Imaginary World Krijnie Beyen


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Voorstel buitenobject voor World Expo in Shanghai 2010

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Imaginary World Krijnie Beyen

  1. 1. Imaginary World proposal Krijnie Beyen (the Netherlands) World Expo 2010 Shanghai
  2. 2. front sculpture without lightning and images perspective sculpture without lightning and images size 3 mtrs high 7 x 7 mtr Concept and meaning front sculpture + lightning and images People in cities are busy and loose contact with the beauty of nature. Imagi- nary world gives within this world of being busy a moment of withdrawing, harmony and dreaming. A moment for one self. Looking at the beauty of the world down in the deepsea. Unspoiled nature. Silent beauty. Amazing. Imagi- nary World combines nature and innovative technique. Imaginary world is an interactive sculpture and has to be discovered. From the outside and from far it is a silent monument. At the moment people get in light and images are shown. Not very present but silent and polite images as if they are living up in a dream. People can walk through the scuplture and have a moment of reflection in the centre of the sculpture. I am creating imaginary spaces because I am convinced people need every day a moment for themselves, alone, of dreaming, of reflecting of nothing.
  3. 3. Material Metal frame with priva-lite glass. The glass is diffuse. When a person passes a sensor, the glass will become transparent for 2 minutes. Suddenly a new woldl appears. After this two-minute moment the glass diffuses again. Subject photographs a world of transparant seagrass on the outside of the sculpture inside the beautyiful but real deepsea world with transparent amazing deepsea floating inhabitants Positioning Positioning in Bailianjing Park. The basis of the sculpture can be either grass, wood or concrete.
  4. 4. Technique SGG PRIVA-LITE®, “intelligent” glass It takes an electrical sensor to make the transition from clear to translucent. SGG PRIVA-LITE® allows you to see through the glass one moment and then shields you the next. SGG PRIVA-LITE®’s secret: the Liquid Crystals It is a laminated glazing made of two sheets of extra clear glass and a liquid crystal film. The current standard composition is +-12mm thick. The polymer and the liquid crystals are encapsulated in the LC film of which both faces are covered with a transparent, electrical conductive coating and are connected to the power supply thanks to 2 flat electrical busbars Composition of the liquid crystal (LC) films When the glass is switched OFF from its special power supply, the liquid cry- stals are randomly scattered and diffuse light in all directions. In this state SGG PRIVA-LITE® is then translucent and prevents both sides from seeing through the glass. All the wall of the sculpture will be double layered with separate images and sensors on every side. Costs Technical preparations and drawings € 7.500 Production and putting up the sculpture in Shanghai all-in € 140.000 Standby budget € 5.000 Way of production PRIVA-Lite is represented over the whole world also in the far east. Technical preparations can be done in the Netherlands. Production locally. Krijnie Beyen Amersfoort, 23 february 2009 examples of the effect of Priva-Lite