5 Hiring Biases The EEOC Doesn't Cover


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Slides from my presentation -

“The Ballad of Ken and Barbie: Why We’re Destined to Commit False Positives when Hiring (and what to do about it)” and we’ll deliver the following goods to help you stop missing so much when you hire:

A complete rundown of all the False Positives and Hiring Biases that hiring managers are afflicted with. In order to stop the addiction, you have to know what the problem is, right? We’ll break it down in enough detail that you’ll be able to use the slides for your own training.

We’ll explore the cliché “Hiring With Your Gut” and breakdown when that good old standard makes sense, when it’s lazy and when it may get someone fired (for a variety of reasons). This may be as close to a legal webinar as FOT ever gets, so don’t miss it.

We’ll give you the Top 3 Ways Recruiters and HR Pros actually enable managers to commit false positives when hiring, and what you can do differently today to stop acting in a way that tells your managers it’s OK to be lazy.

5 Golden Strategies to end the False Positive/Hiring Bias plague in your organization today. Ready to kick Ken and Barbie to the curb? We’ll show you how. Just want to get rid of Barbie, but keep Ken? C’mon, we know you’re better than that.

Diagram It!! We’ll end the session by taking the 5 Golden Anti-False Positive/Hiring Bias Strategies and showing you where they get inserted into a modern hiring process designed to help your hiring managers and organization miss less when it comes to selection. And isn’t that what you really want?

BONUS – Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn will go “point/counter-point” on whether it’s better to hire the most attractive person at all times, or whether your strategy needs to be deeper. You get to vote on who won the debate. Loser has to __________ on video to be share with you in the follow up to the webinar.

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  • I knew it. People hate me because I'm beautiful. Oh wait, that was woman-to-woman hiring bias.
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5 Hiring Biases The EEOC Doesn't Cover

  1. 1. Slides Pulled From the Following Preso: The Ballad of Ken & Barbie Why We’re Destined to Commit False Positives When Hiring (and what to do about it)
  2. 2. Presenter Info• Kris Dunn• CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting)• Founder of Fistful of Talent , The HR Capitalist• Hoops Junkie • Tim Sackett • SVP at HRU Technical Resources • Blogger #1 at the aptly named Tim Sackett Project • Contributor at Fistful of Talent #chequed
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  4. 4. #chequed
  5. 5. JUST LIKE ME**: Our Five Favorite False PositivesThat Have Nothing To Do with the EEOC **or who I wish I was
  6. 6. DAMN: You Sure Are Pretty (Please Accept My Offer of Employment)• Aka – Physical attractiveness bias• Studies show that the more attractive you are, the more all positive skill and behavioral traits get applied to you in an employment setting• Men at risk of this bias more than women (Shocking!)• Women may penalize other women with attractiveness higher than their own (Meow!)• Men Like Women Who Have: Youth, symmetrical face, Low waist-hip ratio, (There’s other stuff we’re not listing)• Women Like Men Who Have: narrow waist, broad shoulders, symmetrical features• FOT Thinks this is the most dominant non- Title 7 Bias at Play• Some would say this naturally plays to age, but it’s broader than that
  7. 7. Short People Got No Reason • Aka: Height Bias • Randy Neumann said it best: Short people get the raw end of the deal • $789 more per year, per inch • More pronounced in Sales and Management positions • Is it height or confidence? • But wait! There’s gender stuff that affects how height is viewed: – Men actually prefer shorter women
  8. 8. WAR EAGLE! Where Did You Go to School?• Aka - Educational Background Bias• Is it the most personal of all biases? We think so.• Think referral networks, my friend• Flavors: – “I want a Ivy-League MBA for this role” – Trust artificially assigned to fellow alumni of the hiring manager – Concept of being over-educated for the role in question – College Degree requirement – Stigma of “some college” or seeing the name of the university without a graduation date
  9. 9. I…I…I..Just Liked Him! • Really? What did you like about him, Tom? (He was just real… likable!...) • Aka – Smooth Talker Bias • Studies show that effective communicators always perform better in interviews • Fine line between effective communication and buzzword bingo • Building comfort and dialog with the hiring manager is key, as is “shutting the hell up” once in awhile • Time of Possession in the interview is the key, as is reacting to the preferred cues of the manager
  10. 10. Weight Bias (You Were Expecting Us to Take a Chance with This Title?)• While obesity certainly can be considered part of bias related to attractiveness, it deserves it’s own mention• Impacts women more than men• Impacts white women over other races• 64 extra pounds drops lifetime pay 9%• Obesity = 6.2% less lifetime earnings for women, 2.3% for men• How to control: Referral networks lesson the impact of weight bias in most organizations• Linked to concerns around absenteeism and health beyond attractiveness• Average annual medical costs claims per 100 obese FTEs - $51K (for 100 non-obese – 8K)• The real deal – do qualifications and ability to perform outweigh cost concerns?