Aisle411 presentation for location intelligence conference 2013 v4


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aisle411 in-store mode mobile shopping platform with indoor maps, product search, indoor location positioning.

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  • Impressive technology destined to differentiate the growers from the slowers. I'll be watching this space...
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Aisle411 presentation for location intelligence conference 2013 v4

  1. 1. Indoor Location &Commerce PlatformIndoor Venue Data:Indoor MapsRich Indoor POIsIn-Store Search APISDKMay  2013  Kris  Kolodziej,  VP  Loca8on  Services  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  Loca%on  Intelligence  2013    
  2. 2. aisle411 Reach & Headlinesaisle411: 12,000 + Indoor Retail LocationsMore retailer item level searchablemaps than Google and Bing combined  Headlines:  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   2  
  3. 3. •  In-store Location platform is live in over12,000 retail locations•  Trusted by leading retailers – multipleTop 10 US retailers•  Core value: organizing and enhancingin-store product location data for useon mobile applications•  Offer licensed technology to retailers•  Founded in 20083  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  Company Snapshot
  4. 4. The Problem©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   4  Retailers Lose Up to 20% of their revenuedue to “Walk-outs” where shoppers are leaving thestore without buying what they intended.20%Walking out the door.
  5. 5. Raising the bar on searchand navigation indoors.Confiden8al  ©  aisle411  Inc.  2013  -­‐  All    Rights  Reserved    aisle411 is the clear market leaderpowering over 12,000 retail locations.The Market Leader
  6. 6. Major Market Shift in Shopper Behavior©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   6  
  7. 7. Unique and Powerful Product“Search-in-a-store” isdifferent than search online.Shoppers get answers fast,with one search.©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   7  
  8. 8. aisle411 Business Model is Linked to Data QualityCollect, Organize and Monetizeindoor location datathrough a mobile platform.Collect Organize MonetizeIndoor Location DataProprietary data conversion tools result inrich and high quality data©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  9. 9. 9  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  aisle411 ProductsProducts  Store Maps SDK/APIsIn-Store Product Search APIProduct Recommendations Ad SDKLocate Offers/Weekly AdsIn-Store Geo-Fence Alerts API (private beta)
  10. 10. aisle411 creates interactive smart, shop-ablemaps by layering searchable item levelproduct location data within dynamic maps.Floor  Map   In-­‐Store  Inventory  Product  Loca%on  &  Sub-­‐Loca%on  Point  of  Interest  Data  Indoor  Posi%oning  Wi-­‐fi  Signatures  Technology: Unique Data Layering©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  11. 11. aisle411 Data Layers1Indoor  Loca8on  Posi8oning  *  RF  Fingerprin8ng  data  Analy8cs  • User  insights  (Loca8on,  Search)  Ad  layer  • Product  related  ads  &coupons  (Sponsored  Pins)    Products  • Aisle,  loca8on  in  the  aisle  Indoor  POIs    • Bathrooms,  store  sec8ons,  aisles  etc  Indoor  Rou8ng  Info  (Wayfinding)  Indoor  Maps  *  PNG,  XML  POIs  for  Retail  Stores  • Name,  Address,  Lat/Lon,  Hours,  Phone  #s,  etc    ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  12. 12. Growing Map Coverage (US)©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  Current retail distribution includes 12,000+ stores in grocery, drug, home improvement  
  13. 13. Indoor POI Data & Product Search Data (US)aisle411 venue maps avg. 120 Indoor.aisle411 unique search technology allow users to searchUPC specific, generic or brand names and get quicklocation results.Over 1.5MM UPC’s mapped to sections of aisles.  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  14. 14. Location and Intent Relevant Recommendations•  aisle411 Ad SDK delivers relevant items that can be instantlyadded to a list or loyalty card.•  A search for Band Aid can recommend Breathe Right strips whichcan be added to a list, mapped, or offer product information.©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   14  
  15. 15. Sponsored Pins - ExampleMonetize With Brands•  aisle411 offers in-map locationintelligent sponsored pin drops.•  Retailers can manage theseoffers through the aisle411 adweb-portal.©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   15  
  16. 16. Setup:•  Geo-fences are setup using aisle411 mapcontext, knowing where the pharmacy, coolerarea, checkout area, are located, or evenproducts inside aisles.•  Leverages existing WiFi AP’s inside venue andmotion sensors in the deviceFunctionality•  On Androids (WiFi turned on):•  Accuracy: 3-10m•  Store-presence & zone-level•  Indoor Geo-Fences•  Dwell times•  In-app triggers•  On iPhones (logged onto WiFi):•  Store-presence•  Store geo-fence•  Dwell times•  In-app triggersIn-Store Geo-Fence AlertsRespond toshopper location  Live  Demo  (video)  of  aisle411  app  (private  beta)  working  with  geo-­‐fence  alerts:  hap://    geo-­‐fence  #1  geo-­‐fence  #3  geo-­‐fence  #2  geo-­‐fence  #4  +  Aisle411 maps are data & context-rich, enabling the setup of indoor geo-fences around indoor POIsIndoor  Loca8on   Geo-­‐fence  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  17. 17. aisle411  data  is  inside  apps  that  total  over  30M  downloads  Apps using aisle411 Dataaisle411  app   Hy-­‐Vee  App  First  Robo8cs  App  Walgreens  App    eBay  Redlaser  App  Many  more  coming  in  2013!  ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  18. 18. Summary: aisle411 advantagesData Integrity, Quality, Richness, Freshness1.  aisle411 has been refining the in-store search and location datasolution for over four years.2.  aisle411 is proven, data is used in leading apps: Walgreens, eBayRedlaser, etc3.  aisle411 data has been sourced directly from aisle411’s retailpartners. aisle411 works with its retail partners as its trusted mapand data provider and they in turn count on aisle411 to beresponsible for providing updated maps that are accurate andupdated to aisle411’s trusted map and data partners.4.  aisle411 is tied into retailers space planning software systems thatallow us to scale fast, maintain accurate updates and connectthe stores UPC data along with POIs and a robust search solutionto the map data.5.  aisle411 data is searchable and users get answers fast, with onesearch, the way they want it in a store. aisle411 has over 500Ksearch terms.*Na8onal  consumer  research  and  in-­‐store  focus  group  studies  show  that  “search-­‐in-­‐a-­‐store”  has  far  different  meaning  than  search-­‐online.    ©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al  
  19. 19. Solution – aisle411•  Proven Solutions to:•  Organize data•  Robust product search•  Simple mobile search results•  Ability to scale and update consistently•  IOS – Android - Web©aisle411  2013  -­‐  Confiden8al   19  
  20. 20. The mobile in-aisleshopping platformChanging the Game of In-store Shopping