Why consider network marketing as our home based business


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Why consider network marketing as our home based business

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out this site for an awesome income opportunty:http://tinyurl.com/7qzt3mr==== ====We are not asking that anyone get involved in network marketing and change everythingimmediately. We are however, suggesting that people consider the addition of the right home-based Network Marketing business starting their journey of financial success in a differentdirection. Having a home-based business is not a new concept. Network Marketing is not a newconcept. Having a home-based Network Marketing business is not a new concept. However,never in the history of our country has the concept been so prevalent and is fast becoming thenorm rather than the exception!The reason is very simple. Our concept is providing Americans with what they want; control oftheir time and financial opportunities proportionate to their abilities and effort.With the right home-based Network Marketing business, one has all of the benefits andadvantages of a home-based business and unlimited financial opportunity usually associated witha large traditional business.Employees and DebtRather than having several employees working with other employees under one roof for thebenefit of someone elses company, with Network Marketing, we have a bunch of home-basedbusiness owners, working under their own roof, networking with other home-based businessowners, all working for their own companies. This concept provides an incentive and opportunity ofmultiplication and duplication for each home-based business owner equal to or greater than that ofthe owners of traditional businesses with multiple employees and locations, with out all the hasslesassociated with traditional businesses! It requires no debt, no employees and no complicatedadministrative procedures. With Network Marketing, we work with and for other people and otherpeople work with and for us.What is Network Marketing?When you purchase a product or service, usually over 50% of the retail cost is associated withmarketing! That would be any cost associated with getting someone to buy the product plus anycost incurred once it is produced by the factory. With Network Marketing, the products are shippeddirectly to the consumer from the factory. Those monies normally associated with marketing arepaid to several home-based Network Marketing businesses owners which had previous networkmarketing or internet marketing influence in the referral of the customer!Are the products less expensive?Most customers will not buy inferior products and there is limited benefit to paying a little less for aproduct on the short run. Lets assume that you sold yourself a product, ordered it from a NetworkMarketing company and in return the company paid you a 50% commission or rebate. In effectyouve saved 50% on the products you purchased. That may save you a few dollars. Although
  2. 2. saving money is important, the concept of earning money on products that we are already buyingis far more exciting.The concept is to redistribute the marketing dollar!Imagine having a network of thousands of customers purchasing quality products or services eachmonth where you receive a few dollars per month for each customer! Remember, these areproducts or services that we are all already buying, or should be, and this is money that isnormally paid to others. In essence, the simple process of referring other customers who also referother customers to a Network Marketing company, presents an opportunity for a redistribution ofthe wealth to you and I, the consumer!Traditional Marketing versus Network MarketingA traditional company would typically have a Vice President of Marketing with several regionalmanagers reporting directly to them. Those regional managers would recruit, hire, train andmanage several area managers who, in turn, would each recruit, hire, train and manage severalsales representatives. The sales representatives are then responsible for selling the companysproducts or services.Plotted on a piece of paper, the shape of the traditional organization would look like a triangle orpyramid. Its quite obvious that the higher the level the higher the pay and that there is less roomat the top for advancement. It is also evident that it is mathematically impossible for each andevery sales representative or employee to rise to the top regardless of how good a job they do!The DifferenceFirst and foremost, Network Marketing is different. Each individual starts at exactly the same level- at the top of their own organization, has exactly the same opportunity as everyone else and iscompensated in directly proportion to the activity or success that they have had an influence ingenerating. Secondly, one doesnt need to be a sales person to reap the level of financial benefitsnormally associated with company owners, sales managers and marketers. Thirdly, in NetworkMarketing we work with, when and for whom we choose. And last but not least, different than in atraditional company, we only work for ourselves and those whose activity generates income for us!We may also choose to work with those which we are generating income for, because, in mostcases, they dont make money unless we do.How does it work?In Network Marketing, there are customers and also independent representatives who operate asa home-based business. The customers may also be independent reps. Independent reps canearn management positions if they so desire. Different than in traditional business, eachindependent representative is given the opportunity and responsibility of both recruiting customersand other independent representatives. Each independent representative is owner, president, andvice-president of marketing for their own home-based network Marketing business.Network Marketing is a word of mouth business. By spreading the word, the network marketingmarketer identifies others who desire to be customers and or independent representatives (home-based business owners). The independent rep helps those newly recruited independent reps buildtheir own home based business by helping them identify other customers and independent repswho desire to own their own home based network Marketing business. In a mature organization, it
