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Nightmare on Docker street



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Nightmare on Docker street

  1. 1. Nightmare on Docker street devopsdays Gent 2016 Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  2. 2. A global movement to improve theA global movement to improve the quality of software delivery leveragingquality of software delivery leveraging Open Source experience, started in GentOpen Source experience, started in Gent in 2009in 2009
  3. 3. Because the old days:Because the old days: ● ““Put this Code Live, here's a tarball” NOW!Put this Code Live, here's a tarball” NOW! ● What dependencies ?What dependencies ? ● No machines available ?No machines available ? ● What database ?What database ? ● Security ?Security ? ● High Availability ?High Availability ? ● Scalability ?Scalability ? ● My computer can't install this ?My computer can't install this ?
  4. 4. 10 days into operations10 days into operations
  5. 5. Towards C(L)AMSTowards C(L)AMS ● CultureCulture ● (Lean)(Lean) ● AutomationAutomation ● MeasurementMeasurement ● SharingSharing Damon Edwards andDamon Edwards and John WillisJohn Willis
  6. 6. This new 'D' hypeThis new 'D' hype ● New kid on the blockNew kid on the block ● Vagrant-lxc with a nice cliVagrant-lxc with a nice cli ● The Ultimate “devops tool”The Ultimate “devops tool” ● ““Unseen” growthUnseen” growth ● Docker is the new cool thing to doDocker is the new cool thing to do
  7. 7. DockerDocker DockeDocke rr DockerDocker DockeDocke rr DockeDockeDockerDocker
  8. 8. A typical Enterprise ContainerA typical Enterprise Container ● No different from a full vmNo different from a full vm ● Multiple services running inMultiple services running in one containerone container ● Ssh is the default connectionSsh is the default connection
  9. 9. Why ?Why ? ● I want a VMI want a VM • Please fill in these 4 formsPlease fill in these 4 forms • Wait 2 weeks.Wait 2 weeks. ● RepeatRepeat IT Departments have not adapted,IT Departments have not adapted, 'Shadow'-IT is winning'Shadow'-IT is winning
  10. 10. These DaysThese Days ● ““Put this Code Live, here's a DockerPut this Code Live, here's a Docker Container ”Container ” ● No machines available ?No machines available ? ● What database ? Where to store theWhat database ? Where to store the data ?data ? ● Security ? What distro is this even ?Security ? What distro is this even ? Bad Cows ?Bad Cows ? ● How do we monitor his ?How do we monitor his ? ● Backups ?Backups ? ● How did you build this ?How did you build this ?
  11. 11. 11 days into operations11 days into operations ● ““Put this Code Live, here's Dockerfile”Put this Code Live, here's Dockerfile” ● What corporate proxy ?What corporate proxy ? ● Oh I missed 2 other containersOh I missed 2 other containers ● Security ? What distro is this even ?Security ? What distro is this even ? Bad Cows ?Bad Cows ? ● What do you mean “We are a RHELWhat do you mean “We are a RHEL shop ?”shop ?”
  12. 12. Closing the gaps between devClosing the gaps between dev and ops,and ops, AGAIN !!AGAIN !!● Where do your containersWhere do your containers come from ?come from ? ● Who build it ?Who build it ? ● Can you rebuild it ?Can you rebuild it ? ● Do you even need aDo you even need a containercontainer ● How do you build the hostsHow do you build the hosts that run the containers ?that run the containers ? ● Infrastructure as code ++Infrastructure as code ++
  13. 13. Image Build by devs,Image Build by devs, maintained by nobodymaintained by nobody
  14. 14. Can you ?Can you ? ● When GitHub is down ?When GitHub is down ? ● When isWhen is down ?down ? ● When someone removes aWhen someone removes a Node.js library ?Node.js library ? ● Fix critical Security Issues ?Fix critical Security Issues ? ● Can your business surive ifCan your business surive if you answer NO to theseyou answer NO to these questions ?questions ?
  15. 15. ● I love docker as a technologyI love docker as a technology ● I hate that it too often put usI hate that it too often put us back 5 years with regards toback 5 years with regards to Culture adoptionCulture adoption ● Docker is an easy victim,Docker is an easy victim, there's other tools thatthere's other tools that create similar situationscreate similar situations ● It's still mostly about CultureIt's still mostly about Culture It's still about collaborationIt's still about collaboration
  16. 16. ContactContact Kris Buytaert Kris.Buytaert@inuits.euKris Buytaert Further ReadingFurther Reading @krisbuytaert@krisbuytaert Essensteenweg 31Essensteenweg 31 BrasschaatBrasschaat BelgiumBelgium 891.514.231891.514.231 +32 475 961221+32 475 961221