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Secure throughout the day - part 3


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Secure throughout the day - part 3

  1. 1. Certificate SECURE: throughout the day - Episode III Siemens Information Technology and the Chief Information Security Officer attest that Kresimir Popovic (Z001NVMP) has successfully completed the Security Online Training "SECURE: throughout the day  Episode III" on Jun 2, 2014. Training Content This training program focuses on an on-going and dangerous form of cyber-attack, called Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). The web-based training shows how these attacks work and which patterns they follow. Furthermore, handling rules are given to help minimize the risk of a successful APT within our company. A second key point of the training is the secure usage of Social Media and how to protect against Social Engineering - both commonly used by potential attackers in order to gain information on their potential target. Additionally there is a concise characterization of the protection classes and the related handling requirements. Munich, Jun 2, 2014 This is an automatically generated document and therefore valid without signature.   Siegfried Russwurm Member of the Managing Board Responsible for IT