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The Journey of devops and continuous delivery in a Large Financial Institution


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The Journey of devops and continuous deliverey in a Large Financial Institution,
as presented by @markheistek and myselve at Velocity Conf 2013, Longon

Published in: Business, Technology

The Journey of devops and continuous delivery in a Large Financial Institution

  1. 1. The journey of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in a large financial organization @markheistek / @krisbuytaert /
  2. 2. Kris Buytaert I used to be a Dev, ● Then Became an Op ● Chief Trolling Officer and Open Source Consultant ● Everything is an effing DNS Problem ● Building Clouds since before the bookstore ● Some books, some papers, some blogs ● Evangelizing devops since Gent 2009 ●
  3. 3. Mark Heistek Working at ING IT Netherlands ● I used to be a process guy in IT world ● Evangelizing Continuous Delivery and DevOps within ING ●
  4. 4. Where were we heading ?
  5. 5. ING is here
  6. 6. How to make a dream come true?
  7. 7. How did Kris enter the building? Evangelising #devops in Amsterdam , talk : Building a #devopsy team Slide 7: Do not call it a devops team ING has 150 of them Despite the culture and technology mismatch : Can you Help ?
  8. 8. Large environments
  9. 9. The walls of confusion
  10. 10. Lost in Translation version control vs configuration management operations vs operations agile vs agile devops <> devs doing ops work
  11. 11. Oldschool Bank vs devops Culture Keeping up Appearances Hero Culture Paper moving Blame Culture Hiding In Processes Doing the thing right It's not my problem Sharing Open source No Blame Flow Doing the right thing Share responsibility
  12. 12. Actions (Kris) Interviews ● Management Presentations ● Embed in team ● Public Primers ● Internal Devopsday ● Pipeline / CI Workshops ●
  13. 13. The only way is UP
  14. 14. Actions (Kris) Create Ambassadors ● Take ING to #devopsdays Paris ● Document as is l => to be ●
  15. 15. Burn the Silos
  16. 16. Devopsday ING Copy devopsdays format ●Bring in the keynotes l (John Willis, Damon Edwards, Kief Morris) ● Stirr up the discussion ● Enable sharing ● Hook up to devopsdays Amsterdam ●
  17. 17. Other events Buzz communities ● Continuous Delivery Experience ● DevOps Safari ●
  18. 18. Automation
  19. 19. Metrics
  20. 20. A high profile DOS attack Metrics ● The right tools ●
  21. 21. Achievements so far • • • • • There has become understanding in each other work (Dev & Ops) Teams focusing on the application Boosted IT academy Growing towards business’ needs Right mindset is growing
  22. 22. Challenges Big Bang : May 1st 2013 l 20-60-20 l Can you change culture ? l Different teams are on different levels, speed varies l Engage all parties l Legal l Finance l IT l How to deal with Middle Management l Share more stories l
  23. 23. Rome/Etsy was not build in 1 day
  24. 24. Future l l l l New Internal #devopsdays l Including business l Operations Open Source Event Example Pipeline for ITMgmtConference Dedicated devopsdays per team
  25. 25. Q&A l l Questions ? Contact l / @markheistek l / @krisbuytaert