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What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership, and Privacy in Twitter


Published on

7th International Digital Curation Conference
Bristol, UK
December 7, 2011
Session 2, Parallel A

Published in: Technology, Business
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What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership, and Privacy in Twitter

  1. 1. What your tweets tell us about you Identity, Ownership,and Privacy of Twitter Data
  2. 2. Heather Small, Kris Kasianovitz, Ronald Blanford, and Ina Celaya Prof. Todd Presner Prof. Christine BorgmanCREDITS Dr. Andrew Charlesworth
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  10. 10. location : (within 200 km of the center ofCairo), time period: (January 30, 2011 through February 24, 2011) hashtags (#jan25 OR #egypt OR #tahrir)
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  12. 12. John Sileo. Tweet Breach: 140 Characters of Destruction.
  13. 13. RecommendationsLibraries or other data repositories will need to decide if archiving social media data fits with their overall institutional mission and goals.
  14. 14. RecommendationsLibraries should determine the overall risksassociated with collecting and archiving socialmedia data and design strategies to mitigatethose risks.
  15. 15. RecommendationsLibraries should engage researchers as early as possible in the research process.
  16. 16. Recommendations Libraries choosing to archive social media datashould develop clear and easy to use collection and deposit policies, forms and tools.
  17. 17. Twitter Deposit Form
  18. 18. Codebook of Twitter Captured Data
  19. 19. RecommendationsTwitter should add more explicitwording to policies.
  20. 20. Your Tweets Go to Or
  21. 21. Contact Us!Heather Small, hkelsey@ats.ucla.eduKris Kasianovitz,