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Drupal and Devops , the Survey Results


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Drupal and Devops , the Survey Results

  1. 1. Devops and Drupal Current StateKris Buytaert, march 2012
  2. 2. Kris Buytaert• I used to be a Dev,• Then Became an Op• Chief Trolling Officer and Open Source Consultant• Everything is an effing DNS Problem• Building Clouds since before the bookstore• Some books, some papers, some blogs• But mostly, trying to be good at my job
  3. 3. Devop, definition● 30 something● Senior Infrastructure guy● Development background● Open Source Expcerience● Mostly European (.be / .uk)● Likes Belgian Beer● Likes Sushi
  4. 4. Whats this Devops thing really about ?
  5. 5. World , 200X-2009Patrick Debois, Gildas Le Nadan, Andrew Clay Shafer, Kris Buytaert, JezzHumble, Lindsay Holmwood, John Willis, Chris Read, Julian Simpson, and lots of others .. Gent , October 2009 Mountain View , June 2010 Hamburg , October 2010 Boston, March 2011 Mountain View, June 2011 Bangalore, Melbourne, Goteborg , October 2011
  6. 6. ● Devops is a growing movement● We dont have all the answers yet● We are reaching out to different communities● We will point out problems we see..● Only the name is new While we are still working out the solutions
  7. 7. Whats the problem ?The community of developers whose work yousee on the Web, who probably don’t know whatADO or UML or JPA even stand for, deploy bettersystems at less cost in less time at lower riskthan we see in the Enterprise. This is true evenwhen you factor in the greater flexibility andvelocity of startups.Tim Bray , on his blog January 2010
  8. 8. The real problem :● Friday evening at 16:59 “Put this Code Live, heres a tarball” NOW!● Backups ?● What database ?● Security ?● High Availability ?● Scalability ?● Who is on Call ?
  9. 9. “devops is a cultural andprofessional movement” Adam Jacob
  10. 10. CAMS● Culture● Automation● Measurement● Sharing Damon Edwards and John Willis
  11. 11. Why a survey ?• Gut feeling vs Reality• The sad state of our customers practices• Java folks GET the Problem !• Twittersphere says it doesnt matter for PHP• Lies , Damn Lies and Statistics
  12. 12. Audience● 200+● Schizophrenic● Experienced (6y average)● Webdeveloping● System Administrators
  13. 13. Organisation Type● In small to midsized companies● Good internal Communication● Vs Large Enterprises with Silos ..
  14. 14. Whats devops to them ?• A buzzword• Developers who also do IT operations, or visa versa.• The people in charge of the build/release cycle and planning.• system administrators with a development culture.• Someone who mixes both a sysop and dev duties• the combination of developer and operations into one overall functionality
  15. 15. Whats devops to them ? # NG• A buzzword• Developers who also do IT operations, or visa versa.•• RO The people in charge of the build/release cycle and planning. system administrators with a development culture.• Someone who mixes both a sysop and dev duties W• the combination of developer and operations into one overall functionality
  16. 16. Whats devops to them ?• Breaking the wall between dev and ops in the same way agile breaks the wall between business and dev e.g. coming to terms with changing requirements, iterative cycles• Sysadmin best-practise, using configuration as code, and facilitating communication between sysadmins and developers, with each understanding and participating in the activities of the other.• Devops is both the process of developers and system operators working closer together, as well as people who know (or who have worked in) both development and system operations.• Removing barriers to communication and efficiency through shared vocabulary, ideals, and business objectives to to deliver value.• A set of principles and good practices to improve the interactions between Operations and Development.
  17. 17. Practice devops ?● Lack of Clear Definition● 33% does● 24% wants● 22% is in trouble
  18. 18. Know Continuous Delivery ?
  19. 19. NirvanaAn “ecosystem” that supports continuous delivery, frominfrastructure, data and configuration management tobusiness.Through automation of the build, deployment, and testingprocess, and improved collaboration between developers,testers, and operations, delivery teams can get changesreleased in a matter of hours — sometimes even minutes–nomatter what the size of a project or the complexity of its codebase. Continuous Delivery , Jez Humble
  20. 20. Site up to date ?● 70% reads Drupal Security News .● Sysadmins Update● Other = Developers•Really ?● Not all components however :(
  21. 21. Critical Bugfixes ?
  22. 22. Typical Enviroments For Devs For Ops● Scrum ● Kanban● Version Control ● Version Control● Automated Build ● Automated Build● Bugtracking ● Bugtracking● Continous integration ● Continous integration● Integrated testing ● Integrated testing● Automated ● Automated deployment deployment
  23. 23. What about the Drupalistas ?
  24. 24. Version Control
  25. 25. Continuous Integration
  26. 26. Testing● No frameworks used vs● No exploratory Testing
  27. 27. Where do you develop ?● It works on my machine :(● What other platforms do you use :
  28. 28. Looking for ?“As a system administrator, I can tell when softwarevendors hate me. It shows in their products.”“DONT make the administrative interface a GUI. Systemadministrators need a command-line tool for constructingrepeatable processes. Procedures are best documented byproviding commands that we can copy and paste from theprocedure document to the command line. We cannotachieve the same repeatability when the instructions are:"Checkmark the 3rd and 5th options, but not the 2ndoption, then click OK." Sysadmins do not want a GUI thatrequires 25 clicks for each new user.” Thomas A. Limoncelli in ACM Queue December 2010
  29. 29. Deployment● Database Imports are EVIL● Manual Installations are ● Error Prone How do you deploy ? ● Non Reproducible● 61% does it WRONG Do you Test Deployments ?
  30. 30. Deployment Alternatives● Aegir (security ?)● Fabric● Svn git checkouts (connectivity ?) How do you deploy ?● Capistrano● Custom Tools
  31. 31. Deploying a Drupal Site● Drush make● Installation Profiles● Features ,strongarm , Custom code ● Configuration as Code● What with external apps and libraries? ● Solr – BI software● Test before you drive! (CI)
  32. 32. How do you configure modules ?● Not reproducable● Not automated● 50% can improve :)● D8 Configuration Mgmt Efforts !
  33. 33. Can you fully reproduce the last site youve build from code ?
  34. 34. Challenges● What about the data ?● Content vs Config ● Drupal provides no clear distinction (yet)● e.g a billing application ● Table Creation ● Provisioning (e.g. Rates, Call plan types) ● Actual Data
  35. 35. Content Editing● Non technical people● In production● Plenty of UGC Who edits content● Frequent Updated Sites● Upgrade troubles ahead Where do you edit content ?
  36. 36. Upgrading a site● Drush ● pm-updatecode ● Updatedb ● Features-update● Once again, test before you drive!● But ... what about userdata ?
  37. 37. Scalability
  38. 38. Proxy ?
  39. 39. WebServer ?
  40. 40. Caching / Scale / Deployment● MySQL ● NoSQL ● MemCache
  41. 41. Disaster Recovery ?
  42. 42. 12 days into operations
  43. 43. The future● Dont forget ● Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics ● These people CARED to fill in the survey•D8 Configuration management initiative•DrupalCon Munich infrastructure/devops track !
  44. 44. Conclusions● Drupal gets is and is supportive● Conversation happens● Long Journey ahead● Heading in the right direction
  45. 45. Its not about the tools Its about change Its about the people
  46. 46. ContactKris BuytaertKris.Buytaert@inuits.euFurther Reading@krisbuytaert Inuits Duboistraat 50 2060 Antwerpen Belgium 891.514.231 +32 475 961221
  47. 47. Deploy Where ?
  48. 48. Search