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  1. 1. Katie GreenleeENG 230-00717 November 2011 The Heart of Darkness is a novel that exposes the evil in a „hidden‟ world. In the case ofConrad‟s writing, he is revealing the atrocities of South Africa during the time of exploration.There are many passages within the book that give the reader images of darkness. These imagesand feelings that come to the reader can be seen in a new light when given an alternate meaning. In Conrad‟s Heart of Darkness he says, “And outside, the silent wilderness surroundingthis cleared speck on the earth struck me as something great and invincible, like evil or truth,waiting patiently for the passing away of this fantastic invasion.” (p.38 emphasis mine). Thisquote from the book can be compared to the movie Twilight. In the movie the couple Bella andEdward have a special spot in the forest where there is a clearing. Bella is a normal girl andEdward is a vampire. In the movie, vampires have the characteristics of being incredibly strong,fast, and dangerous. Most vampires are evil and will feed on humans, but Edward‟s family isdifferent and do not harm people. This quote fits the scene in Twilight where they are outside“the silent wilderness surrounding this cleared speck on the earth,” as you can see in the picture.(p.38). When meeting Edward and discovering a whole new life of supernatural beings, Bella isexposed to “evil” but also the “truth.” The vampires are considered evil, even though Edward‟sfamily is different, but by learning of their existence Bella is no longer living in a world of lies.She is exposed to the truth. The characteristics of a vampire make Edward “great andinvincible.” No human being can stop him, therefore making him invincible. In the book Bella isconstantly worried that her beloved vampire is going to leave her. The lifestyle and idea of
  2. 2. vampires does not scare her but instead becomes her obsession. Bella is “waiting patiently for thepassing away of this fantastic invasion.” (p.38). Saddam Hussein was found hiding underground in a small “room.” The quote from theHeart of Darkness says, ““I looked at him as you peer down at a man who is lying at the bottomof a precipice where the sun never shines.” (p.86). The picture and quote are pretty self-explanatory. Whoever took the picture took it at an angle where they are looking down atSaddam Hussein who was forced to the ground. It is likely that Hussein rarely if ever came outof his hiding spot and the “sun never shines” when you are underground. “I was, so to speak, numbered with the dead. It is strange how I accepted this unforeseenpartnership, this choice of nightmares forced upon me in the tenebrous land invaded by thesemean and greedy phantoms.” (p.85 emphasis mine). The attack on the World Trade Centers canbe described, from the viewpoint of the victim jumping to his death, in the picture through thisquote. There were so many lives taken on September 11th that they are remembered as theamount of people that died and not by each victims‟ name. The victim in the picture was“numbered with the dead.” There was an invasion by the high-jackers and the land became darkand gloomy. It isn‟t enough to just say that the high-jackers were “mean.” The invaders werealso “greedy” with the amount of lives they took and the amount of despair they inflicted onloved ones of victims and to the country. (p.85). The man in the picture had to choose betweennightmares. He could either stay in the building and wait for his death or he could jump from theworld trade center and take his own life. It is easy to see that both choices bring death and thatthe nightmare was “forced upon” him. (p.85). We don‟t know what the victims were thinkingbefore their death but there could have been a strange acceptance of “this unforeseen
  3. 3. partnership.” (p.85). The partnership between victims and the partnership between victims anddeath was definitely an unforeseen one. The quotes from Conrad‟s novel Heart of Darkness paired up with pictures that are out ofits original context provide new insight into the quotes and the pictures themselves. AlthoughConrad‟s novel was fictional, he described real darkness that is still present today. At first thequotes may not make sense but when the context of the film or event related to the pictures areexplained the connections become clear. The pairing of quotes to new contexts gives the words anew meaning. The interpretations of words alter when presented in a new way.
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