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Open source software_basics


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Open source software_basics

  1. 1. Certificate Web Based Training Open Source Software Basics (WBTOSS) Siemens Global Learning Campus and CT CSG SWI OSS herewith confirm that Kresimir Popovic RC-AT CVC HR TMDL / Z001NVMP successfully completed the web-based training course Open Source Software Basics on Jun 2, 2014. Training content: importance of Open Source Software (OSS), benefits and risks of using OSS, legal and license aspects of OSS usage, processes and Siemens support with OSS application. Oliver Fendt Head Open Source Software CT CSG SWI OSS Kai-Holger Liebert Head of Global Learning Campus HR LE Global Learning Campus This is an automatic generated document and valid without signature. Munich, Germany, Jun 2, 2014 © Siemens AG 2014