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Secure throughout the day - part 1


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Secure throughout the day - part 1

  1. 1. Certificate SECURE: throughout the day Siemens Information Technology and the Chief Information Security Officer attest that Kresimir Popovic (Z001NVMP) has successfully completed the Security Online Training "SECURE: throughout the day" on Jun 2, 2014. Training Content The web-based training (WBT) accompanies a Siemens employee through his/her day and in different day-to-day situations. These could be within the Siemens workplace or outside. The importance of Information and Corporate Security is shown, as is the importance of actively practicing good security habits and being responsible in these situations. The employee, together with the protagonist of the WBT, actively participates in solving the security challenges and sees how he/she can directly improve the security level at Siemens and support our business. Munich, Jun 2, 2014 This is an automatically generated document and therefore valid without signature.   Siegfried Russwurm Member of the Managing Board Responsible for IT