  3. 3. is normal for there to be 50-100+ customers for each customer/independent representative thatyou personally refer! Through this duplication and multiplication process each home basedbusiness owner can recruit and sponsor a few customers and/or independent representatives and,as a result, generate a sizable organization of consumers and marketers.ReferringDoes this sound like a foreign and awkward activity to you? How many people have you referredto your favorite restaurant or to your favorite movie. How many more have gone because thepeople you told enjoyed the restaurant or movie and told someone else who went? How much didyou get paid? We are all already referring customers everyday! It is just that most of us dont getpaid for it.The question is not whether we refer customers, the question is whether we are getting paid forthe activity!In network Marketing, customer/independent reps receive an income for "marketing" the productsfor the company simply by referring other customers! Normally, we receive compensation through5 - 10 generations of this duplication activity. In addition, there are usually additional performanceand leaderships bonus compensation structures! Assuming an association with the right company:Network Marketing is the one of the very few processes I know of where you will earn in networkmarketing relation to your ability and effort with virtually unlimited potential! Although most peopleare looking only for a few hundred or few thousand of supplemental monthly income, I personallyknow, know of, or have met a substantial number of people who earn several tens of thousands ofdollars per month from their home-based network Marketing business!Choosing a Safe Business OpportunityOnce it has been determined that a home-based business is appropriate, and further determinedthat a home-based Network Marketing business is even more appropriate, the real difficulty is indetermining which network Marketing opportunities to become involved in. Without experience inthe industry, unless youre extremely lucky, it is next to impossible to pick a winner on the first try!Unfortunately, it seems that experience in the industry is not always sufficient for the properevaluation of a network Marketing opportunity. As is the case with traditional business, there aregood opportunities and bad opportunities. As is the case with traditional business, unfortunatelymany people let their emotions cloud their rational judgement when it comes to evaluating anetwork Marketing company and/or business opportunity!Evaluation ProcessThere are certain criteria which must be used rationally when one does an evaluation. Technically,these could be divided into two categories: absolutely necessary characteristics and desirablecharacteristics. For me, the desirable characteristics are also necessary, therefore, I will notdistinguish between the two and will address them in no particular order.Competent Company Management TeamNormally it is very difficult for us to know any more about the network Marketing companysmanagement team than what they tell us themselves. The evaluation of the management teamonly becomes an issue with a new company! If a company has been in business three to fiveyears with a well documented and stable growth record, we really dont need to waste our time.New network Marketing companies are starting up at a higher rate than ever before. It seems that
  4. 4. every person who has ever been successful at network Marketing wants their own company.Surprise, running a network Marketing company is traditional business and new network Marketingcompanies fail at near the same rate as traditional businesses!Age of the CompanyThe most common mistake made by the masses is getting emotionally tied up in the "ground flooropportunity" pitch which caters to our "greed" and the "fear of loss"! If a person is determined toget involved with a new network Marketing company, they should do so because they understandtotally the market for the product(s) and the experience of the management team. Being on theground floor is usually not best because a majority of new companies will fail. Even if the newcompany does succeed, there will be many adjustments and changes during the initial growth andthere usually is a lack of proven marketing procedures, materials, and training support. Theattrition rate is usually much higher during those first years because most individuals are notemotionally flexible enough to accept the changes and turmoil. A network Marketing companyexperiences four basic phases of growth and market penetration. The risk of the company failingduring phase one (usually first 3-5 years) is 10-20 time greater than in phase two. Contrary topopular belief, it usually is far better to be involved with a network Marketing company after theyreentered phase two. The risk of their failure is negligible. Their success indicates that their productsare acceptable and that their marketing procedures and materials work! Then, either fortunately orunfortunately, our success depends only on ourselves!Remember, the Vehicle must never be the limiting element in our success!No Major investmentWith the right network Marketing opportunity, one should be able to start their own home-basedbusiness for hundreds of dollars, rather than the normal thousands, tens of thousands, orhundreds of thousands of dollars usually associated with other traditional businesses which haveany serious financial potential!No Inventory, No Receivables, and No CollectionsI will not spend time on these. If you have ever experienced them as an owner, they need noexplanation.No EmployeesEmployees require a tremendous obligation from the business owner; mentally, emotionally andfinancially. With network Marketing, other independent distributors in our organization, whileworking their own home-based business, supply the same benefit to us as employees would to atraditional business. We have no payroll, no benefit overhead, no space requirement, and nomanagement duties other than a moral obligation to help others in their business just as others willhelp us.Residual Income - PersistencyUnless you have been a successful network marketer, insurance agent or marketer, author oractor, it is really difficult to understand the tremendous benefit of residual income.Starting on a part- time basis, a sincere person or couple with desire and persistence can, within athree-to- five year period, build a meaningful residual income to last a lifetime and then some.
  5. 5. Building a residual income is a little like flying a big jet. It takes a significant amount of fuel to get itoff the ground, but once it has reached altitude, it can throttle back and fly on a fraction of the fuelneeded for takeoffs. The big difference is that a residual income can "fly" seemingly forever with alittle refueling along the way. The income stream can be passed from generation to generation.All the other benefits of network Marketing, such as control, opportunity, and flexibility areimportant, but Residual Income is the essence of network Marketing!Experience has taught me that many more people propose to have Desire and Persistence thanactually demonstrate it. The purpose for this communique is to identify Individuals who sincerelywant more Success in their life but dont seem to have the right Vehicle for their journey. If you areone of the few, then I invite you to investigate a home-based network Marketing businessopportunity which would allow me to work with you and for you, in order that we both achieve ourSuccess goals. If any of this makes any sense to you and you would like more information, use iffor your success. If you would like a bio on my experience and qualifications, just ask. Thank youfor your time, your most valuable asset!George SimsLouiville, KY 40222(502) - 821 - 8094george@georgesims.comhttp://www.GeorgeSims.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=George_Sims==== ====Check out this site for an awesome income opportunty:http://tinyurl.com/7qzt3mr==== ====