prefer actors in narrative videos4) Although some disagree, narrative based videos seem to be generally more engaging for the audience, and possible more memorable
  4. 4. 5) Majority of people asked do enjoy humour in a music videos. However, only certain genres of music allow for humour to be appropriate e.g. Rap, Indie and possible RnB6) Depending on the mood of the song choice, dance would be an important part of a music video. I should also consider that in order to have a successful routine in the video I must find dancers as opposed to people with no previous experience
  5. 5. 7) Important to suit the mood of the song, and not to overshadow the purpose of the music video – to promote the song itselfResults show that the video should Too much diegetic sound canbe engaging but not unrealistic or distract from the message of theunrelated to the music video, should only use it sparingly
  6. 6. 8) In order for the video to be engaging throughout, it is a good idea to use more than one location. This is not only beneficial from an audience’s point of view but will allow me to experiment with lighting and mise-en-scene9) This result tells me that although the video is used in order to sell the song, there are other important factors and uses of a music video that I must consider
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONS• Genres need to be considered carefully and researched thoroughly• The pop genre is the most popular style of video while folk is the least popular• The majority of people would prefer to see the artist in the video• In order for the video to be interesting and unique for the audience, a story must develop and unfold• I should research humour in music videos and how successful they have been in the past, as most of the people asked said they enjoy a comic element to a music video• Once the song choice has been selected, I should determine whether dance would be suitable• Too much diegetic sound can seriously hinder the effectiveness of the music video• I should try and shoot the video in multiple locations as opposed to a single location• Watching music videos often leads to the purchase of the song, but also serves other purposes