Looking back at 6.5 years of #devopsdays

Devops, Linux and Open Source Expert at Inuits
Apr. 20, 2016

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Looking back at 6.5 years of #devopsdays

  1. Reflecting on 6.5 years of #devopsdaysReflecting on 6.5 years of #devopsdays @KrisBuytaert Devopsdays London 2016, London , UK
  2. Kris BuytaertKris Buytaert ● I used to be a Dev,I used to be a Dev, ● Then Became an OpThen Became an Op ● Chief Trolling Officer and Open SourceChief Trolling Officer and Open Source Consultant @inuits.euConsultant ● Everything is an effing DNS ProblemEverything is an effing DNS Problem ● Building Clouds since before the bookstoreBuilding Clouds since before the bookstore ● Organising ConferencesOrganising Conferences ● Evangelizing devopsEvangelizing devops
  3. No ManifestoNo Manifesto ● 2009 Gent : No Manifesto2009 Gent : No Manifesto ● 2010 Hamburg : No manifesto2010 Hamburg : No manifesto
  4. World DominationWorld Domination ● 2010 Sydney , MountainView,2010 Sydney , MountainView, Hamburg, Sao PauloHamburg, Sao Paulo ● 2011 Boston, MountainView,2011 Boston, MountainView, Goteborg,Goteborg, ● 2012 Austin, Tokyo , MountainView,2012 Austin, Tokyo , MountainView, RomeRome ● 2013 London (2x) Paris, Amsterdam2013 London (2x) Paris, Amsterdam
  5. The definitionsThe definitions ● CAMSCAMS ● SCAMSCAM ● CLAMSCLAMS ● A Cultural and ProfessionalA Cultural and Professional movement (Adam Jacob)movement (Adam Jacob) ● Being good at our JobBeing good at our Job
  6. CriticismCriticism ● You missed,You missed, • Sec, dba, test, ..Sec, dba, test, .. ● No we didn'tNo we didn't ● This will only work in startupsThis will only work in startups
  7. The vendors kick inThe vendors kick in ● We got 0 leads, we got no visitors atWe got 0 leads, we got no visitors at our boothsour booths vsvs ● Our team learned a lot !Our team learned a lot !
  8. The vendors struggleThe vendors struggle Selling “devops”Selling “devops” ● Is hardIs hard ● Is selling CultureIs selling Culture ● Is selling changeIs selling change ● Doesn't scaleDoesn't scale ● Doesn't get renewalsDoesn't get renewals
  9. SubmovementsSubmovements ● DOD focus staysDOD focus stays on cultureon culture ● MonitoramaMonitorama ● CfgMgmtCampCfgMgmtCamp
  10. enterprise devops !enterprise devops ! roots are not inroots are not in startupstartup ecosystemecosystem
  11. ● 5 years of5 years of #devopsdays#devopsdays ● Gent 2014Gent 2014 CelebrationsCelebrations
  12. FutureFuture ● 124 events and counting124 events and counting ● Almost 300 organisersAlmost 300 organisers ● Other eventsOther events with #devopswith #devops tracktrack
  13. Starting your ownStarting your own ● Get a vibrant meetup communityGet a vibrant meetup community ● Reach out to core , get coachingReach out to core , get coaching ● Find team, venue, sponsorsFind team, venue, sponsors • GOGO
  14. Back to the rootsBack to the roots ● Collaborating for a beter platformCollaborating for a beter platform ● EmpathyEmpathy ● Common SenseCommon Sense
  15. EnjoyEnjoy DevopsdaysDevopsdays London !London !
  16. ContactContact Kris Buytaert kris.buytaert@inuits.euKris Buytaert Further ReadingFurther Reading @krisbuytaert@krisbuytaert Find Inuits inFind Inuits in Brasschaat,Ghent,Brasschaat,Ghent, Rotterdam,Prague,Rotterdam,Prague, Kiev,BrnoKiev,Brno